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Affordable way to make your house your oasis. Find your oasis in Danville KY – House for sale

[00:00:00] Here we’re on we’ll show you this like new house they’re still building new houses. This one’s a few years old but it’s in great shape and its Max Keller. Whatever Ken tells me I should tell you that Brett Farr did that but Ken is a dork. And he tells really corny jokes. So I’m not even going to tell that joke by dad but I bet Grandpa really did. Give that guy’s name. Here’s the deal Max Cam Cameron was the builder’s favorite professor and he’s some world renowned professor or something from Center College which is about maybe three miles away. Affordable way to make your house your oasis. Danville KY House for sale.

I’ll put it down right here. But it’s you get the idea. It’s like really close. To you get going it. Is like live and in person. Now one nice thing got a fireplug right there. I don’t know anything about insurance but I’m goanna say your house has got to be way cheaper with the insurance with a fireplug right out front which is very nice. Sidewalks everywhere.

[00:01:00] So you know everybody’s got an excuse for not exercising my excuses I don’t have sidewalks no excuse here. So right there close to town close to Danville. Everything that rambles about Gamble’s beautiful I mean you know it’s one of my favorite places and close to center. In fact, the couple who were moving out of this house selling it to you there also. He’s also a professor so at center. So that’s kind of nice. Two car garage all brick all the way around. I want to show you. The tree in the back exactly what I mean. So if I get any grass in here I’m sure she’s going to have my head for that. Floors, beautiful. So you walk in.

[00:02:00] This is my kind of house you walk in and immediately you’re entertaining. There’s the dining room or maybe you’re entertaining just family or whatever but you’ve got to love that. Well this comfort ceiling.

It’s just short of two thousand square feet three bedrooms two banks get a nice chair. It really needs nothing except you just move right on in. In fact, if you call right now can probably get you in before Thanksgiving. Yeah. No kidding around. It’s just like 35 days. So you’re seeing this this time of year you’re in good shape. Here’s a patio. One of my favorite features of this house. Was the backyard woods. I love that. Evergreen trees, I love this. They got kids so they got kiddo stuff. So you know if you’ve got kids you’ve got the same stuff. See that porch. We got the same porch, right there.

[00:03:00] You’re really close to everything here. In fact, I was talking to the homeowner and she said she shops in Harrisburg because it’s quicker and easier than shopping in Danville you’re actually in Danville here. Well County you’re out in the county schools. I’m almost positive as county schools I’ll put it right here. County schools but you’re right here in town faster and quicker and easier just to go to Harrisburg.

So when I said brick all the way down it is brick all the way down. I’ve lived in places where it’s brick in the front and then they put vinyl on the sides and in the back. No, this is Brick all the way down. You can see the neighbor’s house to same deal. So Brick is popular here and I love this patio.  Not too much to mow. If you have somebody else mow for you. You’re in good shape. It’s not expensive.

[00:04:08] Not exactly sure what kind of wood those candidates are. But I’ll try to find out and put it here. But it’s got granite and it’s really done well. Curved corners that you know beveled edge not beveled edge but you know rolled edge here and she’s done right. It’s nice to see that. Stainless appliances you can light. This house is going to be right at about two hundred thousand. So you really can’t beat that with this beauty that’s called a tray ceiling they’ve got lights up their real pretty. This is a big master bedroom and I’m a wide angle lens on this big walk in closet. The master bath tile. Walk. In shower.

[00:05:24] That’s what I like. I just like wanted to shower. You can have your tubs and all that stuff. Course there’s plenty room in the back for a hot tub that you’ve got a jet right here to if you like the tub. Oh and of course the double vanity one point that out right here she’s going to kill me if I show you the garage because to guard garage.

Okay. And it’s got stuff in it. I’ll show it to you here. But I’m not going to show you the bottom and we’re showing only the ceiling. There you go. Two car garage in the news attic storage space up there. And then you’ve got a door out there.

[00:06:00] They’re moving living along. I’ll tell you what if you make fun of these people in their garage when you are ready to move or when you’re moving in. I’m going to come around and videotape your house because you know what’s to look like it’s going to look like. It’s going to look like whoa. So you’ve got one bedroom here. I like it when it’s separating and that’s it. The master bedroom and then the other bedrooms are separated. That’s really nice. It’s a lot of good privacy for Mom and Dad have. You know what I’m talking about?

That way the kiddos can be running their TV shows and video games and music and all that stuff and doesn’t bother anybody their bedroom. Everybody’s got a closet too big beautiful bathrooms. Fireplace. There is gas run to this fireplace. But they didn’t put the gas logs in there but you could put them in so easy and they’re so beautiful these days I’ll throw a picture in here right now. Some beautiful gas logs. They’re not your grandpa’s gas logs.

[00:07:07] They’re really beautiful now. You have some of those installed for a few hundred bucks 3, 4, 5 miles to Danville maybe 5, 6, 7, 8 to Harrisburg. You’re out in the country. A mile is almost a minute. So there you go.

You got a beautiful neighborhood nice folks. You can see every house is spotless. Can I tell you. Well any schools everything that Danville is about. You’ll love living here. I promise, if this house is right for you perfect call can funders right there. If it’s not right for you that’s even better. Because we want to hear from you. We want you to get on our VIP list right up here. Just click on that don’t click on that. Should be able to click on the card. There’s a card right here. Make your house your oasis.

[00:07:51] Click on that and that’ll take you to the home finder or just type it in bluegrass team dot com slash home finder and we will help you find what home. That’s right. That’s all I got for you today. Thanks so much for watching. This is Max Tavares and is now and it is in Danville. And you called Kenny go dude. I want to see that Max calories house Joe.

Thanks for watching. That’s really nice. It’s a lot of good privacy for Mom and Dad. You know what I’m talking about there. Also he’s a professor so at center there also professor. I can drive around a little bit. Show you what the neighborhood looks like. It is solid as a rock. Yes, I know. I need to put my seat. See how smart we get to see this the same road twice. You just go up this way. We just go a little faster. I’ll have a seat belt so I can go really fast. It’s a joke.

[00:09:00] Don’t laugh. Bill another couple houses here Amish Bill. You know if it’s Amish Bill it’s done right.  And this is the house right there. I’ll show it to you. But first we’re going to show you the street name Max Cameron whatever. Affordable way to make your house your oasis. Danville KY House for sale.

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