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Trying to Buy a House and Tired of Missing Deal after Deal? Get on our Would Sell List. Frustrated? I bet. I will show you how to win in this Market.

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Tired of competition from other buyers?
You have to be proactive in this market – and here’s the secret sauce.

Our Exclusive ‘Would Sell List’ – which gives you access to 20% more homes, none of which are listed publicly for sale. Call and say, put me on your ‘Would Sell List’. at 859-379-5263 – or 859-494-5521

Get on this List, and You’ll Find:

  • Homes that only our team knows about – which aren’t for sale to the public yet. You’ll have 1st sneak peek at these properties – one of our most powerful tools.
  • Our team’s personal list of sellers who haven’t offered their homes to the public yet, but who have said “bring me a buyer”.
  • Homes recently offered for sale to the public – they didn’t sell, but they still want to.
  • Those with very limited public exposure – usually for sale by owners
  • Owners who have fallen behind on their payments and may be forced to sell very soon.
  • New Homes from Builders ready for completion – that are yet to be offered for sale to the public.

How do you get on this list?
Simple: Schedule a quick and easy Buyer Consultation with one of team’s Buyers Specialists. Call and say, put me on your Would Sell List. at 859-379-5263 – or 859-494-5521

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