VIDEO – California style house, sunken living room, rambler house vs ranch house

VIDEO – California style house, sunken living room, rambler house vs ranch house

VIDEO – California style house, sunken living room, rambler house vs ranch house.  Jump on our VIP List to get new properties before they hit the market – 859-494-5521 Why compete? call or text me Ken 859-494-5521. California Dreamin’ — California style house, sunken living room, rambler house vs ranch house. Beautiful pastoral and country views – in a Golf Course Community – next to the Dix River Golf Course community. Less than 5 miles to Historic Downtown Stanford. Lots of privacy on 2 acres, corner lot, very quiet and peaceful.

This retro-style rambler ranch – is like right out of 1970s California style house with a sunken living room – very good bones – ready for you to design it just like the magazines today.
Sunken Living Room, Tile floors in the kitchen and baths – both bathrooms have double vanity sinks. The kitchen is great size with custom handmade cabinets & huge island (11 X 4) all new appliances and eat-in area. The Master BR has a generous walk-in closet, en-suite bath and is quite large.

Literally, ride your golf cart from your garage – right to the links. There’s also another 2 bay garage that can be used for just that ? or make additional living space if needed.

You have a big deck 12X24 across the back of the house, great for entertaining or just relaxing and soaking in the pastoral views. The other porch is right off the kitchen, great for grilling and chilling – psst, you can see Cedar Creek Lake off in the distance.

There’s a full basement with a wet bar, brick fireplace with woodstove insert and blower. Game room, laundry room and workshop with overhead door. The workshop could hold 2 cars and has a large workbench and tons of built-in pegboard walls.

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Transcription 0f this California style house sunken living room rambler house vs ranch house.

[00:00:00] We’ve got a dandy of house for you today. I’m going to try to do this without getting traffic backed up in the mall. Be mad at me and everything. You probably can’t see it but read out there is Wal-Mart Supercenter and auto parts store fast food all kinds of stuff. So you’re truly like a mile from shopping. Now is Walmart your favorite place. That’s up to you. It’s not my favorite place but it’s awful convenient when I’ve sat close by. You’ve got these stone entrances Dick’s river state so it’s Dick’s river. It’s the golf course and it’s right there. I can’t call can welcome appointment famous finger there’s my famous finger right there. OK. Driving off the road not so much grass. Nice. Don’t text and drive. You got nothing on me. I videotape it and drive it. What the heck. California style house sunken living room rambler house vs ranch house.

[00:01:02] So my buddies over last night lives in a million 4 house and he says I can’t put that water heater in or whatever I don’t have a basement. I’m like where’s your water heater now. Oh whatever you know. And I’m like why. When you have this beautiful topography of Kentucky why would you not have a walkout basement. Well this house that we’re going to of course has walkout basement Imagine that. OK. You know that’s one of my favorite things if you were a part of walkout basement your house. What are you teaching your kids you can always see a walkout? There’s one there and then there’s one over there. It’s a beautiful house. But then you look here and you can see the vents. I’m going to pick on this guy’s house. See those vents underneath the window right there. That means they don’t have a basement right there to see those vents. I mean they just have a vented crawlspace. What is the matter with you people?

[00:01:58] Dude you really got to go like 4 feet anyway for a cross space right. You got to go down. So why not go 8 or 9 or 10 and make a real another floor down there. Here we are. All right. Fantastic block corner lot. 2 Acres shot here. Some flight time this is a retro house. I don’t care whether you’re chipping Joanna gain style house person or your Brady Bunch person or whatever. This place rocks.

Totally cool place. And the corner lot is awesome. So what’s the retro house all about. It’s a California style ranch house. I think it’s super cool because I look in the magazines and I see all those California houses the ranches they’re low slung. And they’ve got lots of space and you can do a lot of cool things with them. So I’m going to show you some of that action. You’ve got heat pumps all electric the power bill the seller says runs about 170 a month all year long. So 170 a month for heating, for cooling, for cooking, for hot water everything. That’s a deal and a half, right. California style rambler house here by Dick’s river.

[00:03:10] She got 2 cars here and then you got a car down below around back. You see you got like one floor living if you don’t want to go down to the basement going to the basement. You can actually just drive around with this corner lot. You’ve got that option and that’s your view. Tell me about that California style. Yeah it’s cool. I like it. You know I live out in the country. As bad as out in the country as you can get. And one minute from shopping. Big old funky daughter probably ready I’ve seen the stills. parquet floor here. And then you’ve got to guess this is original Park Florida says real Woodman. That’s the real deal Lucille and then you’ve got limited floor here the whole house is land.

[00:04:12] So what would you call that. Now if I say something these architecture students are goanna jump on me but is that comfort. It’s not really comfort is it. Trust. I don’t know. Maybe like a trust you know but it’s kind of like a little bit of both. Right. So this big huge brick action here goes all the way to the basement. There’s a wet bar downstairs and a fireplace which they have a wood stove in which is very cool. Now this goes out to the patio. Should that be the patio? Danielle.

[00:05:01] I’m a stranger obviously that dog thinks I’m a stranger. So there’s like a little road there it’s not it’s not a real road. It’s just a flat spot. See it can come right around here. And there’s a fire pit in the backyard right there. They got all old wood that they must have cut a tree down or some like that they’re goanna burn all that action was back in the house. I want to show you everything I know. Oh no hold on. Hold on. I’m getting to a. Basketball hoop man. Nothing better you can do for kids and grandkids. Gosh it’s full time. Obviously if you made big piles of leaves you know it’s nothing more fanner than that. Yes, I said fire you could do a lot more with this living room. This furniture could go back in the corner a little bit more.

[00:05:58] Heck there’s six feet behind there. If you wanted to be a little bit farther out and make a conversation area you want to make a conversation area here. Who knows. We don’t do TV. No I’m not Amish. But I guess kind of sort of am a little bit. No TV and wooden furniture. The jokes don’t get any better folks. So you got this tile a ceramic tile and then Shane you get the brick island right. All that stuff. Cool thing about older house is there’s real cabinets. This is not pressed board and all that junk. This is the real deal. So real wood real plywood stuff that you pay anything and stuff that you pay really good money for today. It’s not standard even on a half million-dollar house. Cam’s got like a big new mom pajama house and it doesn’t have the super duper cabinets that come standard with it you’ve got it. That’s all an upgrade.

[00:07:02] So if you want the fantastic cabinets with the real wood you’ve got to pay extra. Well this has got it here. And this was normal back then. Right. So this is eating in kitchen with a very cool countertop Ireland mom and John thing here. Stainless steel appliances. That’s a big plus. Mike built 1974. You’re not going to beat the price. Back Forty-seven hundred square feet something like that. Forty-seven hundred square feet for two hundred thousand like serious. Now that’s asking price today could go up could go down but you never know. So he might buy it and they might put something in it might put new windows in it or whatever and then sell it flip it whatever you want to call it these days back in the day. There was no such thing as the f word in in real estate. We never talked about flipping things you buy it fix it up and sell it.

[00:08:02] All right. Well there’s the view. Hard to beat. All right. You want to see the really not beautiful garage. Right before we do that we’ll see if I can zoom in. That’s the lake. Lake is right there. See it. And that is Cedar Creek Lake I believe. I mean I know and that’s 800 acres. It’s a trophy Bass Lake. If you like big bass. And I cannot lie You know I wouldn’t say so. So again here 70s and their stuff. Whatever George Carlin always said how come your stuff anybody else’s stuff is to car. And then you got an oversized one car downstairs. So make this in the living space if you want whatever you want to do with it. There’s three bedrooms in the main house. One’s being used for an office right now. Love this man and just sit down here get the grill going you know my grill doesn’t start unless I got some heat in my hand some little liquid of the adult beverage kind. Nice counters.

[00:09:16] He talks about California lawyer that they got one of those vaporizer things they got wine. Yeah. It’s California formal dining or that for a view it’s a dream. If you live in California, you wouldn’t have a view like that and certainly you wouldn’t have all this for 200 grands. I’m sure you own the stuff coat closet. You know what’s going on there. My good friends, this is the basement. So we’re going to see that later to all land and this office right. California style house sunken living room rambler house.

[00:10:11] You using and there’s an office. It’s got a big ginormous closet. Well certainly a perfect bedroom. Save that for last night. Jack and Jill bathroom at all but it is connecting to this guy sort of right. You just walk out with the wind here and you walk out there and go into the bedroom. So I can jack and Jill. Kind of like a half Jack half Jill again. Big closets. That’s one good thing about these older houses. They had decent closets. Little linen. This is all storage here.

[00:11:06] Tell on the floor. This master closet is wonderful I love that and I love the mirror in there so you can see what you’re doing. We’ve got a mirror in our Constitution fantastical plenty of room plenty 20 plenty of what’s going on out there. More. Tile. And piece round. You can see all that stuff yourself. You don’t need me to tell you all that stuff right. Let’s go downstairs.

[00:12:00] I promise you we’re going down we’re going down paneling 70s California Brady Bunch kind of style.  This has got so much potential this house there’s the woodstove obviously great bar real bar. That’s a real bar. Yeah Brick. You get room for your stuff. Big countertop and bar stools and the big goose neck forcing the laundry. Let’s go right out now to that extra big garage here. Totally cool workshop. Make line do your woodworking. Fix the car place for the mower place for your toys. And get some toys in here.

[00:13:17] One more very cool space shit over here. This is what my boys want right here. They want a pool table room a nice pool tables for sale. You have a price on it right here. You just need to talk to Ken he might be able to help you with that price or maybe negotiate it or whatever. Maybe get thrown in with the house. Who knows. That’s why you’ve got to have a real estate agent that’s why I was hire a real estate agent because I’m not one. I figure I want that extra representation. Some people are like why would I hire a real estate agent and save money saving money.

[00:13:57] The seller pays can anyway so the seller’s going to pay him and that agent’s going to work hard for you anyway. There you go get the pool table and you got the bar through kind of woodstove. This is Foxfire. It’s a good one’s got one of those with events that you can turn. You can open any kind of vents but these are the ones that are threaded. I like them better because they never jam. There you go. And there you have it. I’m kind of closing things up and I hit the button here. Like what in the world is this thing. And it’s a blower so I guarantee you that the whole house that wood stove and you got plenty of wood laying around and of course you can get wood delivered and if power goes out you can still survive.

[00:14:56] Right. Maybe not with the blower by the wood just the wood stove and open the door and Cruising anyway. Really nice. You get the double vanities here too. So both since have double ends with a kind of wood with this couch shed cow shed. That was close. Well. We totally cool place. Whoops. Wrong way. Totally cool place. Slow down. George Carlin always said how come your stuff anybody else’s stuff is too car. And then you got this cash shed cow shed. OK. That was close.

[00:16:38] I can’t wait to see your comments below. Like and subscribe because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market that you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our website for the latest properties. We have. California style house sunken living room rambler house vs ranch house.

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