VIDEO – Quit your Job and own a Cattle Ranch – 209 acre Cattle Farm in Kentucky

Quit your Job and own a Cattle Ranch – 209 acre Cattle Farm in Kentucky

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Quit your Job and own a Cattle Ranch – 209 acre Cattle Farm in Kentucky

[00:00:01] This property is literally right near our place. We’re trying to help the neighbor sell. I just wanted to let you know that it’s going to be a little bit different of a video format than you’re used to and I promise I’ll go back to my regular way of doing videos, but this is going to be just a little different. I hope you enjoy and I hope you enjoy our neck of the woods.

This area of Kentucky is kind of a throwback. It’s a combination of the way the West was and the way the 1950s were.  It’s quiet and it’s peaceful. This Ranch epitomizes the old days where we are right here. I’ve always wanted to be a Rancher and so we thought we’d like to own a real cattle ranch. It just happened that there were three or four different properties for sale all at once.  My wife and I chose this location to put an unbelievable Ranch like this together. Quit your Job and own a Cattle Ranch – 209 acre Cattle Farm in KentuckyIt would have taken most people a lifetime. if you are looking for something that is extraordinarily beautiful – when you pull over the hill you’ll know.

This is the place. This Cattle Ranch is 209 acres in round numbers almost all of this property is hay fields, rolling green Pastures fertile bottomlands, a good stream and several ponds.  It looks like the Rolling Hills of Tuscany. They have cattle here on this place. They have nice walking trails and side by side Trails as well. They have a barn here where the cattle can come in to. Happy cows grow better and it’s their winter meat. That’s how you survive in any economic climate. You have the ability to grow food, cut your own firewood for heat if you want – but you’ve got the choice.

There’s a great place for a shooting range where you can shoot safely and in privacy, you can go dirt bike riding, horseback riding and a lot of fishing on several Lakes from 25 minutes to an hour away.  Big lakes with excellent fishing. There are even several ponds on this property to go fishing with your kids and your grandkids, deer hunting on the land and elk hunting nearby as well. If you’re a hunter, the freedom you’ll feel in this place is unbelievable.

This Ranch has always got water. It’s got a good creek and several ponds. 95% of the time every draw has water in it. You have all the water rights and all the mineral rights on the ranch and both go with this purchase.

The ranch has forage crops that will support a 50 to 75 cow calf operation. There’s no Cactus. There’s no Sagebrush. No Briars. This Ranch is a Cattleman’s Dreams food plot management will increase the quality and quantity of bobwhite quail Dove, Canada Goose and trophy deer with little effort. What I love here most is the environment and the space is just so open and so wide peaceful and endless on this Cattle Ranch.  Why not quit your Job and own a Cattle Ranch? – 209 acre Cattle Farm for sale in Kentucky.  Call or text 859-319-3555

[00:03:03]  The stars at night will take your breath away. This Kentucky Ranch is 5 miles to an Amish market which has the best sandwiches ever.  And just 3 miles from the tiny historic town of Perryville, which has some shops, a cafe coffee house, a Dollar General schools and certainly no shortage of churches people gets there and relax. You see people on the street you know, they’re friendly they smile, they say hi. And that’s all part of the character of this old style of life we call home

When my wife and I moved here decades ago. We were hungry for a real Ranch living style. We literally Quit our Jobs and now own a Cattle Ranch – we also have a Cattle Farm in Kentucky.

What we decided is we would build a house with their own hands. Now, we live in a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  So you’ve got a clean slate to create the life. You want to live here to really understand how this fits your lifestyle. You almost have to be here. So we invite you to come for a visit see for yourself.

[00:04:02] Subject to your review We believe that you – like us, will consider Craintown Ranch an A+ property especially for the value.  As for the day-to-day running of a cattle ranch, ask the manager. He’s got two guys who work with him. There’s also a farmer nearby who’s keen on renting the ranch. So you’ve got Management in place. Craintown Ranch is all ready to go. It took years to get this place to look this good and ‘all together’. It’s a whole package to be truthful.

I don’t know that I’m capable of putting in words the kind of freedom in the lifestyle that you can enjoy when you’re on this property here in Central Kentucky. if this property is right for you call the number right here 859-319-3555 – if it’s not right for you get on our and we will send you properties that meet your criteria and as always, thank you so much for watching.  Quit your Job and own a Cattle Ranch – 209 acre Cattle Farm in Kentucky

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