Is Kentucky a Safe Place to Live

Is Kentucky a Safe Place to Live – let’s take a look:

Now you all know what they say about statistics – liars figure and figures lie – but there has to some truth about these statistics right?Well I read several articles, some glossed over and some could scare the bejesus out of you.  Bottomline is Property crime includes stealing one’s Amazon packages off the porch.  Terrible, but not like someone breaking the windows of your car or breaking your front door down with a crowbar or battering ram, right?  Two very different experiences… Bottomline – is Kentucky a Safe Place to Live – and if this article is confusing or disturbing – start to google this topic for YOUR town and State and compare.

Let’s look at these stats from our friends at SafeWise – here is a snippet from their detailed article – to read more:

The Bluegrass State is home to rolling hills, The Kentucky Derby, and the lowest crime rates in the East South Central region. And while 53% of residents who call Kentucky home feel safe there, concerns are high when it comes to property crime and package theft.

The good news for Kentucky residents is the state shows the lower property and violent crime rates than the rest of the region and the nation overall. On average, Kentucky saw half the crime as neighboring states and 1.5 fewer incidents than the rest of the country.

Violent crime in Kentucky: Fear vs. reality

Although there was a slight increase in Kentucky’s violent crime, the rate in Kentucky sits safely below the national and regional average. Is Kentucky a Safe Place to Live

  • Providence, Kentucky’s safest city, saw 0 violent crimes in the last year.
  • All twenty of Kentucky’s safest cities had a murder rate of 0.
  • The Bluegrass State saw under 10,000 violent crimes in the last year, less than 1% of the nation’s violent crime.
  • Aggravated assault was the most common violent crime in Kentucky over the last year, accounting for 60% of violent crimes.
  • Rape accounted for a higher percentage of violent crime among the safest cities. Rape made up 32% of the violent crimes in the safest cities vs. 16% of violent crime statewide.
  • 41% of Kentuckians carry some form of protection compared to 34% nationally.
  • 47% of Kentucky residents say their personal safety has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • When it comes to police violence, 47% of Kentuckians are concerned daily.
  • 54% of Kentucky residents say they have confidence in law enforcement.
  • According to the Gun Violence Archive, there was a rise in the last year of mass shootings (5 to 10) and officer-involved incidents (34 to 48) in Kentucky.
Safest Cities in Kentucky

Property crime in Kentucky: Fear vs. reality

Many Kentucky residents feel crime is increasing, and property crime is a main concern in The Bluegrass State. But over the last year, the state saw a slight drop in property crime. The property crime rate in Kentucky is still significantly lower than the rest of the region and the nation.  Is Kentucky a Safe Place to Live

  • Larceny-theft was the most common property crime in Kentucky over the last year. It accounted for 72% of property crime in the safest cities and 70% of property crime statewide.
  • West Liberty had the lowest property crime rate of the safest cities (0.8 compared to the 6.7 average) with only 3 incidents in the last year.
  • A high percentage (73%) of Kentuckians use some kind of protection for their home (US 62%). Security systems lead the way as the favorite method at 35% with security cams close behind at 33%.
  • 25% of Kentucky residents say the security of their property has been affected by the pandemic.
Safest Cities in Kentucky
Is Kentucky a Safe Place to Live – this is a clip from SafeWise – to read more:
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