Hunter Simmons

Hunter Simmons


A little about me

and why I love real estate

My parents, who are constantly involved in real estate since 1981, have always encouraged me as I grew up – “Hunter, as soon as you turn 18, get your real estate license.” So I did! 
With their support, I am also a first-gen college student at the University of Kentucky! #GoCats #ClassOf2022 

I am also involved in the Wildcats Service Dogs Program - we train labs for assistance to people in wheelchairs - that is super rewarding - and as you see on my picture, I love dogs.  I am also honored to be the Director of Events this year for #WildcatServiceDogs

Being in the family business of real estate with over 80 years of combined experience means creating the smoothest possible property selling and buying process for you. 

I have been attending real estate seminars since the age of 7 - not understanding it all yet at this age, but hearing the words.  Every seminar, every year I learned more and more.  
I learned about how to get properties sold and how to do the right thing and how to protect you, my clients. 

I create three things for you: 
1. Get you the best deal possible
2. Get it done in the shortest amount of time
3. And with the least amount of stress
With 11,300,000+ views and 29,000+ subscribers on YouTube, why would you go anywhere else?  
J. Hunter Simmons
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460 S 4th St
Danville, KY 40422
a good agent is like a good surgeon - I am your partner in all this.  Call or text me - all I ask is for an interview.  You'll see the difference in service immediately.  Hunter 859-319-3555
mobile: 859-319-3555

Our clients are awesome

and here is what they are saying

Ken Garcia is a true professional real estate agent and works hard for his clients. He’s fair, honest and makes the home buying expense fun.

"Ann's knowledge, work ethic and expertise in her field are second to none! She made home ownership for me quick and effortless. From offer, to signing, she really went way beyond what any other realtor has done for me in the past. She even updated me daily on the progress of every aspect of the transaction. When there were problems, and there were a few, she knew what to do to take care of them. In my case, the broker was extremely slow to move. I contacted Ann. Problem solved! I highly recommend Ann Ford. She really cares about her clients. You just don't see that a lot these days."

Russell Springs, KY

Ken Garcia is extremely knowledgeable and works extra hard to help you with your real estate needs. You know you have Ken and his team working hard for you through the entire process. Ken has helped us sell and buy investment property for years, and we love his enthusiasm in getting the job done. Highly recommend Bluegrass Team if you need to sell or buy, you will not go wrong!

If you're fixing to purchase a home in your nervous about it I would highly recommend going with Ken. He makes everything seem like it's going to be OK, no matter what hurtles you come up against - he reassures you and helps you through it. After I purchased a home through Ken Garcia, I have recommended him to several other people - my stepmother worked with him during the process of trying to buy a home, my brother is working with him during the process of selling his home - Ken's definitely become the Alexander family realtor.

I just want to thank Ken Garcia as the Realtor and Brad Simmons, his assistant who I have known for years. Just coming in contact with them for the last couple of months, they have been the most gracious helpers I could have asked for. They have walked me through every step. Ken has called me and given me every minute of his time that I needed, and he has been most gracious as far as… giving me pointers, helping me to think of questions that I wouldn’t have even thought of. This has been a wonderful experience for me to buy this home at my age. And I just thank them very much. They are great people to do business with. The deal with the house; the house wasn’t even… I wasn’t even expected to look at this house. I didn’t even know it was for sale. I was not planning on looking at this house at all, didn’t even know anything about it. And Ken takes me to the door, and I say, we're at somebody’s house, we don’t need to be here. And he said, “C’mon, we’re going in, c’mon.” And it’s now my house.

Ken took me to this house and then he helped me negotiate – it was easy, it went through, he helped me with everything that I needed to know, how to ask, how to do things. It was very easy and yet it rewarding on my end. So I just thank them again.

Instead of simply listing your property in the MLS, the Bluegrass Team will get your property looked at by prospective buyers worldwide. They have lots of connections and they keep in touch with them. Highly recommend.

We live in Wisconsin and wanted to find a vacation home, closer to my family and to the college our son is attending. Finding an agent to work with us, being out of state and only available to come down on the weekends was challenging. Then we found Ken and he returned my phone call within minutes. He starting sending me information on properties. We started looking for property in Richmond, Kentucky in Feb 2015. After many weekends, and at least 100 plus miles in the surrounding counties, we finally in mid July 2015 found the home we wanted in Lancaster, KY and closed before the end of Aug 2015. Can't thank him enough for being so understanding with me. Thanks Ken.

Ken was awesome to work with! My house sold in 3 days!! Highly recommend him to anyone selling a house!! He handled all aspects of the selling process. Will use Ken's services again in the future! Thanks!

Very knowledgeable and confident realtor! Gave great advice on preparing my home for showings. Sold my home very quickly at a great price. When shopping for a new home, he pointed out lots of pros and cons for each home we considered. Went above and beyond! We would definitely use him again!

I was new to the area when we purchased our home. Ken was not only an excellent, responsive agent, he has continued to assist me with names of contractors and household helpers after the sale. When it comes time to sell my present property, I will be calling Ken!

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