Here’s an AMAZING video of an Artist Retreat Cabin property we just got to sell for people we’ve done business with before.  (we love it when people trust you to help them sell again and again).  This Artist Retreat cabin sits (guessing) a couple hundred feet above the valley – I’ll have the video done soon – and you’ll be able to see it better.
Just 5 miles to Danville, shopping, movies, Performing Art Center, restaurants. The sellers have had this property for several years now and have now called us to find them the perfect buyer.
It has VIEWS you won’t believe — I am not good at judging distances like this, but I am guessing you can see 15 or 20 miles from the deck.  Perfect Prepper property – high – and you can see anything coming.  🙂
It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a great floor plan throughout 1,300+ square feet of living space. Best of all, it’s perched high above the rolling, bluegrass fields of Kentucky — (kids and grandkids will love it)!
Priced in the mid to high 100s, it should move very quickly.  If you or anyone you know is interested in seeing this home, please let me know.
This type of property is what people want – Cabin, 12 acres, huge deck, lots of porches, PRIVACY, views out of this world, etc, etc  How about you?
Call me this week – if you (or anyone you know) have any interest, please let me know – VERY impressive property – you will LOVE it!
It is summer and I am happy!  :-)
Talk to you soon – 859-379-5263
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Here are the details: 1. It is a Cabin w/ 1300+ sf of living space

2. It has the MOST amazing view of the Kentucky Bluegrass you’ve ever seen

3. It has 12+ acres

4. It has a stone fireplace!

5. It is only 5 miles to our college town

6. Best part, it is only mid to high 100s asking price

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Have a super weekend!
ARTIST RETREAT CABIN IN THE WOODS ON 12 WOODED ACRES Just to give you an idea where you are, you’re on top of the planet with this Artist Retreat Cabin property. Not often do I get to have a place that’s got a view like this. Oh my gosh, it’s crazy. First of all, it’s all oak trees. I’ve been looking and looking, can’t find a tree that’s not an oak of some sort so I am going to call it Oak Hill. Right, so welcome to Oak Hill. You’re going to use this property for full-time home, an occasional use home, maybe you’re going to use it for a family compound or you could rent it out, or guest house, maybe it’s a corporate retreat. The views are just unbelievable from this Artist Retreat Cabin, they’re heavenly. Wish you could see the view. You can’t see it on the camera, I know you can’t, but it’s amazing. Look at some of the stills, I’ll put some stills in here. You just can’t see it here in the camera. But the view– I promise you the view is going to take your breath away and it really is an interesting topography because you’ve got all the meadows and all the rolling bluegrass fields, you have this whole section of ridge which separates like Boyle County and Casey County or something. This is Boyle County, so you’ve got tremendous schools and an incredible house and you’ve got the fire pit. It’s all made for you and ready to go. Talk about family memories. Let me show you up here, I’m not going to be able to show you the views and how incredible they are unless we go for a little flight. Check out this deck, is that crazy or what? So it’s like octagonal at the end of this super huge wide thing here. This is like 12 feet wide, I would say easy this is 10, this is 10 or 12 and then it comes down to this octagonal that is even bigger, maybe 16 feet. Entertaining, yeah, I would say. You could do all kinds of entertaining out here. Throw a hot tub down here. I’ll show you how the legs are underneath and you can judge for yourself if it’ll hold the hot tub immediately without doing anything to it. I bet it would. Oh my gosh. You see right there, that’s a greenhouse, there’s greenhouses there. The 2 guy sells flowers and plants and things like that in the spring. And there’s a road right in front of that greenhouse so you’re remote but you’re not removed. Complete privacy. Here we are at the back door going into the kitchen which I’m going to take you inside but I think the only way– I’m excited about the cabin– but I more excited I think to show you the view and where you are. It’s remarkable. And what, six, eight, ten minutes to the college town, to Danville. Not even going to go in yet, let’s go for a flight. I’m going to put you in the bird and we’re going up, let’s go. Now that you went for a little fly around, are you as impressed about the area as I am? I hope so. So let’s just go on inside, of course if you live here you might use the front door but I’d probably always use the back door here. So we are just going to go in real friendly like and go on in the back door. Okay, yeah. I don’t know how old this is, I am going to mark it down here and I’m going to find out how old it is for you, but it smells like new. Beautiful oak cabinets, range in the island. Look at that for a breakfast spot, and the fire pit is right out there and the views and then the deck. And as you saw from the deck, it’s really heavy duty under there. I would say it’s a definite possibility to throw you in a really nice hot tub down there. And what would a place be like this without a cool bottle of wine or champagne, a hot tub, celebrate your successes in life? That’s what we do. That’s how we celebrate our successes. Sometimes just iced tea. Inspirational. That’s huge. I don’t know how high that is but that’s high. That’s got to be 16, 18, maybe 20 feet tall. This is where the washer and dryer go and then this is water heater under the stairs. There’s no basement here, it’s more like just a crawl. This is bedroom number thee, three bedrooms, two baths. Big closet in here, that’s a twin and that’s like a futon-y kind of thing.  This is the perfect Artist Retreat Cabin property. Definitely room for another twin in here or queen or whatever you want to do, or a twin and a futon. You’ve got bathroom number one. Full one piece shower, how nice. Bedroom number 3 two, and its got this interesting knockdown type of wall finish. Now I’ve seen it out west, but I haven’t seen it around here much. Very nice. Yeah, I almost didn’t look at this closet because its got such as diminutive door, but look at the size of this rascal, it’s huge. Its got to be like five by five feet, or five by six feet. Let’s run upstairs and I’ll show you what’s upstairs which is pretty nice. Huge porches on the front and back. Little landing area up here. Look at that. Yeah, and this is the master suite. Got all kinds of closets. You’ve got three closets up here and then this great bathroom. It’s got one of those showers like they have in Europe, and then a tub, a big soaking tub. Big vanity. All right, let’s check out the closets. Got one here, it’s another one of those gi-huge-ic jobbers. I don’t know why the light doesn’t work but we’ll get that working for you, that’s no problem. Then we have– we have a linen here, linen closet, that’s nice. Let’s see what we’ve got over here. You know I’m going to show you everything. Oh and you’ve got one of these deals here. There’s a dealio. So there’s the roof, right, so all the space you need here, kind of like an attic. Then you’ve got a crawl space, or not a crawl space but an attic space there. That is about 18 or 20 inches by 20 inches, I don’t think it’s going to happen, not for me anyway. Maybe you’d know a small kid or maybe your handyman’s skinny. My handyman’s not skinny. Don’t tell David please, don’t tell David. Anyway, how cool is this place? I forgot to tell you– I’ll put it earlier, but I forgot to tell you it’s over 12 acres. So you’ve got all the woods, you’ve got this little area up here. It’s not a zero scape but almost. You wouldn’t have to do much mowing and I wouldn’t imagine very often. But in the trees, oh my gosh, can you imagine what it smells like and what it looks like in the fall? What it smells like in the spring? What it sounds like when the wind is up here, which it is right now? Hear the birds? And I heard some little animals scurrying along, squirrel or deer or what, chipmunks or something. That’s the window in the bathroom. Anyway, 12 plus acres is the land for this Artist Retreat Cabin property. You’re going to love everything about this place. You’re going to love that it’s 12 acres, you’re going to love the view, you’re going to love this ginormous hot tub deck or entertaining deck or whatever you want to do with it. There’s a gate 4 right there so you can get right out. You’re going to love the porches. You’re going to love that it’s Boyle County so you’ve got really good schools, if you need schools, and for resale a very good thing. You’re going to love the fire pit. You’re going to love the fact that you are so private up here, you’re completely remote yet not removed. You’re going to love the views, I probably said that already. And best of all you’re going to love the price of this Artist Retreat Cabin property. I’m not going to tell you what it is, because it might change, you’ve got to go to our website for that. So just click on this box right here and that’ll go to our website So blue like the colour, grass like grass and team like a basketball team. By the way, you come here and move to Kentucky you’re going to have to love the Kentucky Wildcats, because it’s the rules, that’s just the way it is. Hey, thank you so much for watching. I’ve enjoyed showing you this property, obviously you can tell by my enthusiasm. I enjoyed flying it as well, and it’s Friday night, this is my last job for the week and I’m going to enjoy a nice cold one right now. Ciao. Trying to get out the door. You would think I would learn after all these years. Bluegrass fields and you had this doink. You’re going to– you’re going to– you’re going to love the views. I probably said that already. You might want to get you in our Exclusive Mailing List, so we can send you your PERFECT homes and land – and farms the second they are for sale (not when they hit the MLS). go to “Your Perfect Property” at – it only takes a few seconds to fill out your needs and wants and we will start sending you properties that meet YOUR criteria. You’ll be 1st to know about properties – It’s like a sneak peek – before they hit the market – sent right to your inbox.
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