How am I going to take care of all this land?

Come see some awesome places and be my sidekick! All I can promise is fun. πŸ™‚ Brad Simmons and Go VIP here – be first to see new properties BEFORE they hit the market. How am I going to take care of all this land? 😧 How much money do you make renting out your Land. Homesteading.

“Land is the most permanent estate and the most likely to increase in value,” wrote a youthful George Washington.

Where We Get Our MUSIC ********************** 🎡 Epidemic Sound:  🀩 30 day free trial PLUS 1 month free if you sign up with this link! If you like the My self-reliance mindset – this is a place to get away from it all – buy rural land and homestead.

00:00 – Intro How am I going to take care of all this land? 😧 How much money do you make renting out your land Property Video | House Tour | Real Estate
01:07 – what I dreamed of when I was young
02:04 – about our friend who is a farmer – and rents our farm
03:11 – how much do we get renting out our land 03:53 – go for a ride with the dogs
04:52 – Talk about our friend and the acorns
06:29 – How the economics work for owning a farm
06:57 – see Brad Simmons farm
08:48 – going into the woods
10:40 – see more of Brad’s farm – some of the prettiest parts
12:32 – Aerials of Central Kentucky I hope you Enjoy!

How am I going to take care of all this land? 😧 Looking for Land for Sale?

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