People Who Live in Kentucky Are Happy – This Video Proves It.

OMG, one of my favorite videos by one of my favorite creators, Nick Johnson – if you like a dry sense of humor, you gotta watch some of his videos.

I immediately subscribed after just one…

About Nick Johnson’s YouTube Channel:

“I tell stories about the United States that most people won’t tell. It’s the truth, but honest and informative. Join me as together we learn about the best country on the planet.”

These maps show why America is failing. But they’re totally funny. Maps. They’re very good at helping to understand a place aren’t they? You can look at a map of the United States but it isn’t really HELPFUL in understanding what it’s really like in each state. So, we’re gonna look at a bunch of DIFFERENT maps so we can REALLY understand what America is like. These are maps that hilariously explain America. With additional insights. This map shows where there are more bars OR grocery stores in the USA depending on where you live. The red dots are areas where there’s more bars than there are grocery stores. This map shows where all the different races in America are. Here’s a map that shows who the highest paid public employee is in each state. Almost every single one is a football or basketball coach at some big college. Here’s a map that shows the fattest countries in the world. Here’s an interactive one that shows how fast Walmart grew beginning in 1962. Okay so we’re the most overweight nation on earth. We’re also number one in prisons per capita. The orange color is where half the county’s wealth is, and the blue is the other half. Half the country’s wealth is in those few little orange areas. This map shows how big Alaska really is. This shows us which countries have the most soldiers stationed in other countries. Guess which country gives new moms NO paid leave? We do. Here’s a US map that shows where no one lives. Here’s a look at the happiest states in the country. Here’s where all the McDonalds are in the US. This is basically a look at what each state is interested in by looking at their popular search terms. Here’s the most recognizable brand in each state. Okay so..Here’s all the countries that have the death penalty This map shows where there’s more single people based on gender. Here we can see the amount of snow it takes to cancel school by county. Here’s a map of every tornado in the last 50 years. #unitedstates #politics

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    This channel is about America! The best video on this topic!


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