VIDEO – Rural Living vs Urban Living – Top 7 Benefits of Living in the Country

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1 – Connect with your family and friends with fire pits, BBQs, Hikes, Hobbies like having a Horse property – Paradise is right outside your door – Sunsets, listening to the birds, to the rain, having horses to ride, etc.

2 – Less crime – People who live in rural areas are less likely to be the victims of a wide range of crimes versus those who are living in the city or suburbs. People who live in the country don’t call 911. 🙂

3 – Better psychological health – it is Scientifically proven – people who live in the Country have a lower risk of anxiety disorders and mood disorders. There is also research showing that city living increases schizophrenia risk.

4 – It’s cheaper to live in the Country – you can raise your own food, taxes are less – you will pay less for everything. The greatest price differentiation having to do with housing costs – 13.1% less in rural areas.

5 – Cleaner air – Escaping this polluted air in congested cities, for the country means better breathing and better protection against chronic conditions like asthma and heart disease.

6 – Healthier food – grow your own veggies, fruits, herbs, meat, etc. And have access to more sustainable food – buying from Farm Markets and the nearby Amish communities.

7 – Less Stress – the commute home gives you time to unwind. Experience the scenery, seeing the animals, the wildflowers, the beautiful back roads.

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