VIDEO – American Foursquare houses, Vintage house, Craftsman style house Tour

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about vintage houses? So do we. American Foursquare houses, Vintage house, Craftsman style house Tour.

Jump on our VIP list here: 859-494-5521 Ken — Do you often find yourself daydreaming about vintage houses? So do we. American Foursquare houses, Vintage house, Craftsman style house Tour. You may even feel this cottage is perfect too.

If you love American Foursquare interiors, you’re bound to love this American Four Square. With handcrafted “honest” woodwork, beautiful high ceilings, lots of windows and built-in cabinetry, it’s hard not to view this house as a Prairie Box or American Foursquare paradise. Double-deep lot – possibly dividable.

Perfect house for that vintage house lover. NONE of the woodwork has ever been painted – in 90 or 100 yrs. That’s amazing unto itself. At least one of the 4 fireplaces are just begging for gas logs. Vintage house POCKET DOORS – love those. All that Vintage stuff – plus LOTS of new stuff – like a brand new HVAC unit – Trane. Like new gas water heater, etc. Hot Springs hot tub is being given to anyone who LOVES this house as much as the owners do. call or text me – I can get you in.

Seriously, if you calculate in a potential building lot to sell off – what are you paying for the house and huge yard? That’s right – not much. It’s a deal for an iconic and pure American Foursquare . More pics and video coming. Bluegrass Team brokered by EXP Realty. 859-494-5521 call to get in – I got the keys! 🙂 Bluegrass Team brokered by EXP Realty


American Foursquare houses, Vintage house, Craftsman style house Tour

[00:00:00] So I got to come out and look at these houses sometimes just like first time, like a juju’s one shot. I got a figure out who’s going to live in this house, who would be attracted to this house? Who we gonna get to buy this house? Who’s going to love it? So it’s a lot of assumptions and it’s a lot of responsibility, too. But I’m thinking who would be perfect for this house? And I immediately thought of the fire people, you know, with the fire movement, you know, fire financially independent, retire early. Whether you think it’s good or not. Tell me. I’d really love to hear your thoughts about it, too. What do you think? Here’s why I mentioned the fire movement, by the way. I’ll tell you, the lock goes all the way here. This is your lot here. This driveway with the car and then it goes back. It’s like double deep. I’ll show that to you. Put it in aerial right here anyway. Why is it some fire movement house? Cause you walk everywhere. First of all, the house is beautiful. American Foursquare houses, Vintage house, Craftsman style house Tour.

[00:00:56] Maybe it’s a forest. Where you goanna tell me? It’s elegant inside. It’s close to town. In fact, you can walk anywhere. The courthouse is right up there. The library is right up there. Six-million-dollar addition on the library.

And this is your fence here. You see the see Diallo there? You can you can get in. There’s like three gates. A lot of professionals live here that these people have a winery, nice area where you can walk everywhere. You’re looking at payments of about 800 bucks a month for this house, for a mortgage. Financially independent usually means no mortgage. You got to start somewhere. So if you’re going to buy this house, you could buy it with no money down and payments for about eight bucks a month.

So that’s doable. So could you double up on the payments and shorten your term, all that stuff? So if you’re into the fire movement, you’re going to want to see this house. It’s elegant inside and it’s reasonable and it’s close to everything. You literally could walk or ride your bicycle anywhere to tell. So if you’re in a fire thing, that’s great.

[00:01:56] And if you’re not, you’re thinking, Brad, just stop, stop talking. I want to see the house. All right. So what do I like about this house? Well, if you were here, the first thing you would notice is that the woodwork has been untouched. The houses, I don’t know, 80, 90, 100 years old. And the woodwork has never been known to say bastardised. But you know exactly what I mean.

If you’re a purist and it’s never been compromised by being painted or anything. And it’s absolutely beautiful. Catena is fantastic. I’m a Catena guy. I like integrity. I like real stuff. And you just don’t get this kind of work on check and certainly don’t get the patina if you have a new house, just a fire, obviously. Right. All hardwood floors. There’s four fireplaces. All right. I’m going to save the kitchen for last will go in the living room. We’ve got going on here a little doggy pocket door, right there, fireplace number one. You’ve got a Craftsman style house.

[00:02:59] So they are all set up for gas logs, which is the marketing salesman. Polite way of saying the fireplaces probably don’t work. You’re going to want to put gas logs in there. Gas logs can run about well, you know, you can look them up on Lowe’s. You can look them up on gas logs, dot com or whatever other probably, you know, two 300 bucks and 350 maybe for a really nice, beautiful set and then maybe one hundred and fifty bucks for a plumber. You got a full basement underneath so you can just run a gas line. Literally, they can just drill through here and have access to the pipe. They’ll put a plumber, put a pipe up here, maybe a hundred fifty bucks. So, you know, 500 bucks. You can have gas logs. It’s pretty nice. No fuss, no muss. It’s city gas. You start fire. You love it. You shut it off. You go to bed. You have to worry about additional cleaning. It’s built in this great like antiques. I grew up with antiques. My mother was in the antiques business since 1950. So she’s old now. She’s rolled.

[00:04:07] These are vinyl windows till end, vinyl. But look there they match the woodworking just perfect. And they have the grills. Millions are in between. So that’s. Start the beginning again. Come right on around. It will half bath down here to sink and the hopper.

I’m talking to Ken and I said, you know, these old houses. This is very possible that this was the telephone room. Remember that they’d have a little telephone room in there. Maybe it’s maybe it’s been half baths the whole time.

[00:04:58] Who knows? But I like it. What I like about the kitchen. Oh, and of course, you’ve got nice high ceilings, these are nine-foot. I don’t think they’re 10 foot, but they’re nine foot ceilings. I bet. I should get my laser.

Put this up. What I like about the kitchen best is that it’s so light and bright and area. So this is the west to the east is behind me. So you’ve got plenty of beautiful light in the morning without the sun streaming in your eyes for, before you have your coffee and then have beautiful sunsets over that way. Lot of cabinets, a lot of cabinets, assuming they’re birch. Nice. Crown molding on the top there.

[00:06:04] All that jazz going on in their cabinets. And then there’s lots and lots and lots and lots of candidates. People don’t look in the closets. That’s where we throw our stuff. I throw my stuff in there, too. It’s like stuff that. Lots of lots of lots of storage. I’m a kitchen guy and I want lots of storage and I don’t have it. This would be a dream. It’s a little feature, there is a lot of corn, lentils or whatever this little laundry area here is all you need and plenty of cabinets.

These older houses usually like where’s the storage? This house got plenty of storage before we go outside. Let’s run upstairs.

[00:07:05] It does woodwork is fantastic. Now, if you buy this house and you say, why am I and woodwork white pop low. Knock yourself out your house. Do whatever you want. But it’s really cool. That has been untouched. You might like it. You might not. So a perfect place up here for home office. In fact, that’s what they do with it up here. Or sometimes you just want to get turned upside down. It’s for you, too. This is good enough size. It was a joke.

Measure number one. And we got fireplace number three. That was one in the living room, one of the dining.

So these old houses, they got plaster walls. So you got you got this and it’s you know, it’s like antique. So you could just you could chip this down.

[00:08:02] You haven’t replaced here. You do that plastering. You can have them come in and just redo that little spot. Or you could just look at it and it’s beautiful. Like if this was in Italy or France, you’d say, oh, it’s beautiful, let’s leave it. So whatever you want.

It’s your world.  When we get in here, we’ll learn plenty. All right. Another closet, lot of stuff. This wall with curves. It’s kind of cool. Bedroom No. 2 And again. The fireplace and a walk in closet.

[00:09:05] Plenty light in the window. And then the big bath. Oh, no, we should do this. Another big closet. Goes in around. And then the big bath. Now, this is pretty tile. Shower fill ins. Yes, volatile. We’ll see. Not often I can show showers and liver is big, right?

[00:10:01] Big windows, lots and lots of light. All right, let’s go on downstairs. We’re going to go outside. There is a hot tub and it’s not just regular hot tub. It’s a hot springs hot tub. And that is truly the Cadillac/Mercedes/Lexus hot tubs. So we’ll take a look at that. And it comes with that. Only if you’re good. Only if you know can.

Only if you ask, say, hey, Brad said that you’re going to give me the hot tub. This looks to me like a brand new door and it’s got one of these Dealios in there.  There’s the deck, obviously. Here’s the deck, here’s the kitchen. I smell like when I’m darkey realtors. And here’s a hot tub.

[00:11:00] So it obviously needs a new lid. So spa covers, you can get them. You just go, you know, type in spa covers and they custom make them. The rest of the tub is great. In fact, it is just the heater board or something was put in. But for about three hundred fifty bucks, you get a new spa cover. And they just deliver right to your door, which is pretty cool use measure. I’ve got spun we probably had four or five covers over the last 25 years.

So this lot doesn’t end right here at the fence, although this is all fenced in. It actually goes out to the road. Know if you can see out there or not. Let me see if I can, Harry, go see the road. So you really got a double lot here or, you know, I don’t know how you would cut it. And but I know how to how you can do it. So we’ll help you with that with the subdivision. That’s what my wife and I do. We subdivide. So it’s fairly easy to just follow the rules. And he can probably put another house back there. Or maybe you want to extend the fence and just have a beautiful, huge yard.

[00:12:08] But it is a double yard, big deck. And the pretty birds are saying it’s goanna be spring soon. You don’t see the basement. It’s just a cellar. But that’s what it is. I mean, I kind of like that.

It’s just it’s just neat. You see some of these houses in Europe that have remnants of like, why did they do that? How did they do that? What was there before? Obviously, that was where the stairs were.

[00:13:01] So here’s the workshop and an even has a vice. Right. Just like Grandpa’s workshop. Let’s get the bench and the vice. And here’s the thing. It’s just laid stone. It’s been here 100 years. An American Foursquare house, a Vintage house. But you’ve got access to everything. Access to your water here. You can run the electric lines. You can run the gas line to the gas fireplace. Aha. Right. So it’s just a cellar is good. I’m walking around in here. You know, it’s probably seven feet tall.

Yeah, seven feet tall. Obviously, not to hear. That’s a that’s a head knocker if you’re over five, ten or five eleven. But there’s the furnace. You got access to everything. You know, they put these furnaces in crawlspaces and then you got to change the filter every month. Whose goanna do that? Isn’t nobody goanna do that. Gas comes in the house. I’m not sure why it’s capped off, but that’s where the gas. Oh, there’s a gas comes in the house right there. So the plumber just tees off and boom, you got your fireplaces as dry down here.

[00:14:02] It’s cool down here. Maybe this is where you make your wine. Very romantic. It’s not finished bowl, but it’s a romantic, beautiful and sturdy basement cellar. That’s about all I can show you today here at this house on North Third Street in Danville, Kentucky. Prices in the mid to low 100s payments are going to be about 800 bucks a month.

Could you retire early if you lived in a beautiful, elegant house like this? That’s close to everything. You could literally walk or ride your bike to the library, the courthouse, all the wine shops, center, college. Maybe your professor. Oh, my gosh. You could truly walk or ride your bike to work. I’ll put down here. How much how far it is. It’s not very far at all. Maybe it’s a mile or two. I’ll put I’ll put it down here. Anyway, this is Danville. Nice people, nice town. California lifestyle with the Kentucky budget.

Talk to you later. Hey, if this is right for you. Great. If it’s not right for you. So our home finder up here, give Kenneth Cole and we will send properties that are perfect for you sent right here e mail, your bubbler, your e-mail, your inbox. You will get properties that you want to see sent right to your inbox. It’s early. You haven’t had enough coffee. See you later, Joe.

[00:16:00] But this is let me let give him the meaning, we give him meaning, we give him meaning, we give him. I can’t wait to see your comments below. Like and Subscribe because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market that you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our Website for the latest properties we have. American Foursquare houses, Vintage house, Craftsman style house Tour.

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