VIDEO – Crawford Hollow Farm – 100 acres of food plots and Woods. Barn, pond, 2 waterfalls, many creeks

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[00:01:05] I need to get there if you want.

[00:01:10] If it’s a Gamble.

[00:01:30] Yeah.

[00:01:47] They’re building a cell tower out here, too.

[00:02:37] Whether you’re a hunter or not.

[00:02:40] You have Wildlife attracted to all the way they do, honey.

[00:02:47] They send me some pictures from their trail cams out here. So I got some pictures of like 25-30 turkeys at once.

[00:03:51] Here with a wheelbarrow Tire looks like your four-wheeler again.

[00:04:19] I’m not allowed to use the finger.

[00:04:34] Beautiful

[00:05:16] This is Milo. I believe called Milo. It’s like a sorghum thing or something. That’s a food plot as well.

[00:05:51] Alive

[00:06:33] How about that?

[00:07:03] There’s a steak.

[00:07:08] So we know we’re off onto the edge here.

[00:07:28] There’s another you want to go up there.

[00:08:06] Yeah, you can see out their point or resume in or whatever.

[00:08:44] Super stable and I’m not a hot dog. But if anything were to happen do not put your arms out to the side. This will save you just grab hold of this but don’t try to do this. You will ask the person who’s coming over tonight how she look all more walnuts green with them with that yellow here.

[00:09:15] So whatever is in the soil here while that’s why.

[00:09:19] And then those red ones up there should be Mabel’s.

[00:10:21] It’s locked.

[00:10:32] For Trails up here in the woods

[00:10:46] Real silver

[00:11:02] Real straight I told them folks.

[00:11:22] We got cell service right here. There’s a line.

[00:12:17] How many acres under 100 hundred?

[00:12:42] You know with this much wood. This is this is like an investment.

[00:12:49] Well, not only investment schedule that but your tax returns, but you have to make profit eventually even though farming stuff. But when it’s Woods if it’s Woodland, then there are unlimited losses for unlimited amount of time because a cow has to be sold after a year or two of Timber You Can Let It Grow for a hundred years so you have

[00:13:15] Unlimited losses without question from the IRS on schedule a half. You can look that up and you got a super confident tax preparation not tax preparation tax strategy competent Tax Strategies.

[00:13:31] But four-wheelers chainsaw normal drive trucks all that stuff all the duck.

[00:13:48] You see that that Maple yeah, yeah.

[00:14:20] Sounds pretty cool.

[00:14:36] Wow, we’d have fun. Wow. Look at this. There’s so much firewood here. Look they got caught up and everything. They did it cut up. But look, how big that’s a big tree right there.

[00:15:18] The falls down and died.

[00:15:24] They say 10 acres will support family regular family with a regular house for firewood. I’ve just broken Limbs and dead trees 10 acres.

[00:15:35] You got money.

[00:15:59] Yeah, sure.

[00:16:34] When you come out four wheelers, you need to bring a chainsaw they chase one comes down. We went live with.

[00:17:05] Oh, yeah.

[00:17:41] That’s a beautiful Creek.

[00:17:46] Going to walk down there.

[00:18:12] Now we do.

[00:18:46] It goes up all the way now. I think it does.

[00:18:58] Problem solved hitchhiker

[00:19:21] I’m glad you put the liquid in here.

[00:19:33] Down there

[00:19:58] It has been serving now. I have a copy of it nice so we can overlay.

[00:20:49] A good elevation makes you feel like you’re at like Joel’s house. Remember where you would look out the window and they’re just like that.

[00:21:29] Oh boy.

[00:21:43] Got it on camera.

[00:21:49] Set up a lot like it sees is it yeah with the hollers is this is a great this is better because it has those deer openings. Yeah, this feels like Eastern Kentucky hiking you are not an Eastern, Kentucky.

[00:22:31] Good thing is we know these are established trails and they will come out somewhere even if they

[00:23:02] It’s perfect for this this motion.

[00:23:14] This is grab a couple beers. Just one out in the evening kind of thing. Hold up.

[00:23:44] Hold up.

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