Multigenerational house on 5 acres, big workshop – Living large on 5 acres

Multigenerational house on 5 acres, big workshop – Living large on 5 acres

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[00:00:04] So this is our little historic town of Perryville we’re coming up on. We’ve been here 30 years and we love it just fine. Now that car’s not on fire. They’re just having a little radio thing. So this is a new little coffee shop called the Salted Honey Cafe. I’ve had some pretty salty honeys myself. Usually a food truck or two over here on the side. There’s our little river. This house is about a mile and a half out. Oh, by the way, a little historic downtown. I can’t drive and hold the camera and point and be on Facebook and be on YouTube all the same time. Well, I try anyway. So this town’s about 600 or 700 people. It used to be a big deal around the civil war times up until maybe the 20s. Got a little dollar general there, which is great. Oh, my God. They sell bacon, black beans, beer, a lot of other B words, and bread. But you can get almost anything there. And it’s really great in a pinch. Where was I? I interrupted myself, Oh, about 700 people, 2 convenience stores, a school, probably 6 churches, 7 churches, maybe. And then we’re right here. Multigenerational house on 5 acres, big workshop – Living large on 5 acres.

And this is what it’s like being out in the country. I mean, I love it. This is the way we live. This is the way a lot of people like to live. We just think it’s the bee’s knees. This is the house is on 5 acres. It is fantastic and it’s a sparkler, not like fireworks, but like it sparkles. Multigenerational house for sale in Kentucky.

[00:02:39] Ok. What were we talking about before he went up on a flight? We’re talking about living in the country. Well, you got 5 acres here, but you’re only like one a mile and a half. I don’t all marked it down. Here you are. You’re not a mile and a half. I guarantee you’re just a mile or less to the school and all that other stuff. There’s a horse farm in the back so you can get to seen enjoy the horses without owning the horses. Those are the best kind. The shop is awesome. 1024 square feet, 32 by 32, I believe they said. And then there’s storage up in the top. I’ll go inside. I’ll show it all to you later. One of my favorite things, of course, the walk out basement, all that stuff is this back patio. This was really nice because this is a lot of sociability. This is where we grill probably 3, 4 nights a week. They got a little fire pit out here. This is fantastic. There is a wet weather stream down there.

[00:04:49] Of course, ultra-durable stainless steel appliances. That’s what everybody likes. That’s what everybody wants. This is three bedrooms, three bath. 3300 square feet, maybe even a little bit more. So from the outside. It doesn’t look super huge. But when you realize you got another full floor downstairs, that’s the way to roll, man. Full walk out basement and extra cabinets up in there. This is handiest heck. So you’ve got you’re like your mudroom thing here. You walk in the back; you can drop your boots. That’s what they do. You can drop your boots and you get the laundry right there. So that’s called. And this living room, all this open space is, of course, what everybody wants because it’s like perfect for entertaining all open. And then you got a full rec room downstairs total.

[00:07:30] All right, so we’ll go into this this bedroom, super bedroom, amazing light. This is southern exposure. So you’re going to have awesome light in here all day. Maybe you don’t put a bedroom in here because this is a narrow wall. I mean, I don’t mind telling you. Of course, you to put the bed over on this side, in this corner if you want. But this would be an amazing home office. Now it’s only three bedrooms upstairs. But then you got another bedroom downstairs. Now, we’re not allowed to call it a bedroom, because it doesn’t have any grass or window or whatever it’s covered with on the outside or whatever. But you would use it for a bedroom. So I call this I call this a Hollywood bath, What do you call it? If there’s anybody out there who knows what kind of bathroom this is. This is called kind of like a Hollywood bath, I guess a true Hollywood bath or a Jack and Jill would have a door on each side.
14 by 22. Monster bedroom. You’ve heard of a master bedroom well this is a monster bedroom. Perfect multi-generational, perfect mother daughter Multigenerational house on 5 acres, big workshop – Living large on 5 acres.
Whatever you want to call it. This would be great for Cindy’s dad. Right. He could just be down here. He’s got his own bathroom. Throw in a little hot plate. You don’t want him to have too much more than a hot plate. He might get in trouble with that. It’s beautiful down here. It’s clean, it smells nice. It’s dry. This is like your own pad down here. Got kids. We’ve got a 17 and 19-year-old to be perfect for them.
[00:12:37] All poured, this is under the porch. All right. So this is concrete up here with the porch and letters, 8-inch-thick concrete. The only way to roll is closed. All this stuff up. I know you got questions. Put them in the comments or just pick up the phone and give them a call because that’s what we want to do. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Don’t go anywhere. I’ve got to show you the shop. Let’s go. Now, when you come look at this house, you’ve got to time it right. So tell Ken you can only look at around 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon. That way you can sit here like fire, crack open a cold one and look at the place where you can kind of relax and kind of feel the way you would live in this house as the best.

[00:14:57] I mean; it doesn’t get better than Kubota. I’m assuming it’s a diesel. I don’t know. You just got to talk to Ken. He knows all about it, but that is available if you’re looking to mow your own grass or what have you.

[00:15:50] This right for you? Call can phone numbers right there if it’s not. Get on our home. Find her right up there. We’re going to call you up. And here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to ask you like 4 or 5 questions. Name, email address. How many acres you need. What’s your budget? How soon are you looking at? By then, one of the girls are gonna call you on the phone and say, hey, we need a little bit more information. Just want to kind of dial it in a little bit for you and get exactly the properties you want to see. And we’ll just e-mail you sent right to your inbox. We’ll have another video out for you soon. So definitely subscribe. Ring the bell and I’ll talk to you soon. Thank you so much for watching.

[00:16:24] Thanks for hanging out with this beautiful fall afternoon with me here in the great Bluegrass State, looking a this Multigenerational house on 5 acres, big workshop – Living large on 5 acres.
There you go. That’s it. That’s all I got. No more. Ok. Well, re talking about we were talking about before we went on. Ok. What were we talking? OK. What were we talking about before he went up on a flight sent right here? E-mail box to your e-mail box.

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