VIDEO – Rural Living vs Urban Living – Top 7 Benefits of Living in the Country

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1 – Connect with your family and friends with fire pits, BBQs, Hikes, Hobbies like having a Horse property – Paradise is right outside your door – Sunsets, listening to the birds, to the rain, having horses to ride, etc.

2 – Less crime – People who live in rural areas are less likely to be the victims of a wide range of crimes versus those who are living in the city or suburbs. People who live in the country don’t call 911. 🙂

3 – Better psychological health – it is Scientifically proven – people who live in the Country have a lower risk of anxiety disorders and mood disorders. There is also research showing that city living increases schizophrenia risk.

4 – It’s cheaper to live in the Country – you can raise your own food, taxes are less – you will pay less for everything. The greatest price differentiation having to do with housing costs – 13.1% less in rural areas.

5 – Cleaner air – Escaping this polluted air in congested cities, for the country means better breathing and better protection against chronic conditions like asthma and heart disease.

6 – Healthier food – grow your own veggies, fruits, herbs, meat, etc. And have access to more sustainable food – buying from Farm Markets and the nearby Amish communities.

7 – Less Stress – the commute home gives you time to unwind. Experience the scenery, seeing the animals, the wildflowers, the beautiful back roads.

 [00:00:00] Oh, buddy. We sure have been getting great properties lately. That’s no sales B.S. It’s just me talking to you. We’re buddies, right? So Ken says, run out here and shoot this house in Paint Lick – call or text Ken 859-494-5521. Paint Lick is kind of a little bit like, where is THAT? So no one really talks about Paint Lick, KY. And that’s a good thing if you want to move away to nowhere where no one’s going to find you. Maybe this is it. I’m only teasing. Look where it is – How close you are to everything here. Not bad. It’s all level out here. You know, Kentucky can be pretty rolling now. There’s plenty rolling hills out there, as you can see. But right here, it’s all level. So you’ve got 7 acres here. That pond is not with it. But there is a spring here that feeds that pond, tree lined driveway. This is a wonderful property. Rural Living Vs Urban Living here in Paint Lick, Kentucky

[00:00:57] So I’m excited. I literally just pulled up. I pulled up once. I’m not going to lie. I pulled up once and then I backed down and then I pulled back in. So you could have a little bit of drive up. But I haven’t been inside yet. So I’m pretty excited to look inside. And then it’s got a nice barn in the back etc etc. I’m going to park here some kind of out of the way and look at that little porch in the back. Anyway, I’m excited. Let’s check it out. So this is what you got to look at. This is your front yard is amazing. So it’s got to be 5 acres in the front, 2 acres in the back, 6 acres in the front, 2 acres in the back. I don’t know exactly, but it’s something like that. So it’s heavy in the front, but plenty of space in the back as well. Well, I’ll show that to you. Just got some nice light. So I wanted to bring it around to show to you while we can. Beautiful Cape Cod style.

[00:01:55] Now, every place is called dormers here. We call them dog houses. That house has got just go to a house with 3 dog houses. I think it’s kind of cute. Just country talk. When you move out here, you’re going to have a little country talk. You might talk it. You might not be talking, but you’re going to hear it for sure. Plenty room for pool. In fact, there was a pool right there. So when I say plenty of room for pool, I mean, yeah, you got an acre back here. You could put big pool as you want. Nice garage. It is filled with stuff. So you’re not allowed to go in there. It’s locked. Which is good because I don’t want to open the door and have a bunch of stuff fall on me like at my garage. We all got one of those. Right. And if you don’t, God bless you. I admire you. Beautiful back porch, like a true Southern style porch. It’s even got the palm fronds or whatever you call banana leaf fans. Little fire pit out there.

[00:03:05] Let’s do it. We got three bedrooms, three baths. 2300 square feet. It feels bigger. A little over 7 acres. And look at these views, country views, big farms. And there’s plenty still plenty of neighbors that are close enough by to watch your cat or your dog if you gonna be gone on a cruise or something like that. Before we go in, I just want to tell you really quick, like and subscribe down here and ring the bell. And that way YouTube will send you notification to your e-mail or your phone that you’ve got a new video. And in true Southern style, I’m going to bring in front door like a proper person, like a guest and check it out. That was me like two seconds ago. Hello for.

[00:04:00] This is the dining room. Yeah. No kidding. check it out, the fireplace down there. Very nice. You’ll love this for year. It goes all the way up, the beautiful sunlight comes through there, obviously. If I can get away from that sunlight so you can actually see it. Beautiful life, beautiful window up there, beautiful light to this front door action, I believe it to be fiberglass as it can. It feels like it feels like fiberglass. Well, feels like wood, but it’s. But it might be it might be wood. I don’t know. Ask Kendall. It looks like it’s one of those no maintenance deals and they’re very nice.

[00:05:03] I have one in my house when it comes to paying all that jazz. I’m well interested. I’ll take the stuff that’s maybe a little bit more modern. Modern materials. Nice kitchen. I’m a cook. So I when I come into a kitchen, I always look around and I go, OK. Could I work in this kitchen? Yeah, I can work in this kitchen. These are real cabinets like as opposed to press forward cabinets or whatever this is. This are the real deal. I don’t know if I have the information. I’ll put it here about who made the cabinets. Very nice, John French there. And that’s called active touch that no fingerprints. If you got life, then matter about kids. You got life. You need the active finish. I was not lucky enough to have that information before. Rural Living Vs Urban Living here in Paint Lick, Kentucky.

[00:05:58] We just ordered our big, wonderful, beautiful, fantastic refrigerator. And if you get near and you sneeze, it’s 2 weeks to clear it off. That’s a hell of a sneeze. The hood is up there. How cool is that? Cooktop is down there. So here’s where we would have normally come in right here at this door. Lounge room, nice, nice sized lounge room. Great. You put the vacuum in there. All kinds of stuff. And then this is a closet here, too. In fact, it’s the pantry. Sweet like I some pantry action, garage doors open, they’ve got yeah. They’ve got an alarm system, which is nice. The house is really like an honest say, spotless, but it’s pretty much spotless. You can tell the garage is just clean as a whistle. Yes, they’re moving out. They got their stuff. So when you move in, you’re gonna have stuff to. Don’t make fun of them or I’m going to come back and take pictures when you’re moving in.

[00:07:00] I can take pictures when you’re moving him. I might bring a six pack of beer or better yet, maybe some Kentucky’s finest gold. Water heater room. Little half bath here. Very handy. That way your guests can go, right here and wash up. Then when you come in from gardening and whatnot. By the way, there’s a little orchard here, so when you come in, you can clean up there. Home Office area here. This is this porch is just fantastic. I can’t wait to show you. Let me show you later. Living room. Nice spot under there. By the way, that water heater room in there. If that water heater ever goes out, water heaters go out.

[00:07:57] You know, when those tank less ones stick that in there. And then just hangs on the wall and you got yourself one heck of a bigger pantry or another, you know, paint closet or whatever you like to do. Master bedroom is masterfully large. This is a king and it swallows it up like there’s no tomorrow. Ok, so we’ve got the Herr’s in the he’s on this side or what have you. Nice size. Real nice size. And I believe they’re the same size. Ha. How’s that for sexual equality? You should see the little tiny space I have in my closet because my wife, well, she likes a big closet. I’m not going to say she’s got a lot of shoes. I say she’s got a lot of jeans because she’ll kill me. So I’m not gonna say any of that stuff. So I walk in shower.

[00:09:15] Mean sure, you out here right now and we’ll go upstairs. There’s 2 more bedrooms and a full bath. Back door, look at this. I love it. Do you love it? If this property is great for you, call Ken right now. Numbers right here. Schedule an appointment. If it’s not right for you. Get on her home. Find her and we’ll find you a place that is exactly wonderfully perfect for you.  Rural Living Vs Urban Living here in Paint Lick, Kentucky.

We got to do is answer like 5 questions.

How much land do you want? Minimum.

When are you looking to move?

Where you looking to spend?

Any particular areas, that sort of thing?

Is that a proper southern porch or what? J I’m thinking mint juleps, lemonade, playing with grandkids. You got a little fire pit? Well, they call that. Battle Chimney of the Year. You got a little chimney at dealio there and you got a little fire pit there. Plenty of room out there for a pool. It looks like it looks like it had one at one time and then the garage again, it’s full of stuff. It’s OK. No worries. Let’s go upstairs.

[00:10:34] Looks like all engineered wood on the floor. So if I find out about it, what kind of is I will let you know I’m here. Bathroom I’m just gonna show you. Very nice. While trim moldings. And they’re nice closet. And one of the dog houses, right? The dormer. And we talked about that earlier. What do you think of the floorplan? We think it is possible. It is a closet you could ballroom dancing way, I know that way.

[00:11:24] Way over that way. I bet you could fill it up. Good, these doors here are Additional storage. Very nice, so you get plywood on the floor here and then access. Access to your air conditioner there as well. I’m off now, so forget it. Well, there.  3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2300 square feet – on a little over 7 acres. Stone entry. It’s gorgeous. It’s all I can say. I want to get you when you want to. So if this is right for you. Cool. Come be our neighbor. But if it’s not right for you, just tell us what you want to put in the comments here. It’s hard for me to catch him all the time.

[00:12:27] But if you go to our home finder, which is right here and tell us, then we’ll get in the system carrier, call you on a regular basis, say, hey, how’s it going? Just touching base. Now, I’m not looking to buy for another two years. OK, no problem. We’ll call you back in like a year and a half or something like that. Right. It’s not going to bug you. Gosh, we just don’t have the time. What do you think of this house? And before I forget, like and subscribed down here, the red button and rang the bell. And that way you don’t actually have to do this with your hand, but you can’t. And that way, YouTube will send you notifications to your phone and to your email. Awesome. Don’t touch that dial. We’re going up in the air for some aerials.

[00:14:07] And thank you so much for watching. I have fun with these. I love real estate. I love houses. I love to get in other houses and see what’s going on. And I hope you did, too. And if you did like and subscribed talk to you soon, won’t you be my neighbor? And in true southern stuff and in true Southern style, I’m going to bring in the front door like a proper like a proper person who often tries to.

And that and that way I can’t wait to see your comments below like and subscribe because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market that you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our Website for the latest properties we have.  Rural Living Vs Urban Living here in Paint Lick, Kentucky.

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