A little about me

Kerri is the glue that keeps the Bluegrass Team together. Kerri babysits your file from start to finish to make sure it all goes smoothly and 'apprears' like a seamless transaction to our clients. We love Kerri - and you will too.

Our clients are awesome

"Ken is very knowledgeable - and we had a great time looking at properties with him. My wife and I a Read More Read Less
"Love ALL of Brad's videos. This is the ugliest log cabin I've ever seen. Looks like a house by C Read More Read Less
"Love the time and professionalism that goes into your videos, I’m very interested in the property at Read More Read Less
"I’m preparing to move back to the United States and have been following Brad for a while now. I’m Read More Read Less
"Ken Garcia is a true professional real estate agent and works hard for his clients. He’s fair, hones Read More Read Less
""Ann's knowledge, work ethic and expertise in her field are second to none! She made home ownership Read More Read Less
"Ken Garcia is extremely knowledgeable and works extra hard to help you with your real estate needs. Read More Read Less
"If you're fixing to purchase a home in your nervous about it I would highly recommend going with Ken Read More Read Less
"I just want to thank Ken Garcia as the Realtor and Brad Simmons, his assistant who I have known for Read More Read Less
"Instead of simply listing your property in the MLS, the Bluegrass Team will get your property looked Read More Read Less

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