VIDEO – Ever dream of living in the Country, small Horse Property Tour in Kentucky

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Ever dream of living in the Country – small Horse Property for sale in Kentucky

[00:00:06] It’s the end of a beautiful day. And I’m going to show you a property that’s very interesting. You’re going to love the price. This is a two bedroom, two bath home, and now that’s just on that side. Then you’ve got these two bay garage is oversized. I can’t get in – doors are locked, but you could make that into living space that’s not a problem. Throw a couple of mini splits in there or one mini split. I don’t know how it’s broken up. You got yourself almost double the living space. It’s only 1087 square feet over there. And then it’s got this part. I’ll show it all to you – and the location. You’re really close to Richmond, KY. Richmond is a super dynamic town. It’s got Eastern Kentucky University there. And there’s a fishing Pond here. I will show you. I’m going to go on up and spin around with the bird.  Horse Property for sale in Kentucky.

[00:01:06] It’s a Kentucky horse property for sale. So it’s all fenced for horses. It’s all ready for you. And it’s got this weird kind of gate thing going on here. I have no idea why, but I don’t ask any questions. Ken can probably tell you what this whole gate thing is here. Actually, it’s a fine gate and it’s got this cool thing, that’s a slick operation there, just a couple washers. It’s open and it sits back in there. It’s just so easy – even I can do it. Actually, I’m trying to do it one handed while I’m videotaping and everything else.

You might be able to see a little better what’s going on here from the road. So it’s a horse property for sale in Kentucky.  There’s horse fence all over. And they allow the horses to go really close to the house, which is why that funky gate is there. I thought this was the property line. This is the property line, but it’s not. Look where the property line is. It goes way on over to the other side. So that’s only part of it. Here’s a little road that goes in here. So you can bring your trailer and whatnot. I just can’t get back to that barn anyway.

[00:02:11] It’s just a great house. It’s a thousand eighty-seven square feet. So it’s small, but that’s just this part. Then you’ve got the breezeway, which we used to call dog trot. If you’re familiar with cabins. Dog trot. Right. And then there’s an oversized two bag garage or workshop or whatever. I would turn that into a living area in a heartbeat. I am not that big on garages. And I don’t care if my cars are out, but that would be me.  It’s got like new roof.  Hold on just a second. It’s both to be on my cheat sheet. No, it’s not. But I think Ken told me and I’ll confirm it if it’s here and if I’m wrong, I’ll tell you too. But I think it’s got a roof that’s within a year. That’s a big Trane furnace in there. Anyway, see, you have anything to worry about for a very long time. Plus, it’s brick plus it’s tile floor. Plus, it’s a slab. So the house, I’m not going to say, is completely no maintenance, but it’s as close as you’re going to get. And with the woodstove, backup power doesn’t go out here very often. If this power is anything like our power being honest, it’s out maybe 20 minutes a year. Now, one time we had a big ice storm and power was out for nine days – it was the fun-est time ever. Everybody was camping in our house because we had a gas water heater and we could run it off of a little $600 generator, which we did. And it was really a lot of fun. The kids remember that as one of the best times ever.

[00:03:38] 9 days without power. But our power never goes out – it is very reliable here, 20 minutes a year. I’m telling you, it’ll blow a blip a couple times. You know, were it just clicks off or it might go off for 5 minutes and comes right back on. That’s not the point. The point is, if there were anything to happen to the power, you can still survive because you got the pond chock-full of fish. You got the woodstove. You’re in good shape and plenty of woods. So you probably don’t ever have to cut a green tree or a live tree. You can just cut to your heart’s content with just dead stuff and limbs. Limbs fall down, limbs get dead. You know, here’s a couple examples right here. There’s a dead limb there. You could probably cut that off of there and have firewood for 2 weeks. So with 20 acres, 20 acres, we say hold on, 20 acres. Yeah, with 25 acres, you’ve got all the wood you’ll ever need. C’mon, let’s go inside. We’ll see what’s going on. I’ll show you the whole thing. This is a house. This is a slick house setup. I just peeked in the garage. I can’t get in because the doors are locked. It is a fantastic shop. These are drier out there. So, you know, you always need extra clothes and all that stuff. And then it’s all fence that’s no climb over there or two by four. I think it’s just too much for mash. And then that’s what this is. Yeah. And then there’s a cattle fence here. Yeah. See this to my format’s. I know what you call it. it’s not like a diamond V or No-climb. I don’t know what you call this. Maybe you call that. No climb too. If you know you, please tell me in the comments below.

[00:05:19] If you’re a horse person, but it’s got a fence all the way up against the house here. Or up near the house. And then you’ve got fence right there. Get the little shed, cute little shed. And you can see here by the aerial, I’ll put the aerial here of how the property lies out and you can see what’s going on. So I assume this was a carport original and then they built the garage on later. I don’t know. Kennel, no. Know all that stuff. But this is another easy space that you could block in and make living space. There’s power out here. See the outlet. Got a big doggy door ready if you got a ginormous dog. I mean, that’s like seriously, that’s like a like a Great Dane or something. He came out there.

[00:06:20] Clean, clean lines, sharp. It’s all white. It’s kind of startling when you see a house that’s painted all white, but it’s all white. So you got yourself a good a good base. Little crazy neighbors there. Look, there’s another one. So I guess they got chickens here? They way that you can overlook the pine. That’s what I like. Put a big deck out here. Overlook your own pond, sweetness. This thing is definitely the island, the eight the room, but it’s called love. That’s what they did here. You get real granite, our courts, I’m not sure. I don’t know how to tell the difference. And beautiful American standard sink. Nice stuff. Looks like a melon faucet. Stainless steel appliances. Whirlpool, whirlpool, whirlpool. Whirlpool. Yep. Did you know that Whirlpool actually started in some guy’s garage? I was just reading about it. Pretty crazy. That’s just multinational. Checking your company. I said it’s all white. I lied. There’s another color. I just see all this white. And I just assumed it was just all white. I sort of woodstove. That baby’s going to put out some heat that would heat this whole house and great place for it to. So this is a living room, dining room, kitchen area. You want a tiny house. Ten eighty-seven, I think. He said is the square footage here? I’ll just take a look in the laundry room for you really quick. Horse Property in Kentucky for sale.

[00:07:53] Everything’s like new. That’s a train. That’s like new. So here is the master bedroom. How do I know? Because it has an in suite bath. Oh, actually. So does this. So two bedrooms, two baths in the bedrooms. You got the mirror there in the shower, Kinky. Hopper over there. And then the world’s largest walk in closet. You got access panel here on or from what, whether that is access for plumbing or they took it out to put in an event. I have no idea. Ask Ken. His numbers right there.

[00:08:51] It’s big. This is a big room. Let’s come really quick. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14 by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 to 13 plus. Again, they did a great job with the cabinet tree. Really looks nice. And this is some kind of solid surface dealio. Very nice. I like it. It’s on a slab. So you never have to worry about your basement legal because it doesn’t have a basement. We’ve got to go up in the air. I want to show you all around the big juice here. Obviously, it’s going to be the be the land. This is ceramic tile. So you’re good in safe there as far as he goes. And there’s a blower there. So pretty nice. You like it if you like it. Tell me, how would you use it? Would you use it for horses or would you use it some other way? Please tell me. Now, hold on. Don’t run off. Don’t what they say when they used to say back in the day. Don’t touch that dial.  Horse Property for sale in Kentucky.

[00:09:53] We’re going up for flight open and get attacked by these roosters. Ok. Birds going up. Don’t attack me. They’re actually running away. That’s good. I got Phyllis Diller here. Yeah, Phyllis Diller. Those are Phyllis Diller refrigerator. Go ahead. You can make fun of me if you want, but I can’t figure out how to get back to that barn and can’t get Ken on the phone. So there you go. Plus, there’s a big shark eyeball there. And he is looking at me like I’ve got a nice set of voters. I’m not going back there. And you can see they’ve got a track behind it with the with the videos.

[00:10:35] It looks like a really nice barn, but I just can’t get back there. So you’ve got that going on. And I’m sure you get back there somewhere by the pond. There’s the pond and the house. But if you guys are in horses, you’re going to know exactly how to get back there anyway. Beautiful piece of property. Great house. Love the pond. Love the wooded area and love the barn. The bull. Not so much. No, I’m not afraid of a bull. Well, maybe a little bit. Horse Property  for sale in Kentucky.

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