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So we’re about 25 minutes outside of Danville or so, still in Boyle County and we turn off of a little country road that runs along North Row and Fork, which is commonly referred to here as “The Fork”, and it’s like a river and you turn on this little bitty country road, come up to these stone mailboxes here, it’s a shared driveway for a little while, and cross this little bridge and go on up in the woods. I cannot tell you how secluded this is, how beautiful, and here’s this little stream, there’s also a little wet-weather stream that runs up along the side of the driveway. I’m going to take you back up in there and show you a Log Cabin style home on 46 acres, it that looks like a cabin that would be the perfect Artist Retreat, bug out place, the perfect place for just using…an occasional-use home, full-time home, close to everything. Okay, we’re going to go right on up this road, I want you to see this thing, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful it is coming up in here. I mean there’s beautiful little dirt roads everywhere but…I’m going to put on here down below how long this road is. Now if you’ve got a road like this you’re going to have a little tractor, and in fact these people have a little tractor up here. So you get yourself a little grater box which is about 700 bucks, you might even…you might even have one that you won’t need for the next property and you can maintain your road, it’s really pretty easy. Here’s the split…I came up here just a couple minutes ago and ran into some wild turkeys…and here we are. Clearly a property for the person who wants to get away from it all, this is the driveway by the way, it’s absolutely beautiful, there’s a creek running alongside it as we come up, I’ll get some pictures of that and put that in there as well. This is a cabin, it’s not log, but it’s a cabin in the woods, and I say “in the woods” I mean far off the road. The driveway is lined with these pears…ornamental pear trees which are some of the first trees to get their blooms in the Spring and some of the last trees to lose their leaves in the Fall. And here it is, it’s a gorgeous piece of property and it’s got a workshop/garage over here. Ladies and gentlemen if you want a shop/garage, this is fantastic. It’s got the tractor on the side, you can store your wood in there, this is a perfect house if you want it to heat with wood, be off the grid, et cetera, yet it’s in Boyle County, which is fairly sophisticated, we have a college…Centre College, it has brought 50 US governors to the United States. Centre College is a real place, Danville’s a real place, and it’s in Boyle County, this is in Boyle County, how nice, maybe 15 miles…20 minutes/25 minutes to town, and of course there are stores and things like that closer. Let’s go on inside, I want to show you this property, you’re going to like it, prepper place, organic place, hide out, bug out, get away from it all, just relax, retire, whatever you want this property’s got it. If you want your kids to be playing with neighbor kids on the cul-de-sac or the bicycle this is not your place. You got pebble-tech sidewalk, I mean it’s got all the stuff you’d want, nice driveway sidewalk here up to the house and a humongous wrap-around porch, let’s count the boards…one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…eight/eight and a half feet of porch in width and then completely wrapped completely all the way around, let me just show it to you here. You’ve got a bump out here for the fireplace, it’s got stone fireplace on the inside…there’s a tiller, make a deal with the house and Dan might even negotiate part of a tiller for you. So there’s the shop, it’s really nice, I’m going to guess it’s like 24 by 24 or so, so kind of like a two-car garage size and perfect for a workshop, and this is the back. So can you imagine just absolutely anything out here, a garden, herb garden, a pool, a hot tub, you certainly don’t have any neighbors so you can do whatever you want back here. Are you remote? Yes, but you’re not removed, there is a neighbor over the next hump or two and there’s a trail.   I actually know that lady and man over there, wonderful people, wonderful family and they’re not really far from here as well. And of course, same mindset because here you are, you’re in this area. Alright let’s just walk on in, this is what you want to see anyway right? Wide board oak floors, vaulted ceiling, yeah. So would this be a primary residence for you or maybe an occasional use home, weekend get-away, whatever?  Log Cabin style home on 46 acres in Boyle County.  I’m going to…assume I haven’t met the seller…I’m going to assume he’s a cabinet maker because he’s got beautiful beautiful things. The cabinets are custom-made by hand…cherry, and then there’s a cherry table and a big ash table here and there’s all kinds of beautiful furniture that’s hand-made. This is the fireplace here, isn’t it beautiful?  So that’s a real-log fireplace…it’s got the patio doors here, check this out, concrete counter tops, just as smooth as silk, even the sides, I’ve made concrete countertops, it’s not easy to make them that nice, that’s obviously well thought out. Again I’m going to guess these are all handmade, just beautiful, that refrigerator is ginormous, yes it looks like it’s too big for the kitchen, and it is, so simple solution if that…if you don’t need a refrigerator that big, obviously a smaller refrigerator or one of those counter desk ones and you go right on up, if you need more height, that can be adjusted or taken up, who goes into that cabinet anyway, you just store your cook books up there that you don’t look at it. So look at this with the apron, so kind of like a farm sink…gosh, I love that, I mean really done well…you got lots and lots of drawers. Okay let’s just buzz on through here we got a…we got a room closet here…bedroom number one and number two, those are twins so two twin beds, that’s nice and believe it or not this is all home-made too, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Full bathroom here and laundry, goes out to the porch, then we’re going to go upstairs, you’re going to love that. Beautiful…and then you’ve got that dormer…big closet on either side…that’s a king bed and a full bath here with twin vanities. This person’s got it going on, these are really nice…and there’s the view, again you can do anything you want up here cause you certainly have no neighbors. I love people, we’re very social, you can ask anyone who knows us, but I really like living with no neighbors. I’ve got neighbors close by, maybe a phone call or two and I’ve got all the neighbors I need to socialize with, but I certainly don’t want people looking at me. This is the perfect place for you if you’re the same way. And this is all rail, big rail balustrade, beautiful. I tell you, I can’t imagine what this porch cost, to rebuild this house, you can rebuild this house, it’s got beautiful siding which is well-protected with the porch, I can’t imagine what it would cost to even build this porch. I’m going to put an aerial of the property, an aerial view of the layout here, I’m bragging on the property, I want to show you exactly where the layout is from the air. And look at the beautiful dogwoods…look at this one blooming right there. If you’re wondering what this, this is an old cistern, he’s catching water off the…off of the roof, probably to water the grass or something like that, but that is a cistern, it’s all it is is a concrete box and it catches water, there’s probably a pump in the bottom, don’t even know if it still works or not, I’ll put it here if it does or if it doesn’t, but that what it is if you’re wondering, just designed to catch water. So here you are, absolutely glorious piece of property, and one of my favorite places, obviously it’s why I live here, we could live anywhere in the United States. I absolutely love love Kentucky, it’s a bargain, people are gentle, it’s a great business opportunity, Kentucky is very business-friendly too if you wanted a business you can certainly make an Artist Retreat in this Log Cabin style home on 46 acres here in Boyle County Kentucky. Give us a call, get on our Exclusive Buyers’ List right up here, we will send you properties first before they hit the market which is how a lot of our people are hearing about this one, and then of course give us a call down here. Just call Bluegrass Team anytime and we’re going to help you out with this property and show you others. Why not come for a site visit? We did 30 years ago and wow, are we glad we did.  VIDEO of Artist Retreat, Log Cabin, 46 acres, stream, Prepper property, Log Cabin, Sustainable Farm, Preppers, prepper paradise, BugOut, preppers, survival, survivalist, apocalyptic, prepper talk, preparedness, ftsn, nwo, preparation, shtf, farm, house for sale, survivalist, barter, Artist Retreat

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