Kentucky Country Lifestyle – benefits of Living in the Country

Kentucky Country Lifestyle – benefits of Living in the Country

The Kentucky Country Lifestyle: A Journey of Zen, Nature and Bliss – the benefits of Living in the Country.


With its vast landscapes and serene views, the Kentucky bluegrass region countryside holds a charm that captures all those who visit or call this area their home. Living in the countryside is a great escape from city chaos and a chance to connect with yourself and nature.

The natural beauty of your surroundings is one of the best things about country life. The countryside offers a variety of stunning views, from rolling hills to meandering creeks, cattle grazing and lush grasses blowing in the wind. You can enjoy the peacefulness of rural life every day as you awake to golden-orange-red-purple sunrises. Seasons change constantly, bringing a rainbow of color to the landscape. From vibrant spring blossoms to fiery autumn foliage, the changing seasons are a visual feast. Even winter, the ‘less than pretty’ season is magical as the trees are like silhouettes against new fallen snow. We usually get 2”-3”, 2-3 times per year and it has evaporated in 2-3 days. See an article about that here:

In contrast to the bustling cities, living in rural areas offers peace and tranquility that are often lacking in urban environments. The cacophony created by honking sirens, loud horns, and people yelling is replaced here with the soothing symphony produced by chirping birds, rustling of the leaves, and distant moo from the cattle, baaing from sheep or the ever-present Bobwhite quail. Air is fresher and cleaner without the pollution of cities. Serenity is a great way to relax and reconnect with your inner self – another one of the benefits of Living in the Country.

The strong community spirit that is prevalent in the countryside can be one of the biggest advantages to living on the farm. The neighbors are not just people passing by, but become friends who lend a hand or share stories. The spirit of camaraderie in rural communities is always evident, from a slight wave, to a hardy wave, to everyone coming together to help one another. The spirit of camaraderie is palpable in rural areas, as everyone comes together to support one another – and watch after one another. Help is rarely more than one text away.

The Kentucky Country Lifestyle has a wide range of options for those who are looking to live a sustainable life. Self-reliance is not just a lifestyle choice, but also a decision. You can grow your own organic vegetables and fruits that will nourish your body as well as your soul. Raising livestock such as chickens, sheep, goats or cows will give you the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food is coming from. You can make your own wine, your own beer, your own bread… Sustainable practices in the countryside are more than just a trend. They’re woven into everyday life.

Hike, bike, 4-wheel, ride your side-by-side or ride a horse through your farm to see what is going on, what the cattle are up to, or just be awe-struck at the rolling hills and breathtaking views. The natural world is yours to explore, with endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts. There’s plenty of opportunities to have an adventure, whether it is fishing your ponds, camping with friends and family, or wildlife-spotting.

The Kentucky Country Lifestyle allows you to have a closer connection with nature’s changing rhythms. The beauty of nature is reflected in experiences such as watching spring flowers bloom, the feeling of warm summer sun, the crunching of colorful leaves during autumn, or the quiet stillness on a winter day – and the smells of woodsmoke coming from your woodstove or fireplace.  One of my favorite benefits of Living in the Country.

Living in the countryside is an excellent way to escape the chaos and noise of the city. The country is a place where you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life, immerse yourself in nature and feel the warmth of the community. The Kentucky Country Lifestyle is a haven for those who embrace it’s wonders, from its breathtaking landscapes to the sustainable lifestyle options. Living in the countryside could be the best choice for those who want a peaceful, natural life with a sense of community.  Another one of my favorite benefits of Living in the Country.

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