VIDEO – $150,000 property Rehab How to Fix and Flip houses w/no money down – DIY Project rehab house

VIDEO – $150,000 property Rehab How to Fix and Flip houses w/no money down – DIY Project rehab house

Get on the VIP list = = 859-494-5521 Ken $150,000 property Rehab – How to Fix and Flip houses with no money down – DIY Project rehab house 859-494-5521. This house needs rehabbing – addition never finished. You can get a Line of Credit or private funds (think of a friend with a self-directed IRA and finish this house on 20 acres – and make big money with real estate.

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$150,000 property Rehab How to Fix and Flip houses w/no money down – DIY Project rehab house

 [00:00:00] Today we are at Monday’s landing. This is I’m going to tell you what this house is, and what this house is not. If you’re allergic to work, you can just skip to the end and watch the bloopers and have a little fun. This not your property, Bullen. This house needs to be finished. This is a historic house. And me, see if I can zoom in here and you see the stone this stone part, which is just one floor and it was just a regular roof, the fireplace. And then it stopped right there. So it was literally an 800 square foot like a tiny house, right. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. And it has been here since the turn of the century. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications. You’ll get a notification on your phone every time. What happened was this fantastic guy came with this great idea and he wanted to make it still look a little bit small from the road, but yet it was big. So you got 4000 square feet and everything else is new. $150,000 property Rehab How to Fix and Flip houses w/no money down – DIY Project rehab house

[00:00:59] If you got cash to finish this, fantastic. If you don’t, a bank bank’s not going to lend on it because it’s not done. So you need a home equity line of credit. You need a 10:31. You need to sell some other stuff, whatever. You need to be a carpenter. Know what you’re doing? Come in and finish it up. It’s really not that much work to finish it up yet. It looks like it’s a lot, but it’s really not because that stuff at the end goes fast. OK, so what? It’s not it’s not a finished house. It what it is, is it’s 4000 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, plus an office, all the electrics in electrics done. All the plumbing is roughed in. The insulation is all done on the first floor and needs insulation on the second floor. All new thermal pane windows. Well. OK. And it’s on 20 acres in Woodford County. I’m going to show you the aerials right now. Now, as we fly over, you can see kind of the outline of the 20 acres. And this is where the juices. This is Woodford County, which is where Bill Shatner has a horse farm.

[00:02:04] It’s a fantastic super-duper. It’s I guess the wealthiest are one of the wealthiest counties, second wealthiest county in Kentucky. So you’re not out in Hooverville, you’re out here in a beautiful place where people want to live in these grand old maples here in the front. This takes you right down to the river, takes you the Kentucky River. Boom, you’re done. It ends there may be in about a mile. It’s got two barns and this one needs a lot of work. The other one doesn’t need as much work. This one’s absolutely worth fixing because look at that ridge. You see that ridge line? It’s straight as an arrow. It’s got lightning rods up there on everything. But you’ve got just a beautiful 20 acres. So that’s what it is. Which city inside is absolutely beautiful. The guys doing hay across the street. It’s been quiet the whole time. But the guys doing it for health reasons, this can’t be finished. So I’m not going to go into all the details and everything. But you see, the farmer takes care of the fields.

[00:03:00] He comes in, he mows. In fact, he’s coming tomorrow. Tamales on the comeback. The day after. Whatever. Let’s take more pictures. You see the vision here. Brand new roof says a new roof. New windows just need to be finished. Neat siding. It means sheet rock. It needs insulation, needs a kitchen. It’s got some cabinets. And it’s even got some material for countertops. Actually, old bowling alleys, bowling alley lane stuff. That’s kind of cool. So this is all yours. That’s one of the barns. That’s the other barn. And then you see that tall tree, that one tree that’s sticking up there, like, don’t that’s the end of your property line. So the property line goes back to there. It’s a beautiful rectangle. You can see here with the aerials. The underground power here. You can take this out if you want.

[00:03:52] It’s got a brand new septic system. And this was going to be garage or porch or whatever the story was. I don’t know how you make it. Whatever you want to make it, make a heck of an outdoor Italian kitchen it. So think about what you can do with 20 acres. You could do a winery. In fact, the state has all kinds of programs. If you go to Kentucky Wine Growers Association, they have all kinds of up phone numbers. You can talk to somebody. You say, hey, I want to put in a winery is my dream. Are there tax incentives? Yes. Are there are there programs with the FSA, which is like soil conservation, farm services, where they, you know, will give you vines? Yes, possibly. That those programs go in and out. And but they will teach you how to do it all. And have your dream. Ok. I’m going to jump in here and go on in. All right. So we come in and this is a great room. He called the great room, but this is really great. You got a vision here? A vision. So there’s a footer here or somewhere out there for a garage. So you’re all set with that? I don’t know.

[00:05:01] If I find out, I’ll tell you. But anyway, you look at this, this room and it’s almost 40 feet from wall to wall in count plywood. Right. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. And everything. You know, it’s glued and screwed. These are two foot trusses and they’re like one of these 12:16 16 on center, 40 feet tall. So, you know, it’s done right and glued and screwed on top of that fix. So everything’s done properly. The walls are thick, super insulated. You can look at all this stuff, seeing that it’s open now. You know, I started out I started this video with if you’re allergic to work, you don’t have to do this work yourself. You can hire all this stuff done. In fact, sheet rock is super cheap. These guys can come in and sheet rock it with labor and everything for the same price. You can buy the sheet rock for it.

[00:05:57] So why would you not do that? coarser buying a tractor trailer, loads of it. And that’s where they’re making their profit. But you only mess around with sheet rock because then you give a job. Looks like just like I. And that’s all I can do. These guys come in here, wing. It’s all done upstairs and he’s all sheetrock. If you’re a contractor, maybe your dad’s contractor, whatever. If you’ve done any remodeling, if you like home and garden television or any of those, you know, those home shows. This is perfect. This is perfect. Now, let’s put our vision cap on and let’s think about Chip and Joanna Gaines. Right. If you’re a chip, enjoy the gains.

You come in here, you say four hundred fifty thousand bucks. I can make this look like a magazine. Yeah, of course you could. You’re getting so cheap now. You throw that money in there and you’ve got a 4000 square foot house, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, home office, 20 acres in Woodford County. The power goes out, you pool crews. I don’t know what the length of this is, but it’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or may be 6 times. It’s got to be 50 feet long this way, maybe 60.

[00:07:09] This is the old house. It’s got the old flooring. You see that? And this is all done. This bathroom is dreadful. You know, I tell you, the good, the bad, the ugly, what’s behind there? Let’s run upstairs. I love construction. I would love to build another house. We just built big Ed. It was bigger than a house and I just love it. I love the smell of the wood. I love the sawdust. I love the creation. I loved finishing. The finishing is really where all the stuff happens. Right. So anybody can put up stud walls. But if you want to have an ancient plaster, you might want to have paneling, you know, wood, you know, wood, real wood paneling. Might want to have sheet rock painted, different colors, whatever in the story. So I’m just making stuff up.

[00:08:15] So this is like a junior master here with a monster master bath toilet. Walk in. Shower, sink. His big. It’s big a bedroom there. You’ve got whatever here. This is absolutely could be a bedroom like a Hollywood deal or this could be home office here. What’s your vision? I could tell you what the builder had here. You know, the guy who’s got health issues. I could tell you what his vision is, but might not be your vision. This is a closet that. Hopefully I’ll be the last time we can walk through here because this all will be finished.

[00:08:58] It’s built right? You look around. You’ve got to park him on the back. He did a great job. This is three-quarter tongue groove. OSB. Laundry. Here’s the manifold for the for the water. And the builder guy. He’s around so you can talk to him and he can tell you where all the stuff is and why that was done this way and that way. This would be a heck of a master suite up here. So it’s like, yeah, it’s not finished, but it’s not too bad. This has probably been too long exposed to the flat here, exposed to the weather. So you might need to fix that. You might take that up and just put deck boards. Then you got a door right on up from the master suite to a nice little deck there. A lot of closet space.

[00:10:10] Are you with me? Think Chip and Joanna Gaines for whoever your favorite has. My mom likes them all I can do. I think they do. Great job. Just have to have a little vision. So you got the historicity of the old house and then all the new good stuff of the new house. The edition, which is all again, tech. This is a 50-year warranty on this, you know, outdoor. And then here I’ll show you this pantry and it’s got a basement in the old part. Pantry man, here’s the power. Powers all done. 400 armed service. There you go. If you’re interested, you can call again. If you’re looking for a bank long.

[00:11:03] If you’ve got equity in other properties, no problem. You used to equity line on that. But a bank’s not going to lend a regular mortgage on this. And if you’re looking at this for this long, you know exactly what we’re looking at here. We’re looking at a finished job. And you really know that this would be for countertops. So how cool is that? It is 3-inch-thick Maple Rock, maple bowling alley stuff that would be very cool for tenants. They got gives a call if this right. Property is perfect for you. Great. There’s Ken’s phone number.

Kim Abar say, I want to see that among these landing property. I want to finish it up and put my signature on it. If this property is not right for you on our home finder anyway, it’s our VIP list. We want you to know about properties before they come and hit the general public, because then you’ve got to compete with everybody else.

[00:12:01] We’re going to send it out to you two, three weeks before anyone else gets it. Thanks so much for watching. Let’s go up for a flight. We’ll fly around outside and you can see what 20 acres in Woodford County is. Remember, don’t look at this specific property. Look at all the neighbors. And then you get out here where you can have your hired man do it or the local farmer where he can clean up the fields, finish the house, put your touches on it, put in a winery, whatever that looks like. And then you can live to dream. $150,000 property Rehab How to Fix and Flip houses w/no money down – DIY Project rehab house

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