VIDEO of 30 acre Organic Farm KY home land barns greenhouses Kentucky

VIDEO of 30 acre Organic Farm KY home land barns greenhouses Kentucky

AMAZING OPPORTUNITY in Gravel Switch, KY – Boyle County, Kentucky right off the North Rolling Fork River.  VIDEO of 30 acre Organic Farm KY home land barns greenhouses Kentucky land for sale. Great income – all year long with this farm supplying CSAs, Restaurants, Whole Foods, farm markets, locals, tours, events, etc.  PERFECT location for a Small Farm Winery. Call Ken 859-379-LAND (5263) Bluegrass for more info on a 30 acre Organic Farm KY home land barns greenhouses Kentucky click below. for more pics and VIDEOs – click here – Nestled in the Valley of the North Rolling Fork River community, Rolling Fork Farm presents the unique opportunity to enjoy a generously proportioned 30 acre farm estate. Rolling Fork Farm boasts a two-level floor plan of approximately 2800 square feet. Panoramic views of rolling hillsides, vast open space, and wooded adventures enhance this residence’s open ambiance.  Bucolic living continues outdoors where seemingly unlimited grounds reveal an inviting entry, private rock garden with waterfall, barbecue and bar island, outdoor wood-fired bread and pizza oven that holds 25 loaves.  The expansive side and rear lawn follows along the topography to the pond. Rolling Fork Farm is setting within award-winning Boyle County schools, top shopping and prime restaurants of Danville Kentucky and Lexington, KY.

KENTUCKY COUNTRY FARM AIR – There’s just nothing like it, frankly. There is no treat finer for the lungs and the spirit than a deep intake of breath filled with clarity, fragrance and energy-giving life. And there is nowhere one can find this air but the Kentucky countryside with its majestic trees, farms and fields.

  • 15 miles to Downtown Danville, KY
  • 15 miles to all the Shopping Centers, Wal Mart Super Center, Office Depot, Cracker Barrel, etc, etc.
  • City distances – • Lexington, KY – 50 miles • Louisville, KY – 75 miles – 1 hr, 20 minutes • Cincinnati, OH – 2.5 hrs • Knoxville, TN – 3 hrs • Nashville, TN – 3 hrs

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VIDEO Transcription:

You are in for a treat today here we are at the Rolling Fork Organic Farm for sale in Kentucky this place is spectacular.  now I don’t care  whether you are in to  horses or cattle or tomatoes. They raise a  lot of  tomatoes here,  they bake bread on this Organic Farm.  If you’re into income property – to have an organic farm for income or are you just want  a getaway  place, this Kentucky Organic Farm for sale has got it all. All the land is usable really key so important and so hard to find today. All of this land is usable its 30 acres a little over 30.  one time. I said to the lady it is 30 acres. she said no. She says it is 3.4 so I say what’s .4 acre?  and she says that’s all  I live on now.  I think it’s kinda a funny story but its little over 30 acres the road comes up. This is all publicly maintained and there is city water back here, you got municipal water which is great any time power goes out you still got water and the views are tremendous. So 30 acres 2000 square-foot house three bedrooms  two bath look at this beauty i know you gonna  like it.   Wait till you see this room right here it’s like a sunroom wait till you see it . It’s the showcase of the house. It’s got wood heat got regular heat as well, but then it got this outdoor wood furnace. Now what they do here is pick up some scraps and little branches that break and things like that on the farm but you can have this block wood which is all by 8 x 8 pieces maybe a foot and a half long and you  have that delivered for a round  $250  it would  be more than enough to heat your home  for the winter. So hot water system and it circulates antifreeze or hot water whatever back and forward. Provide your domestic hot water provide heat for the greenhouse all year and heat for the house. So anyway that’s wonderful. Keep all the smell and the  mess and the dust outside and it’s like new and I can tell you all about it all stainless steel very cool. Alright we’re going to go inside. But I kinda  want to show you this property line. Here let me zoom that see there is one or two slots cut there with the hay  machine  that’s where the property line is and it goes up to this this spot right here down the road and includes and he goes down the road  and close the whole field  see the tree right. That’s the end of the property. It goes up and over   a way in the back. Very nice there some pine trees there that are included in the property and it comes along that back line. Now what’s key about that that field there is about 12 acres and that 12 acre field can be subdivided off you could build the house are two or three up in there but you’ve  got  this  road frontage County would make you subdivided  it there so if you need  a second house or third house for  just some potential retirement  income where you need to block off a piece of land. You can do that.  Then the rest of the land is all out here right here upfront and then it goes behind the house and behind the barns and there is a very cool pond back here. So let me just show you the tomatoes real quick here’s  a coir   pond  and waterfall here . I will show you more of that later. And then that pond is right there  you can see the canoe  and  that rope swing and then check out these tomatoes this  is so cool. I’ve always grown up in the country but I’ve never seen tomatoes go up to 8 feet like this isn’t this cool they just picked another 400 pounds of tomatoes and they get sent to a CSA  an organic store. It’s an Organic Farm for sale and Dan can tell you more about that. But there’ve got little babies growing  here already so  I assume   they’ve got tomatoes  all year round but how cool is this right and those rascals  grow up . These strings are 8 feet tall. There’s not many better smells like tomato plant. Love that and look at these aren’t they gorgeous organic nothing sprayed nothing in the ground. This is Fertilizer you know, real fertilizer and not chemical fertilizer  real stuff manure and compost and that  sort of thing  and now we ,come  round   back from the front of the house and we come to this bread oven  which I think is the coolest I’m just into that baking  my own  bread  I  mean pizza 25 loaves will fit in here  this is a big  oven .  And look at this view can you imagine sitting down there making your own bread having a glass of wine here we go with the wine again right and so here is a party area.  This is the shed this is the  machine shed and then  you’ve it got for the lawn mower   and all that sort of thing and this is  party area how cool is this when I think see this. I think  of like a pool house  so wait till I show you  over there you gonna  really like that you’ve got a sink  here and a grill and a  little refrigerator TV lighting  super .and I’m not going to show my wife this crate  Myrtle because she knows  crape  Myrtle now as you come back from the barn from  my truck is parked. The property line doesn’t go too far behind the barn and then it comes down  here not  this fence but there  is another fence about  50 to 75 feet  on the other side. And that’s the end of the property line where that telephone pole  that power  pole is   and  then it shoots  down  here to the end of the road and on the other side of road, it’s your road  shoots down to that point around here in that field so 30 acres. That’s a lot  of land. Let’s go on the inside. Okay here we go. Now three bedrooms,  two full baths 2800 ft.². This house is a huge but his own stand cabinets laughs and lots of countertops. Lots of cabinet space and what’s I like a lot is this this eating area look at this there is your view. Imagine having coffee looking at that. Every morning and then of course there’s a bread over right there second right out here lots of entertaining here is the  laundry and I assume this is the laundry chute and then you got master closet there right off the bat wait till you see that walk in guy and from the kitchen here there is a front door and you see the pictures of the of the porch with the doggie  on the porch such a beautiful view and then this is like a man to he’s got a fireplace is that patterning is being used on the ceiling hardwood floor. This is just beautiful. So used as a library or a cigar smoking to or whatever you want that with you see and to show you the man work on the underside here. Raise patios is arch and this is my favourite room the wood stove all have floor woodstove and that rascals out there will heat the whole house  and you’ve got you got one of those out door wood furniture  out there as well. And that heats the whole house  and the greenhouse and  will talk  to you more about that when I am outside  and that’s really it is a nice thing  but  that wood stove you got the  glassdoor fireplace and wood stove the best of both worlds. But look at this. Look at this millwork really impressed with that and  the ceiling the room of many windows so in the wintertime if you ever needed to not use, right out here. It’s so big you’ve got put a pool table here and a ping-pong table. Let’s just pop outside real quick  so here is the  coir palms here is that parking area the entertaining area agent and you got coir palms  and water falls  and everything and there is a greenhouse right there filled with tomatoes wait to see those I  am gonna take you out there as well. Now through this den which is pretty big.  How big this it that’s a big room  and then this  bathroom  here its  got the wave coatings at the bottom and  full one  piece tub and shower  here and I just love this openness light and airy feeling . These are really nice threads I can’t   put my finger on this wood on the floor maybe some kind of not wood its beautiful.  Let’s go out here is it a lazy day today snuggles. The dog’s name is snuggles. It’s pretty funny. . Here you are  overlooking all your land  so the property goes  up against those trees and that’s a long way out there I am going to guess 800 ft or so truly a guess might be 900 ft 700 I don’t know but wouldn’t want to walk it . But there is a walking trail cut with a lawn mower I don’t know where it starts but all the way along back there its 7/10 of a mile so you can go  walking the mornings and you are  so far out here in the country. I mean just its God’s country and here this is Gods place. Let’s go back down. Okay since coming through the front door just to the left here is this very cool bathroom. It’s cedar which you can smell it red Cedar it is fantastic. Jet tub  and then check this out 1, 2 or 3 steps  down into the shower and when tell you you can have  six of your best friends in here, you can have six of your best friends its  huge. How cool is that and harper  then here’s the  walk in and these are with  sensor light which is great because my  wife always forget to shut off her  closet light. It drives me crazy right. It’s a short drive I know but this is with  sensor  where all the lights come on with  the sensor I love that don’t have to fool with  anything and then right back out to the laundry room again on this side. Now we saw outside that wood furnace but let me just tell you whats going on here is  central heating here’s  with geo thermal here is  how it works. It goes into the ground and heat from the ground which is always at 58 heat pumps for grades but once it gets down  below 35 or so it doesn’t work very well. The geo thermal l is always pulling  from 58° so it’s easy to heat or cool when you got the 58° constant so that’s  the best system  you can get now let’s add a layer of coolness on top of it and throw  that wood  furnace out there. There is the heat exchanger you people who like all this geek you can now add stuff. There is a geek exchanger so in these pipes are antifreeze and run out to the woodstove and disconnect the coil there and then the pump pumps it up through here and then you got the heat exchanger there and it also runs the domestic hot water so very cool and you can truly live off the the grid with a very light  generator just running these  circular pumps anyway  Dan can tell you more about it .. I wanted to share that with you real quick.  Okay so there’s the bathroom master bath and then here’s the master bed serene. So you wake up in the morning open-your eyes and you look out over those fields from outside just beautiful. Let’s go on upstairs I’ll show you what we got up there two nice bedrooms and this airy feel love this. So this bedroom is all panelling, which is not a big deal if you like panelling great and if you don’t like panelling paint is cheap and I will show you what it looks like  painted there you go. Now, how cute is that for a little girl or someone who just likes pink. And that’s just paint right under the panelling beautiful good solution if you don’t like that dark panelling on metal roof look at that. I love the metal roof. First of all they don’t ever seem to go bad and another thing is, it sounds so nice with the rain on the tin roof that is back living in the country that’s all part of it. One of my favorite places on this farm is this area back here. Of course I got a lot of favorite places like the bread oven that holds 25 loaves of bread or pizzas. I mean, gosh can you imagine making your own pizza on a wood fire oven we got this play house  and it’s a real  house its got  power and everything  see the screen door  and the power  and  the swing now  we ve had  a drought so the pond is really low  right now. But you’ve got this rope  swing  how cool is that get up there   and you just do the (inaudible) and its got a canoe  and its like a kidney shaped goes around the barn that’s the end of the property I have no idea what’s on the other side but I imagine its thousands and thousands of  acres  that are untouched unspoiled . This is one of those places that is  way out in the  country you know you are  way out  in  the country but you are  like 15 min to Danville 20 mins to an Organic Farm for sale near Danville KY. This is quite a beautiful thing this  is all  coir palms  and waterfalls and all that stuff if you like that sort of thing you’re in for treat. If you don’t like that sort of thing. This should be a perfect perfect place for a pool here we are we’re going down this road the house is just behind me and I am going to do some footage down there, here’s a compost and manure piles and all that stuff that you have with organic farming 240 blueberry bushes and more greenhouses down there they have got eggplants going. These people make a living off of this farm of course that’s really subjective so how do you,can you do the same thing but it depends on how hard you work what kind of  products you have and so on so forth but that main greenhouse over there is heated so last year for instance   they sold vegetables and had  income every month  of the year. So we had a mild  winter  which helped and then that  new system there with the heat the heated greenhouse really helped so you have spinach and kale and chale  and things like that all year round so income the whole  year amazing now we just stop there and they have their helpers  here. Interns from, all over l very interesting situation. Very interesting people they just pick 440 pounds of tomatoes to go out today so that goes for like whole food and places like that. So all certified organic Farm It’s an interesting lifestyle absolutely. So envious. Now you heard me mention these people make a living off this farm you don’t have to make a living off this farm to enjoy it  do whatever you want  with it . This is certified organic income producing like a truck farm or wherever you want to call it or you doing vegetables all that stuff and make bread you do not have to do that here. You can just  have  a beautiful  oasis you can plant alfalfa  out here for your horses but I did want to show you all the things why in a drought are all their plants flourishing and that’s because  they have got all these  irrigation line in here and they  irrigate also the pond behind  the house. So there’s lines and lines all over supplying water to these crops I don’t know if you can hear the  birds or  not that’s all you hear your are out here . This is parsley that white parsley then  you  got curly parsley then they have  got stuff. I’d have no idea  even what some of that  other stuff is and it’s  getting late in the season so not everything is all going at once but then this  other greenhouse is filled with  plants as well and there is blackberry bushes raspberries you saw  the blueberries up there  so anyway we just keep  driving around . I want to show you this view because its kinda pretty and also I want to show you back here and here again hundreds of acres or thousands of acres literally. Now the property  line stops right at that  first tree row and that’s gonna be  about 645 600 feet from where I’m standing 400 feet and then beyond that is literally thousands and  thousands of acres before you get to the  next even  building so anyway real pretty look at this  I  also wanted to point out this  walking trail  7/10 of a mile and  it goes all  around the  farm and its  mowed  they keep it mowed with its  regular mower . Maybe 3 feet wide or whatever and goes all around the farm so you can walk nice and early in the morning. Okay here this other greenhouse that I wanted to show this one I believe is not heated. I believe that all those babies beyond the table tonight. In fact, the people gave me some  so we gonna pick some  basil’s fresh out of the garden , we’ve got tomatoes, fresh and we gonna have a lot of caprice  tonight . This Road is all county  maintained  even to the end they turn the school bus right around there  if you want  now this road  is let me interrupt myself . Here you get the fields. So you’ve got 20 about 20 acres here and you got 12 acres up on the hill 30 acres altogether and then this is  the end of the property line here where this is mowed  you can see where  they  put in a  couple slots soft with the hay  barn or  whatever they have here and in these pine trees real cool. Now this road I am going to show you this road, this road is 6/10 of a mile. So what’s that 6×50  3,000   3000, roughly  a little over  3000 feet out  to  the main road  so this is just  one lane wide but at the end of this road  is the Forkland Community Centre  and it’s a real social thing out here. So you’ve got of course the  Easter dinner and a Christmas thing  you know they have a  dinner , fall festival and all that  great stuff but they  also have  art classes during the summer and I’m sure other times so you can just walk down this road  6/10  of a mile to art classes, so your way out in  the country organic farm  the whole thing and you can walk to art classes. This is pretty special and then just 20 min to Danville, which is very cosmopolitan this going up and I will show you some more. I can show you this field here’s 12 acre field we can  drive right through now here we are up on the back 12th  this field I showed you earlier right r as you know you come into road way and you see that field . That field that’s mowed that’s (inaudible) that’s the property line that comes around the road back in this corner here behind that pole along those trees. There is the road  and then it shoots back  to that back  line  of trees which you  can see right there it’s all the way back in to that point and then backing up along  a round the  barn  like I showed you earlier . I just want to give you a view it’s an overall view of the whole  farm here you can see how beautiful it is the pond which is like  a kidney shaped just gorgeous you can’t see that  when you  are down there  but you  sure can  from up here in this beautiful Maple and  the house  and the sheds and all of that, but I’m here at the top of the hill you  talk about a  building spot this would be a  building spot as well. So if you have need for another house or another family member. This is the spot for it. Look at this view up here.  Power right here power company runs electric for you for free. There is city water here so you got everything and then Danville is just right over there, not too far from here.  Organic Farm for sale in Kentucky – thank you for watching.

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