VIDEO – House and Land, off grid Log Cabin / Tiny House for Sale 151 acres, fishing lake KY

VIDEO – House and Land, off grid Log Cabin / Tiny House for Sale 151 acres, fishing lake KY

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House and Land, off grid Log Cabin Tiny House – 151 acres, fishing lake KY.
Beautiful Fields, pastures, crop land, woods, most all very gently rolling. Woods, trails, fields, hunting, etc. Brick House on 7.65 acres = $250k, OR 151 acres of farmland and woods = $265k – or take all of it House and 158.65± acres = $515k.

1850 sf 3+br and 2.5 bath with brick fireplace + wood stove in basement. 15×52 foot deck.
The full basement is 1850 sf poured walls, spaces includes a 15 x 30 game room.
2 car garage upstairs and 1 1/2 car garage downstairs with 9’ door plus a bonus one-car garage inside! All new garage door openers 6-2018, exterior garage doors are insulated with windows.
Barn is 50×80 feet with 9 stalls, 3 pens and a 20×40 hayloft.
16×24 storage building.
Metal barn/workshop built in 2005 is 30×40 feet with 240V service, two 10×10 doors and a 10 foot tall ceiling for RVs.
Off-grid shed/cabin built in 2007, furnished and finished with 8 varieties of local wood on the interior.

Here’s a transcript of the VIDEO of this House and Land, off grid Log Cabin Tiny House for Sale 151 acres, fishing lake:

[00:00:00] You’re in God’s country. Now if you need to be 15 minutes from a Neiman Marcus – you are out of luck. Always seems like you’re out there because I’ve never been here before. But we’re truly out there. It’s absolutely beautiful land and there’s plenty warmish around which means it’s good quality land which means you can grow stuff on it. They’re big on that. They’re not going to buy land that isn’t good soil. This guy’s got a nice house. He’s got seven and a half acres. And a really cool barn.

Wait till you see a he also has one hundred and fifty acres in the back. House and Land, off grid Log Cabin Tiny House for Sale 151 acres, fishing lake

Here is how this House and Land, off grid Log Cabin / Tiny House is for sale:

So you can buy it as the House and seven and a half. Or you can buy as the whole farm. We could buy the hundred fifty acre separate whatever you want. I wanted to do this drive up for you because I just thought it was real pretty.

[00:00:58] Now there’s some little country stores and things like that nearby. So you know you’re not that far out and you’re not far from a jug of milk. You’re not that far from Danville or liberty or Campbell’s but if you’re on the witness protection program this would be a good place for you. Here it is on the left. If you’re going to be able to see back in there or not. But his off grid Log Cabin and barn is painted like a Holstein cow it black with white spots. See you back there.

I’ll get you close up on it. But I wanted to show you the driveway and I want to show you the neighbors across the way. That’s pretty nice and he’s even got one of them cow mailboxes so he painted himself anyway. Beautiful. All brick. And it’s got like four car garage he’s got two cars in the front car and half on the side one in the back. Nice one to show you this drive up because I think it’s pretty.

[00:02:01] So they’re get a whole weekend now. To go to this House and Land – He didn’t give me the right directions. You like it so far. I figured you would leave the car right here and we’re going to get out and see what we got. We have had a rascal of a winter.

In fact, it started in September. It just rained all the time. This is by far the prettiest day we had in a very long time. It’s about 66 degrees. It’s sunny and it’s not raining yet. So that’s a big deal. Big deal for me. I’m one of those guys that needs a little bit of sunshine in my life. So today is a beautiful day and its Super Bowl Sunday. So it is February 2nd 6:00. I can’t remember what day it is. We are on chicken gizzard road. Don’t ask but you can’t buy an address like that.

[00:03:00] Let me show you everything. You’ve got seven and a half acres here and a fantastic bar. I show you the barn. IN FACT I’LL THROW A LITTLE THING IN HERE RIGHT NOW. It’s 60 by 80 which is a sizable barn and then it’s got a shop it’s got ponds it’s got all kinds of jazz. I got a working with a new camera today. So if I’m a little bit jerky here there’s a lot of wind or something you’ve got to just forgive me.

That’s just the way it is. And that’s where it is today. Anyway we’re 7 1/2 acres here you got one hundred and fifty out back and you can have both if you want. Squints. May I present to you the foyer and the cat. Delgado. Yeah I know he’s a friendly cat obviously. Yeah foyer is probably the only French word I know other than French vanilla. I know that one and gato is Spanish I guess so I got that going for me.

Lets go inside this House and Land, off grid Log Cabin / Tiny House:

[00:04:00] Great fireplace. In fact, it’s got looks like it’s got a woodstove and then I know what it’s got there. Well that’s a wood stove or a fake wood stove nice on a wood stove it’s not a wood stove at all. Brad was married you. It’s something to do with the TV. Eighty-six that TV I call an electronic income reducer anyway. So 86 the TV and get yourself a nice fireplace. It’s got a rounded back in and outside. You see the big fireplace too. So it’s a real fireplace. You could use it.

Got the dining room lot of windows. It feels nice in here. It’s nice and bright to Pretty day vaulted ceilings. Take you in the kitchen. Show you the good stuff. That’s really wants to see is a kitchen knife. Great island for crap and do all kinds of stuff there smells good in here there is a chicken in the oven because it’s Sunday I don’t work on Sundays what Ken’s thinking. But you know we had good weather so that’s what he’s thinking. Huge pantry. Obviously you can see that right. Now. This this laundry room here which is very cool has a little secret. It’s got the turtle right there.

[00:05:24] So what is that. That’s a sink over here. So half bath technically half bath. Right and yes I said turlet. Real old time. That’s like old time Brooklyn or something so there’s a two car oversized you got room for big shelves on either side. That’s nice. They’re moving out. Yeah. Their garage looks like that. But you know you’re going to look like that when you move out too. So, Don’t be judging this Tiny House for Sale 151 acres. Don’t be hatin’.

[00:05:58] Even kitchen. Yeah it’s great. And it’s got this. It’s got this window seat feel here. And then porch on the outside. All screened in. Sunrise comes up over here and it goes down over there. There’s a barn. There’s a Mama Jama there 60 by 80. And then there’s a 20 20 by 60-foot silo. So if you’re into rappelling or something and quite possibly one of the largest decks I’ve ever seen it’s almost the size of the Nimitz is an aircraft carrier. You get the joke. I think it’s kind of been a long week. I’m not going to ask you see the bedrooms the boudoir. Now the French word. Why do the French words always sound so sexy? The Master. I’m not going to ask. It’s not wise. No that’s a good thing.

[00:06:58] Tray ceiling with dental molding. That’s called dental molding I guess because it looks like teeth. I have no idea why they called dental molding I have all the architect students get on my butt about it they’ll be like Are you crazy. That’s not why they call it dental molding. They call it that Paul Olding after Albert dental who invented it or something like that. Go ahead. You can get me. Put it down below.

Get it over with. I know you’re going to scold me on I like it. That’s how I learn stuff. Quite possibly the cleanest teenage boy room I’ve ever seen in my life. You got teenage boys I’m talking about it usually got like soccer stuff going around that area. When I say stuff I mean like shin guards. That’s a blast from the past. Now they’re full bath. They’re stairs. Hardwood floors in this is open up here. This is kind of cool. You got a little bit of that action going on.

[00:07:58] Kind of a nice little architectural surprise hardwood floors in the bathroom hardwood floors in a lot of the rooms but not all the rooms. OK. The young man’s room there is some kind of Vinyl Plank or laminate or something and then the year and the dining room the kitchen all real hardwood. Go downstairs. Your goanna OK. The rec room. We’ve got a rec room in the basement and we love it.

I didn’t think I was going to love it. We love it. It’s where the pool table is the ping pong foosball. The kids got access to come and go as they please.

[00:08:50] All the musical instruments and everything you get you’ve got a woodstove down here. Now he tells me there’s HBC here and the rest of this. I don’t see HBC but it stays nice and cool because you’ve got port walls. So you’re at 58 degrees. Doors open that door. And he says it stays nice and toasty down here. And of course in the summertime that’s exact. This is exactly where you want to be because it is lovely nice and cool 58. And if you were to put heaters down here I don’t see any events.

If you were to put some heaters down here if you need them he says you don’t need him. You’re only heating from 58 to 70 so that’s pretty simple. And it’s got the whites. I don’t know whether they coated them with just paint or as with product called damn tight. No cursing product called damn tight end. You roll it on and it like waterproof so it’s pretty good product. We did it in a couple of our houses. No the boat doesn’t go with it. But that’s pretty cool it’s a wooden boat and I don’t know much about it but can does and if anyone’s goanna buys it it’s goanna be can you say.

[00:10:05] But I don’t, I think it’s going to take it with them I don’t know. Here’s another big room. So you’ve got rooms and rooms and rooms plenty of space. These this is a framed garage. It’s two by six walls. Super heavy insulated. He actually as you can see he’s got reptiles and things like that. He loves all that kind of stuff. And he had fish in here.

So you can see the what do you call those aquariums. He had fishing here. So if you can have tropical fishing here you know it’s heated and cooled easily or well or whatever and you’ve got a thimble up here. Triple wall pipe to put in a wood stove if you want yet another wood stove or a pellet stove that would be easy. Held stoves don’t need the venting that are going to wants to stove does. So it’s kind of a nice little thing.

Let’s go for a flight and see this House and Land, off grid Log Cabin / Tiny House from that air:

[00:11:03] All right. We’re gonna go up in the air and we’re goanna fly around like we just don’t care. I want to show you everything here. See to it this looks like an outside the inside you know it’s got stuff there. So you got to excuse the look of that but it looks nice. He’s got vinyl siding. This is a brick wing wall. I’m sure it’s poured and then they bricked over it.

So that looks nice. Great place. Remember seven and a half acres or one hundred and fifty or one hundred and fifty-seven and a half acres. So it makes sense house and 7 1/2 then an extra hundred fifty if you want it. Let’s go up for a flight. OK. So there you see the crazy barn. The barn is painted like a cow. I have no idea what this guy’s drinking but I want some of it.

[00:11:54] And then these beautiful fields out here but I’ve got a little surprise for you. My bring this inside to you. Don’t get weird with the audio. A little surprise in the woods nothing prettier nothing better for grandkids for guests. Than a little cabin. In the woods. Now can’t you just imagine the squirrels and the deer and if I get stuck back here I’m goanna call Ken and I’m going to call trip away and call Ken.

I’m going to say dude you got me stuck to this. Remember that cabin we shot and sold in Boyle County. That was a log cabin and it was about this size. If I recall, it was like was it 30 acres for about 150 grands. Well this place comes with a place. That’s already here. So you don’t have to spend 150 grand you’ve got this and 150 acres. And the House and the barn. This is super cool metal roof all kinds of jazz. We’re going to go inside throw a little solar panel on there is there power here.

[00:13:06] OK. All right. There is a solar panel on the roof and you have little lights or whatever inside operations. OK so there are solar panels on the roof already here but you’ve got to hook it up or do whatever you do with batteries or whatever. And also that place and I’m not dogging on that log cabin that we had because that was sharp that place. But the land was top graphically so aggressive we couldn’t even you couldn’t even use it. Right. It was just for walking. This is fine during. Nothing wrong with this land. There’s nothing wrong with this land.

You can just walk around and everything’s a big beech trees you know the two trees said to each other said Are you a son of a bitch or a son of a birch dad dad jokes give me a thumbs up if you do bad dad jokes to you got all Oak on the walls rough cut and then there’s someone by twelve pine up there going on you’ve got a loft you know you could make this like some cool throw a bucket on the side catch some water.

[00:14:18] Have yourself a little redneck sink. Why not. You can’t those toasts and you put him up here and you put a little sink there. He just turns the toad on and you can wash your hands or whatever have a little barbecue shack. I don’t know what would you use it for. Put it in the comments down below because I don’t know what you’d use it for but I know what I’d use it for.

I’d have gas up here finish the upstairs. You got a little fiberglass up there. Just finish that. Throw you in a bed up there and then have a little barbecue shack here. You got a deck on the side real windows. These are like tool in Windows dude you know cause all important things start with dude. In fact, there Anderson were great there.

[00:15:00] Yeah. Anderson windows. That’s a double dude right there all right. So it’s like a three sided he tells me I’m going to. All right. The seller tells me it’s a three sided Dex I’m counting because I don’t trust them. I think I should trust them. I know. Yep you’re right. Three sided help me dark. That is slick and that is a monster oak tree straight as an arrow. See what I mean about useful. I mean this is all usable land here and then right on back to the suburban beautiful.

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[00:16:10] That’s why we called the VIP list. It’s in the name. Now, up course this is you know it’s the farm. So I’m not going to know exactly where all the property lines are. I’m going to attempt to show you where the property lines are with lines from the air but I’m not exactly sure Ken can come out here and he can actually show you each point in each pen and you can see exactly what’s going on. But this is this is part of that field on the other side of that tree is not.

But it goes way on back and about half of this land is wooded. So you’ve got logging opportunities in fact they’ve got some logging guys out there right now they’re doing some work and it’ll be ready to log again in 12 years. Here’s the important part about the logging. They’re only taking trees 16 and up. Usually the thick trees 12 inches in up. So you’ve got all the 15 in streams 14 new trees are leaving all that stuff. That’s why your goanna be able to read log it again in about 12 years just so you know where you’re at.

[00:17:10] Again here is the barn and you got this awesome pond and when you’re old lady kicks you out for the weekend. You come on down here and smoke cigars and she’s not going to complain. I don’t know why women complain about smoking cigars anyway. This is definitely what we call affectionately here in Kentucky a power house. House and Land, off grid Log Cabin Tiny House for Sale 151 acres, fishing lake. The cabin down here is small, it’s so small it’s so small.

You have to step outside to change your mind and that’s why I got this super wide on here so you can kind of see what’s going on. It’s maybe I don’t know ten by ten twelve by twelve in here eight by ten eight by twelve something like that well firepot. Yeah we. So we got a firepot going on we’ve got the pond. Got a king bed here. Where’s the king bed upstairs. Oh hi there’s a king bed up there. No not down here. This is like a day bed so it’s like a twin and a little ad hoc sink.

[00:18:19] I use an ad hoc correctly or quasi maybe quasi is the right term but you’ve got a hammock here too and I’m assuming the hammock will convey. That’s a joke. Then Ken will talk to you about that maybe make me think I’ll throw it in for a maybe if you like to right this ladder goes to both loft C and a loft there and then you’ve got a loft there and you can kind of go back and forth or forth and back and whatever.

[00:18:51] Just we talk about some talk about a good place to hang out with your family hang out spend time with the kids 18 summers right. That’s what they say. That’s all you got. So I might as well make it count. Especially with a little fire pit down here. It’s going to go on to the bird, sharing some stuff.

[00:23:20] I can’t wait to see your comments below. Like and subscribe because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market, you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our website for the latest properties we have.

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