VIDEO – Homes with Detached Living Space in Kentucky near the Bourbon Trail

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Homes with Detached Living Space in Kentucky near the Bourbon Trail.

[00:00:00] Don’t you tell me for one second. You don’t want to live in BFE (big farms everywhere). Would you think I was mean? Stop. You know, I’m not like that. Well, maybe a little bit acre and a half. 1800 square foot manufactured home. This is a prize. The location is where it’s at. Look at this country view. Like, can you really beat this big sky and big country and big farms everywhere? Now, this garage is really up to me, one of the biggest assets of the property. Here you’ve got this part. It’s about half an acre here on this side. Heck, you could subdivide that or put a barn on that or put another house. But back in here, it’s just beautiful. That barn is awesome. So maybe you got a boomerang kid or you just have. Maybe you won’t have garage sales here all the time or something. Very cool two big garage. And then one bay carport. There’s a little apartment in the back and the upstairs is awful junky told me I can’t shoot it, so I’m fine with that.


[00:01:07] Eighteen hundred fifteen square foot manufactured home. Believe it was built in 97. And I’m going to give you the whole tour, a great front porch. Huge, huge of kashrut right now. While we’re here. Might as well. I’m going to guess about 12 by 14, 15, 16. It’s definitely 12 this way because I counted the boards and then whatever it is, while maybe 16. Very nice. All tilt in windows. Double plus pain and all that stuff. And you got horses over here. You know, the best kind of horses. The ones you don’t own. So if your kid wants horse, you say, here, here’s a bag of carrots, go over there and feed the horses. They can name them and everything and you don’t have to pay for it. I got the ideas, buddy.


[00:02:10] So let me show you inside the graphs here. I know it’s kind of wow, they got a fan on, but. Beautiful shot. And then there’s the stairs to upstairs and. And you got plenty of room for all your toys here. And go on right upstairs. And that’s all storage up there. Now, this what I was telling you about this backyard love, it was pool here and they turned it into a garden. I’ll tell you why. On a hot day like today. Give me the pool. You can have your garden, but it’s beautiful. And then get all the woods over there. Now I’m assuming it goes downhill quite a bit. And so I’m assuming that your neighbor. That’s it metal. That’s the only thing you will ever be. You want privacy. You got privacy.


[00:02:58] You got the garage. Giving you privacy on this side. And then you got the woods over on the other side. Pretty nice. Quiet side. All right. Fireplace, kitchen. Obviously, kitchens. Nice has got this. Eat in Ireland. Deal here. And you’ve got plenty of room for a table here to wash and dry on the main floor. Dining room, living room. And then 3 bedrooms right here together. One with a huge closet got bathroom.


[00:04:10] The bedroom, the master boudoir. Very nice. Double vanity. No other bathroom. Fantastic prices, right? Call a number right here. And we’ll take good care of you. This is out really close to Maker’s Mark Distillery. You know where Maker’s Mark is? Have you ever seen Maker’s Mark? They got the red wax on the top of their bourbon bottles and then Heaven Hill as well. Heaven Hill’s really big. You don’t hear about it too much because they have a lot of labels that that you don’t hear about. You have a lot of labels that are not Heaven Hill, but they are labels such as these. I’ll put some here. This is Bourbon Country. You’re in Kentucky. You got horses. You got bourbon. Hope you like it. Because if not, you’re not going to like living here. You’re going to see horses everywhere. And everybody drinks bourbon. We put bourbon on our Cheerios.


[00:05:22] Boom. You really believe that? We don’t. We put bourbon on our cornflakes. Thank you so much for watching. If this is right for you, fantastic. Call the number right here. And don’t forget to subscribe the subscribe buttons right there. Little red button and then ring the bell. Push the bell and then you’ll get notification of every time I put up a new video. And why would you not want to be notified when I have these wonderfully entertaining videos and my really good jokes? I’ll tell you, it’s hot out. Look at this. That’s how hot it is. Give us a call if this is right. If it’s not, get on a home her. And we’re going to find exactly what’s right for you because we want you to move here. We want to be neighbors.


[00:06:10] If you’re nice, you’re not nice. Then stay where you are. But if you’re nice, we want you to move here. Thanks so much for watching. Talk to you later. It’s 5 o’clock almost. And this part of the lot here, you lose sight of this area and that’s bigger than my first girlfriend.


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