VIDEO – Own this house for under $800/mo – Danville Kentucky House for sale

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Own this house for under $800/mo – Danville Kentucky House for sale (PS, that’s cheaper than most SUVs today).

Danville, Kentucky, it’s a college town, and what a FAB location this property is. People send me a lot of comments and email and say, “Hey, when are you going to send me a Danville Kentucky House for sale that I can afford?” This is a house you can afford. Payments on this house are going to be less than 800 dollars a month. You can’t rent it for that, I guarantee you that. You can rent this house out for 1,000-1,100 dollars a month.

Own this house for under $800/mo – Danville Kentucky House for sale

 [00:00:06] Hi First thing. Don’t make fun of my dirty windshield. I know it’s dirty. I’m busy. Yes, I brushed my teeth, but I’m too busy to clean my windshield. I want to show you the industrial park here. We’re not going to go far, but I know you like to see these drive-ups. You’ve got a lot of jobs here. So there are factories here in Danville, KY – there and bourbon distilleries here in Kentucky, there’s nursing, there’s hospice, there’s hospice right there. Here’s a lot of medical like one of those walk in medical things there. So I’m coming in from where I live. You come in whichever way you want. This is how we go shopping and there’s tons of shopping up here. I going to point out to you, there’s Starbucks, TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, those sort of things. So what does that have to do with anything? Well, it tells you the demographic of the Danville area. Danville Kentucky House for sale. Go VIP – Jump on our new farm list – – we’ll send you new properties before they hit the market.

[00:00:56] If you’ve got a Pottery Barn in your town, it’s probably pretty high end area, right? Well, we don’t have enough people to have a Pottery Barn yet, but we do have enough people for Starbucks and Hobby Lobby and TJMaxx and things like that. So that’s kind of cool. So this guy up here has got a Brazilian rum. It’s called the Boteco. And I think that means the barn. And then there’s a cancer center up here – a big one.  I mean, that’s where everybody comes to from the whole state. There’s a solar company, there are warehouses. There’s all kinds of great stuff here. Now, let me tell you really quick before we get into the shopping areas here in Danville.

Have you ever heard anybody say that time goes by really fast? Yeah, of course. You remember when your kids were in diapers or you remember when they were… you know where I’m going here.  You remember when they went to kindergarten and then all of a sudden boom – they’re in college.

Maybe you’re really young or maybe you remember when you were in college and now you’re married 10 years. OK, so time goes by fast. All right, here’s my point. Rents keep going up…

We hear it all the time. Should I buy or should I rent a house? Should I rent? Well, let me tell you, 30 years go by pretty fast. You should probably buy. I’ll tell you why. Rents keep going up – yup, rents go up 3% a year, 5% a year. You just don’t know because you’re not in charge – the landlord is. So you got big Kroger here. They’re going to build another big one across street here. Liquor Barn, which is a really cool liquor store, just like it says a barn full – Liquor Barn right here in Danville, KY.

[00:02:33] It’s got, you know, eight hundred or a thousand wines and all this sort of thing. Bourbon. And they deliver. They deliver anywhere in Boyle County, TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, Starbucks. So this is kind of like the shopping epicenter. You’re just half a mile from here to the house for sale in Danville, KY. There’s Wal-Mart Supercenter up there. In fact, that’s one of 3 within 9 miles. There’s this one. There’s one nine miles to the east and there’s one nine miles to the north. And you’ll get to see all this stuff. You know, I don’t shop at Wal-Mart, but people like it. It’s popular. Anyway, time goes by really fast. And rents go up. So wouldn’t you rather be locked into a 30-year mortgage? Then you know exactly what it’s going to cost you every month. Remember, you’re locking in at today’s prices. So that’s important. The house for sale in Danville, KY we’re gonna look at today is in the mid-150s. So you’re looking at a seven hundred and fifty to eight-hundred-dollar mortgage payment. By the way, we’ll get to McDonald’s. Here’s one here and there’s one back where I first started.

[00:03:31] And of course, every thing to do with fast food and all that stuff, of course. And we’ve got a regional medical center and we’ve got Centre College. So that’s cool. So you’re locking it at today’s prices. $750-800 a month. Taxes are gonna be about $125 dollars a month. And then your homeowners insurance. Its gonna be about $50 or $60 a month. So you’re looking all in – under 1,000 bucks. And you know, those prices are going to go up. That’s 750-800 bucks. Depends on your credit score. Whatever that is – it will be locked in for 30 years.  So you’re not going to get a surprise. And you’re also not going to get a surprise from the landlord that says, hey… And I’m telling you this from personal experience, my grandmother and grandfather never owned a house. My mother was first one ever buy a house. And they had the landlord come. They’d be in a house 5 years, 8 years, 15 years, and the landlord would die or whatever, then the kids come and they say, sorry, you have to get out – sorry. The rent has tripled, you know, from 200 a month to 600 a month.

[00:04:36] So take control of your life. Buy a house and land for sale in Kentucky. They call it the American Dream for a reason. And then you know what you got. And you’re you feel more secure with your family. Now, I imagine some people think, oh, my gosh, I’m tied down…. You are not tied down. You’re obligated to make the payments, but you’re not tied down. You can sell – and most times MAKE money.

People move every couple of years, all the time. So that’s not an excuse. The good thing is the value of the house goes up, your payments do not. And that’s what it’s about. All right. Here we go. Turn right here. There’s a Chinese take out place there. And yes, they deliver. Shoot. You could walk. If you’re going to a Chinese buffet, you should probably walk anyway. 😀  What? You’ve seen pictures of me. I know you have.  :-D.  I got to find the house for sale 510 Carrigan Danville, Kentucky.

[00:05:34] Nice neighborhood, and you saw how close it is. And even get a thought out here. I got one more block.  A Cop lives here – so that’s good. Always invite him to your parties. All right. There’s our sign. So there it is, one story living, hardwood floors, all new paint, new water heater. Notice I didn’t say hot water heater because if it’s already hot, why would you want to heat it? This is a solid neighborhood, beautiful paved driveway and looks like they sealed it recently. Nice. I’m just going in. Ok.

So you don’t think that can happen where the landlord comes and says the rent’s doubled or tripled and now you’ve got to get out?

[00:06:32] You don’t think the landlord comes in and says, hey, my kid needs a place to stay now while they’re going to college and you need to get out? Let me tell you, buddy, firsthand experience, that stuff happens. That stuff happened to my family until my mom grew a set of balls big enough to say, you know what?  I’m going to buy myself a house. I’m glad she did, because it has changed our economic future for our whole family significantly.

You buy a house, then you buy another house and you buy another house on and on it goes. So makes a big difference. We’re going to go in the back. They’ve done a really nice job here. It’s kept up nice. They got the specialty stuff on the garage, carport floor. That’s kind of nice. So you got cyclone fence there. That’s a great fence. Last forever.

[00:07:24] Yeah, it doesn’t look the prettiest, but it also doesn’t show up as much either. Now, you got the wood fence back here much prettier. But then you got to paint it and it blows over the other stuff. That stuff, I guarantee you. I guarantee you that’s 40 or 50 years old when they built this house and it’s still here. We’re goanna go in the back door. Why? Because I said so. You always want to go in the back door. This is exactly how you are goanna treat your people. Say, come on in the back. So this is by far the largest dining room kitchen combo I’ve ever seen. It’s huge. Stand back here in the corner. I’ll show you. That’s a real estate trick. I’ll show you in the corner. A big I guarantee you that’s 25 feet at least got pantry here for the light.

[00:08:28] What’s it worth? It’s life on the outside. Yeah. Washer and dryer and little pantry area. Place smells good. It’s clean. I’m sure it’s because Squid ward. Yeah. She got a little squeezer going on there. You can look outside and watch the kids play. That’s called Dirty Windows. Like my truck. Tackett, this looks like a speaker. I’m a little nervous. That’s real. Oh, it that’s beautiful. It looked new. It’s beautiful brick fireplace.

[00:09:36] Now these gas logs. Yeah. Sorry, buddy. He’s turned them things on. And then when you’re done, you shoot them off. That’s the best kind of fire. You don’t have to have the guy come deliver firewood or anything like that. Course at City Gas here. Power can go out once in a while. But gas never does. City gas is great and it’s super cheap and big old windy, great front porch that’s a rocking chair, porch and firearms on one. And throw some flowers up there and potted plants. Nice. It’s just a solid neighborhood you’d drive up and down the neighborhood. You know, I mean, if there’s cars parked in front of the house on the grass, that’s not a good neighborhood. There you don’t see that one. One time here. This is good neighborhood, solid people.

[00:10:34] I know several people who live here. They’ve been here 30, 40 years. Nobody ever moves. Closet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath. About 1600 square feet. I think it’s actually like 1580 or something like that. Well, it’s a good sized closet. I know better. And we just put in addition to our house and we don’t put many closets in there. I know better. What was I thinking? And so this is the other one was little Jimmy’s room, this one’s little Jenni’s room. Very pretty. Access to bath, full bath. So right here we call a tub or a shower or a full bath. It’s been called three quarter baths or whatever you want to call it. I get the weird comments on my e-mail on the channel. We call that a full bath.

[00:11:34] You go walk in closet. This is mom and dad here. Whatever your familial structure is. This is nice. And then a full bath here. He’s got a tub, shower and everything. And this right off here. And then you’ve got to see it all. Tell me what you think about it. This is right for you. Give us a call and we’ll make an appointment to get you out here and see this home. And if it’s not right for you. Great. Give us a call. Get on our home finder. The lake is right here. It’s not a link. It’s not hot. You just have to type it in

[00:12:34] It’s so simple. Tell us what you want and we will find it for you. Great spot. You can’t deny. And I need to know about what you think about this property. Please comment down below and ring the bell. You’ll see the little thing. I’ll put that up here. Now, of course, if you like the big boughie places, that’s another thing – we have those as well.

If you want something more affordable. How about 750-800 dollars a month for a house like this? Three bedroom, two bath, all brick and one floor living. Got to be cheaper than a nursing home for dad… Do you think you can’t qualify for a mortgage? They’ve got all kinds of government programs out today. I mean all kinds. I’ll bet you can qualify for a mortgage or you need to do is give us a call to buy a Danville Kentucky house.

[00:13:14] We will recommend a couple a couple people who we work with all the time who have been great to our people and get them good rates, low fees. At least they put a bag around this because, you know, plastic bags usually hold back water and change the faucet or call a plumber. For goodness sakes, just look at this neighborhood. Do you see one blade of grass out of place? You see one car parked on the front lawn? No, solid and half a mile or a mile. I’ll put it here to Starbucks. It’s definitely the Chinese takeout right out here. And then the Regional Medical Center is right up there and the Centre College is right over there. Danville Kentucky House for sale.

[00:14:13] I can’t wait to see your comments below like and subscribe because, we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market that you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our Web site, for the latest properties we have.

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