VIDEO – Tiny houses have a dark side – frames go bad and Tiny Homes don’t appreciate. This is the solution.

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Tiny houses have a dark side – frames go bad and Tiny Homes don’t appreciate. This is the solution.

[00:00:04] He moved here. Then you can be young, sir, at the end of this cul de sac here. And the farmer keeps this mode. Obviously not like a golf course, but when it’s time for hay, he comes in, he moves out a couple of times a year and a neighbor back there with a big yard. The yard only comes to her right about here. Just pass these railroad ties. But it goes all back. It’s pretty deep. It goes down to that post who saw way down there, which I will show you. Now, here’s the deal. I don’t know everything about real estate, but I got 38 years’ experience, so I can tell you a little something. Everybody wants these tiny houses. You know, it’s just it’s very trendy. It’s cool and it’s cute. But if you’re looking to save money, that’s not where you’re at. Because you’re talking about, what, 400 square feet, 300 square feet, 400 square feet. Third, getting $100000 for some of these things. Billion at 60, 70, 80, $100000. These little things in there on a trailer. Tiny houses have a dark side – frames go bad and Tiny Homes don’t appreciate. This is the solution.
[00:00:59] What happens when the trailer rustler, when the brakes go out or whatever? If you’re not gonna move him, that’s fine. But still, those trailers will rust. They’re just really thin gauge. They’re only meant to carry so much weight. So anyway, I think it’s cool. I think it’s cute. I think it’s trendy, but it’s not sustainable, in my opinion. 24 by 24. Barn. It’s poured concrete. I’ll show you in there. He’s got a couple toys. This 1024. So that’s what all the tiny house jibber jabber is all about. Thousand twenty-four square feet. You got your own land. And this will actually go up in value. These are very simple design, simple and elegant. In other words, no space wasted property goes all way back to that shed. Way in the back, way back in there. These homes will go up in value. They always have. 2003, I believe this was built. And I will put it down here if I am incorrect. Family was built in 2003. Yep, that was it 2003. Seem cheap. Here I got the thing from Hunter. So what about $40 a month. Electric is 180, 200 a month all year round. They’ve got kudu internet, which is this area’s version of K-Y Wyrm axis. What we have it is not satellite.

[00:02:08] So you can rest assured that Big Daddy here would not have satellite. We’ve had that. We played that game. Not a good choice for us. There is the Internet dish. That’s where a little tiny dish on there. That’s what works. And it works great. I’m telling you, this is line of sight. So there’s no latency. Okay. So where in the heck is this place anyway? Well, it’s about four or five miles from Wal-Mart Supercenter, a regional medical center. You got a cute downtown Stanford. I’ll try to put a picture here. Regional Medical Center. This way, 46 miles. And by the way, the schools are really close by, maybe two miles. Grew up here for six miles. Make a right and six miles. You’re at Cedar Creek Lake, 800 acre fishing lake. It’s fantastic. I’ll put a picture here. And if you go this way, it’s about 30, 35 minutes to Lake Cumberland. That’s where a lot of people go for the weekend. 64000-acre lake. That’s that way. You go here, four to six miles to Stanford, another 35 minutes or so to Lexington. Lexington is a real city through 400000. So you’re not in the middle of nowhere. Danville, our office is just up here. And then you make a right or left, rather make a left and you’re like eight or nine miles. So. Great place to live. Great place to raise family. We absolutely love it here. And I hope you will, too. Come join us.

[00:03:35] Water heater was replaced in 2014. The deck was built in 2017. The shed in the back is 12 by 16. I’ll put all this stuff on the on the screen here. They may get nice privacy again. Cul de sac. You know what that means? Well, squint. There is also a woodstove at the shit man cave family hang out. Whatever. The 24 by 24 barn that’s adjacent. I don’t know if that goes with it or not, but a hundred can negotiate that for you. Maybe. So just give him a call. His phone numbers right there. Plenty cabinets. Yet more than this and cabinets and what he can do with all the stuff you’ve got, stuff you don’t even use. Ask me how I know.

[00:04:26] Oh, let me show you the mudroom while we’re here. I don’t know if any of this stuff conveys or not, but the HVAC looks fairly new. I’m on offense. Been updated. Upgrade or not, water heater is all last country or and find out the pool’s going to pool near a hot summer day like today. I could really use a pool, maybe a little ice cold corona. You know, they have coconut and lime flavored corona. Well, that’s random. OK. Bidder number one. It’s all vinyl or pogo or some kind of a laminate flooring. So a better number one, the bath. I believe this is the master bath because there’s only one. Therefore, it is the master bath. You can call it whatever you want, though, I promise you that.

[00:05:25] And this is a big door. It’s an avalanche. Avalanche zone. Then we have the abbreviated bedroom. This one is compact. That’s OK. You’re weird Uncle Harold in there. Don’t like him anyway, he’s so weird. Of course, the master bedroom with him here. These are like full thirty-six inch doors on these closets. Like what in the world? I’ve never seen that before. Yeah, that’s full. Thirty-six-inch door. Cool. All right. Promise to take you out to the rear deck. Oh, yeah. OK. So now here, how do we pay for this house? Tiny houses have a dark side – this is the solution.
[00:06:11] First of all, payments are going to be like five, $600 a month on this house anyway for the brand new mortgage. We can get you hooked up with our mortgage broker. They give they can get you great deals, have very low fees. And, you know, if you have a bank, great paying cash, that’s even better. But we get you really, really decent low interest loan with little or nothing down. This is the whole yard, right. So all the way up to that to that cyclone fence, the chain link and then wood on the side. Nice. I mean, really, it’s a big yard Half an acre 44. So just shy of a half an acre. This pool is 18 foot and I believe it’s 52 inches deep. I can jump in it yet, but I’m almost close to 18 feet. But the pump is rated for like 33-foot pool. Okay. How do I pay for the house? Brad steps here. You need to make your house your oasis. That’s what we did at our house. We’ve saved so much money travelling because you get a little stir crazy with the same four walls and then you go and you go on vacation and spend a thousand dollars or $2000 or more for just a weekend getaway and you got to drive there and all that stuff.

[00:07:25] And that’s fun. Got it. You don’t travel. Travel is so important. And you got to get away. But instead of trying to get away every night or trying to go out to dinner every night. Why not get yourself a grill in nice WEBER Kettle? Little plug there forever. I wish they were paying, but I’ve got three WEBER kettles on my porch and we cook at home a lot because we hang out. Right. For glass, wine, ice cold beer, iced tea, whatever your favorite thing is. I must be getting hungry because I’m talking about food. And you make your house your oasis and you don’t need to run away from everything. So that’s how you pay for the house. Because I’ll tell you, it doesn’t take long before you’re spending five, six, eight hundred dollars a month going out to dinner. You’re great. I’m talking to you. I know I am. I know. Well, there you go. 157 call hundred say, hey, hey, I want to get in 157.

[00:08:26] I want that house. Or if it’s sold, I want a house just like it. You got anything nearby? Oh, wait, no, wait, wait, wait. I almost messed up like I’ll ever mess up. I’m gonna show you the garage. All right, here we go. Really? Live to rock. Ok. Don’t make fun of this guy. His garage is a lot cleaner than mine. I can tell you that. Well, here you go. Couple Workbenches or bars or whatever bar stools, TV, couple weird chairs. OK. No, I’m not judging that.

[00:09:18] Home the size of the boys, the size of the toys. How does that work? How does it how does it all? There’s woodstove. You didn’t have it hooked up, so I always take it. Are you gonna get Hunter to negotiate before you got drum set? Drum sets belong outside. Our kids got drum sets in the basement. I don’t mind listening to it sometimes anyway. 24 by 24 poured concrete so you had no dust. So you can have your toys here and there’s plenty of room in this rascal. All right. Now it’s official. We are done. Costs phone’s there if it’s not right for you. Perfect. Go to this Web site and tell us what your perfect property looks like and what we’re gonna do. It’s going to ask you like 5 things. What do you want to spend? How much land do you want? The minimum acreage. You need a barn and how soon are you looking to buy?

[00:10:13] So that’s about it. And we get your e-mail address. That’s it. We’re small. We’re just family company. We’re not going to give your e-mail away to some Russian political campaign or something like that. It’s a joke. We do that no more. So. Oh, my God. Has been a long day. And that way we know what to send you. That matches your exact criteria. Aren’t 60 bucks for taxes and insurance about? Not too bad. Not too shabby. And you got a real house that goes up in value. Well, this is your seat. This is your 8. OK. He moved here. Then you can be young. All right. So the jokes don’t get any better. Think someone’s getting murdered over there? Pick up little kids. Oh, my God.

[00:11:07] The taxes on this place are gonna be about a thousand twelve hundred dollars a month. A month? Yeah. There you go. That’s a selling point. Oh, no, that’s California. New Jersey, where I used to live a thousand or twelve hundred dollars a year. So about a hundred bucks a month for taxes. Insurance is gonna be I don’t know what, 60 bucks, 70, 55, 60 bucks a month. So $160 a month you can live. Tiny houses have a dark side – frames go bad and Tiny Homes don’t appreciate. This is the solution.
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