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Homes For Sale In Taylor County, Kentucky

Campbellsville is viewed as an oasis in central Kentucky. Taylor County has just the right mix of fishing, water sports, camping, relaxing, shopping and exploring Civil War battle sites and other historical places, Taylor County offers something for everyone. The beauty and tranquility of one of Kentucky's best-kept secrets is like no other.

Green River Lake is a haven for the water sport and fishing enthusiast as well just to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Green River Lake area offers over 40 miles of multi-use trails for hiking, running, mountain biking and horseback riding. There are two marinas on Green River. The marinas offer everything you will need to enjoy the day: annual and overnight slips, rental houseboats, fishing boats, ski boats, and pontoon boats.

There are 8 campgrounds in Taylor County. Two of them are on the lake, three of them are on public beaches -public beaches are available at Lone Valley Campground, Pikes Ridge Campground, and at Smith Ridge Recreational Area; Kentucky's only floating cabins and condos on the lake. Taylor County is also known for its historical and Civil War battle sites.

The battle of Tebbs Bend, July 4, 1863, was "one of the most outstanding small victories in the Civil War.” Visitors can step back in time on a 3-mile driving tour dotted with interpretive markers depicting key events of this battle, and they can request a key to visit the 1840 Atkinson-Griffin Log House, which served as a Confederate hospital after the battle and now houses memorabilia and artifacts for visitors to enjoy.

The reverence for history continues in Campbellsville’s downtown, where many buildings are noted on the National Register of Historic Places. Main Street hums with the bustle of shops and eateries in a charming small-town atmosphere.

Taylor County is home to Campbellsville University's main campus. Campbellsville University is a small Christian college, their mission statement is ̈Campbellsville University is a place where learning, faith, and passion go hand-in-hand. Deleted a sentence. ̈ Taylor County is an exceptional place to live if you want both the southern charm of small town living and the benefit of living in a growing area.

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