VIDEO – Artist Retreat, Log Cabin style Cypress home 25 acres, Live water creek, Prepper paradise for sale

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Artist Retreat Log Cabin style Cypress home 25 acres, Live water creek, Prepper paradise for sale

[00:00:00] I love to do these drive ups, because then it explains to you what the place looks like. Great. So you’re not just wondering, well, what good neighbors like nothing’s more disheartening than coming, you know – several hundred miles away or flying in or whatever. And then it’s just a bunch of junky trailers or something like that. So I want to make sure you know what’s going on. We got this wild driveway here. It is wild. It needs a little bit of gravel on it. You got a little creek here. That’s nice. I haven’t been here. So this is you is new to this as I am. Can always say to me. Why don’t you go check it out first? Well, sometimes I don’t have the time. You know, it’s hard to get mad or have a sour puss with a baby smile. All right. Baby giggling or whatever. You get the idea. Well, it’d be hard to be too stressed. Coming home to a place like this, you’ve got to drive through all these farm fields and, you know, just driving along the creek.  Artist Retreat Log Cabin home for sale in Kentucky, cabin style Cypress home 25 acres, Live water creek, Prepper paradise for sale

[00:01:18] There’s the house right there. I remember him telling me about it. So I’m assuming that’s it right there. It is driving along the creek, driving along the river. Come up just miles and miles. Talking incoherently because I’m looking at everything else, I got a doggy I want to run over the doggy. That would be like a very bad day for me, especially the doggy. I love my dogs. I want to make sure and run over anybody else’s either. Well, this is goanna be great because I got the bird with me. So we’re goanna go up in up in the sky and do a fly. So we come with me. Let’s check this place out.

[00:02:05] You think I got an easy job? I’ve got to explain to you this place. It’s big and it’s hard to explain. It’s 25 acres. It’s 4 bedrooms, 4 baths. About forty-two hundred square feet. Don’t hold me to that. I tell you better about that. But it’s true. Multi-generational. What I mean by that is there’s a stair, a lower level here. Oh, don’t growl. There’s a there’s a lower there’s a lower level here. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So if you ever have any kind of issues there, they’re outside house. So this lower level all way to go outside because those crazy doggies. Now it’s got two air units over there. It’s pretty new one over there. That’s pretty new. Let’s settle down. Okay. Here we go. Now I can talk. True. What I mean by that is full kitchen and full kitchen right there. I say full kitchen on line. That’s not true. It doesn’t have a sink. It’s got a stove and a refrigerator and no sink. It can be. All right. So it’s not a full refrigerator, There’s a bathroom down there. There’s a laundry room down here. It’s one upstairs, too. So there’s the first place. Come in. Really need come in the great room, which is beautiful. So hold on with me. Hold tight. So this is unfinished.

[00:03:40] Clearly unfinished bedroom over there. Hey. So they’re just here. Just totally unfinished. That’s it. That’s all of is. But good space if you need it. If you need an extra bedroom. Heck yeah. I would use it. You would too. You know. There’s a sink, sink, little dishwasher. So they’ve got it going on, washer dryer, water heater. Plenty of pantry room, so you just got to excuse their stuff because their stuff is important to them, just like your stuff’s important to you. Do you know the full bath for full baths? So that’s pretty cool. All right, let’s go on upstairs. You’re all in the woods up here. I can’t show you on the phone. It’s busy and this is the main part of the house.

[00:04:47] You are goanna love this. Fireplace, real wood fireplace, I believe. Now, you see that window is cloudy. No problem the replacing that right now, a couple of windows, certain certainty. And they’re guaranteed for life. The homeowner tells me they’re guaranteed for life, so they’re going to replace all those. It’s really a big house. It’s hard to see everything with their stuff in it, but you’ve got imagination, you can envision your stuff in here. Is your local popular florist? Probably from a local omeish saw mill, like the Amish have sawmills here, so you can you can get more wood and it’s really reasonable and you can build stuff. I love to build stuff – Master on Main.

[00:06:01] You can drive around now, though, there’s a driveway that goes all the way around the back of the house and you come in on the in the sunroom. I’ll show that to you. That picture right there is a Pauline Campanelli – I photographed their house, oh, my gosh, 30 years ago. Well, not 30 years ago, 1990. So oh, my gosh, almost 30 years ago. I don’t even know if they’re still around anymore. Nice couple. They’re both artists. I remember his name Dan. It’s another full bath and this one small, you gotta step outside and change your mind. That’s OK. Another one, Drew, two car garage. I’m not going to show you that because it is got stuff in it. But you get the idea. And then this sunroom comes off the back porches everywhere you like. Porches like we do. You are gonna love this.

[00:07:10] Now they’re taking care of extended family members here, so you’ve got to just excuse all the extra clothing and whatnot. Nice and Porch. I mean, really, this guy was in the painting business. So everything is painted properly. You might want to come in and paint again. That’s fine. And I believe Ken can help you with this. I don’t know whether it goes with it or it’s negotiable or it’s a negotiating piece or whatever. But as I understand, I think you can talk to Ken about that. The great patio on here and you are in the middle of the woods. This is which you call this place the treehouse, because there is nothing around. There’s no empty fields. You barely got enough to park your car down there. How about that for sweet?

[00:08:06] While I’m here, I’m just going to stick the camera out here. I told you about porches, so that’s where I’m parked down there. See the white car? And that’s where we came in. There’s the driveway. And then there’s the driveway that goes around to the back. So there’s several of these porches on here, at least 2 or 3 here. On the front, you know, like a side one. And then there’s one down below. Oh, as a matter of fact, I say there’s 2 or 3 on this level in the front. And then of course, you’ve got porches down below as well. For those dogs were barking, I didn’t even think about it. You know, you’re in Kentucky when you get a bourbon barrel on your porch. The stone, fireplace and the songs. This is what she meant. She called like Swamp Cypress or whatever. They haven’t been Louisiana where they are like in canals and old logs and they bring them out and they solve them and they sell them.

[00:09:29] There’s even some extra siding, too. If you want extra, this is cool up here. You got another master up here, a little vaulted ceiling. The house is all electric, which around here that’s like a big thing. That’s a good thing because our electric is so reasonable terms. You know, it’s going to blind you to bed. Big closet. Dahmer’s. What do you think of this one? This house on 25 acres, probably in the 300 somewhere. Not bad. It’s a lot of house forty-two hundred square feet. This is my favorite bathroom. This is nice. I like it because I don’t mean anything.

[00:10:32] Show big linen closet, big linen closet, now full walking for his and hers with that suite. I came in here before. Scared to pee water at me. Open door and there is Santa Claus. Like, my God, it was somebody standing there. So we stand there at Santa Claus. Well, you got a closet here in closet there.

[00:11:08] Yeah. Ok. That is the tour. What do you think, 4-bedroom Forbath? Forty-two hundred murphy 25 acres in the three hundred’s. Not bad. This is right for you. Call Ken. Hold on now. Hold tight. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t click off. We got to show you the aerials. Yet. But if it’s right, call Ken. Artist Retreat Log Cabin for sale in Kentucky – Log style Cypress home 25 acres, Live water creek, Prepper paradise for sale

And if it’s not right, then get on our home finder, because our home finder will help you find a home. See, it’s in the name. You’re going to tell us a few things about what you’re looking for. Then one of our people will call you up and then refine that and make it right. Make it perfect so that you can find the place of your dreams if you want to be out in the country. You are equal distance between Liberty, Lebanon and Danville. So it takes you about the same amount of time to get to each one of those towns and their real towns. You know, they have super Wal-Mart and a medical center and all that kind of stuff. And I’ll market here. I’ll market right here. If it’s quicker for small shopping. When I say small shopping, I mean like Dollar General. So bread, milk, eggs, bacon, coke, smokes, beer, that sort of thing.

[00:12:31] Now, that’s not a convenience store. They don’t count you. In fact, their prices are a lot better than Wal-Mart. But if you need bigger shopping like Wal-Mart and then if you need the real shopping, then I would consider that Starbucks and T.J.Max and all that kind of sort of thing. So and I know that you’re not far from Danville here. So and then we have all that stuff. We have TSG, Matt, T.J., Max. Hobby Lobby. All right. So I’ll put a lifestyle map right here, too. I really appreciate you watching that whole time for the bloopers and hold tight for the aerials. You guys are awesome watching my videos. Love it. Oh, heck, I’ve got to show it to you. Yeah, I was goanna get in the truck and we’ve mentioned about upstairs and everything. And you’ve got all double decks. So you get one board that’s bad there. We understand that. Let me talk to Ken about how he’ll know how to handle that. But there you go. And here’s more porches. See porches downstairs, porches upstairs, porches in front porches in the back.

[00:13:32] Really can’t show you in the back because they don’t want to show me about. You saw out there, you saw the patio. It looks good going up now.

[00:15:06] I can’t wait to see your comments below, Like and subscribe because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market that you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our Website for the latest properties we have.  Artist Retreat Log Cabin home for sale in Kentucky.

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