VIDEO of this Cedar Creek Lake Kentucky Lake House

This property has turn-key income potential — or just chill out here on this VIDEO of Cedar Creek Lake Kentucky Lake House. Check out the details:

1. It is 2 acres on Cedar Creek Lake
2. It has the most commanding view of the lake towards the west (sunsets) 🙂
3. It has 4 sources of income – if you want it
4. It has a gift shop / former Bait Shop
5. It has a Boat Storage barn – that is under utilized!
6. It has 4 RV camper sites – w/water, electric and sewer
7. It was a B+B and is set up like that – just turn on the switch for AirBnB / VRBO income
8. It has a full basement
9. The Bait Shop has a full drive through AND a Drive up window
10. The boat ramp and parking lots are just a few hundred feet away
11. Best part, it is only 325,000 asking price

Share with a friend or on Facebook – or just call me Ken 859-494-5521 Have a super weekend!       This Cedar Creek Lake house pays for itself 100% Kentucky Lake Trophy Bass VIDEO Transcript I kind of feel obligated to start here at the beginning with the obligatory exterior shots, but that’s not what this Cedar Creek Lake house is about. Look at it, it’s beautiful. It’s brick, it’s got a poured concrete foundation and glazed bricks. I’ll show you those in the basement. Very cool. Spotless and dry as a bone basement. You’ve got a metal roof here. It’s a beautiful Cedar Creek Lake house. All new replacement windows and all the wood floors and everything. It’s the real deal. It’s not a new house with that laminate or whatever, this is the real deal. This is good wood, good wooden doors, wooden staircase. The real juice in here is kind of three fold. First of all, how often do we get properties on the lake? Not too often because people who live on the lake they don’t want to sell, and why would they, right? It’s a beautiful, relaxing time with family and all that stuff. But you’re out here– this is a very unique property. Ken got all excited to tell me about it and I’m like, “Okay, I hear you.” Now I went out to take a look at it and now I understand why. The lake is right there. You’ve got so much lakefront property. There’s a 300 foot setback for army corps but I’ll show you that anyway. But you have whatever the number is, I’ll put the number here. So many feet on Cedar Creek Lake, but it’s not really on the lake, but it is on the lake. You can talk to Ken more that details. Eight hundred acre lake, Cedar Creek lake so it’s small, so you’re not going to have jet boats, cigarette boats flying around and those jet skis. This is a fishing lake. There is a boat launch right here, a little place for you to fish with the kids and all that stuff. But the real juice is this bass, it’s a trophy bass fishing lake. There’s more to it, hold on with me now. You’ve got a 42 by 52 foot commercial building there that could be a bait shop. See I’m cheating, I’ve got my notes here. I can’t remember all of this. There’s a lot to this property. This tree just went down and yes, they’re getting a stump grinder in this week, next week, whatever. We can dodge the rain drops and that stump will be ground up, you’ll never even see it. There’ll be grass planted on it, you’ll never even know it was there. The lake is right there. I’m going to show it to you, in fact instead of me coming– no, hold on just a second. Here I’m talking over top of myself because I’m so excited about this one. Let’s just walk in the back here. Hope you’ve had your Dramamine. There’s a door, we’re going to see that when we go down to the basement. Now a long time ago this was a bed and breakfast. You talk about a bed and breakfast, it’s even striped off here, all paved for parking. And then you could rent the– there’s two bedrooms upstairs and I’ll show you all that jazz. But, here’s the important thing, this is about income, this is about being on the lake. Look at this gazebo. Could you have weddings down here? I bet you could. Here we are, just a little curvy concrete sidewalk from the house and there’s that 42 by 52 building there. This other guy is a 72 by 36, that actually is a six boat storage building. So six boats in there. That brings in lots of income. Look at this. Can you imagine? Now, I’ve been to a lot of Lake houses here at Cedar Creek Lake, and we even have one listed. In fact if you’ve got a son-in-law or whatever and you want to have him close for the grandkids, there’s a place we’ve got listed just right over there. You can’t hit a golf ball. Just right over there. You can look at it on our website and it’s for sale, you could buy two. You get a twofer. Now I don’t think you buy one, you get one free but I bet you Ken would like to write two off for you and for maybe a family member. There’s the lake. This is really a key spot of view for the lake because you’ve got the majority of it right there in front of you. Then let’s just walk out here to this bench. All right, here we are by the bench and the flag pole and this is the view that we saw there. There’s the dam and that’s Route 150. 150 goes from– it actually goes farther but just general purposes it goes from I-75 Mount Vernon and it goes all the way across the state into Louisville and it goes farther than that. Just so you know its got I-75 to I-65 more or less. And that’s right there, that’s the dam. It’s a sweet, sweet lake. There’s a sportsman’s club right over there. They have all kinds of things over there. And there’s your shop there. Now this lady’s using it for like a decorator gift shop kind of items, like that sort of thing but it was a bakeshop. No reason why you couldn’t put a bakeshop in there, maybe sell some hot dogs or something. There’s a lot of fishermen – and right here at this Cedar Creek Lake house. We’re going to go for a flight. There was nobody out there. There was maybe one or two boats, but it’s pretty busy today and of course the weekends are crazy. This has a drive-thru here which is really nice, overhead door in the front, overhead door in the back. You can drive right through. And then this rascal here has a bathroom and a little kitchenette area. Anyway, is this cool or what? Now you know why Ken is all excited. I’d be excited too. Well I am excited. Anyway, I’ll be more excited for you when you come out and buy this and then I can come and go for a ride in your boat. I’ll bring the wine and cheese. So this property is about relaxation. It’s about chilling out. It’s about connecting with family. It’s about rejuvenating, recharging the batteries but it’s also about income. Think about the income you could have there on vacation rentals, VRBO or AirBnB. And you’ve got the gazebo here. I don’t know, maybe you could do wedding events or something like that. Wouldn’t that be a cool place to get married here? I don’t know if you could do that, you have to check with Ken. But you’ve definitely got the bakeshop or some kind of other retail there. Maybe you could sell fishing poles or whatever. So you’ve got income there, then you’ve got income here, and we know that this all works because these people are collecting the income now. So just this barn right here is bringing in 300 a month and if I may say it is probably way under market because again it’s an older couple. No disrespect, but you know they’re happy with what they’re doing, but when a new person comes in a lot of times they’ll say, “That’s below market, we can raise that up just a little bit and really increase the bottom line.” Talk to Ken, he’s more learned about that sort of thing. You’ve got a little fire pit here, you’ve got fishermen. Then the boat launch is on the other– so parking lot. There’s the boat launch there. That guy is coming in. There’s another boat going out. But how cute is this and can you believe it? Like I said, you’ve got a 300-foot buffer. I don’t know what all that entails, Ken will know. So that’s good really because you don’t have to worry about it. My buddy’s got a place in Alabama and his shoreline is washing away. It has cost him something like forty thousand dollars to shore that up. Something to think about. This, you don’t have to worry about it because it’s not yours, it’s Army Corp. Look at the big power there. That’s important, big power. You’ve got four camper spots here. That’s a drop, that’s a sewer drop. There’s the water and electric for one of the campsites. There’s four camp sites up here. There’s a little grill there. There’s a little fire pit here and one over there. So you’ve got campsites here as well. And you know what campsites are worth. They’re only charging $35 a night for water, sewer and electric included and you know this is way under market as well. And it’s not be marketed at all, as in zero. So what could you do? You’ve got six boat storage things here. You’ve got four camper sites here. You’ve got the retail shop here for bait or fishing or whatever you want to have. You’ve got maybe a B&B type of situation here. Maybe you’ve got weddings, I have no idea. You’ve got lots of income potential but the price is crazy cheap. All right, so I’m not going say, but it’s crazy cheap. Go to our website, you can click on it right here and if it’s still available you’ll see it on our website and you’ll be shocked. The price of this Cedar Creek Lake house is like the price of a subdivision house. So I’m going to take you up in the bird and we’ll fly around and we’ll see exactly what we’ve got going on here at Cedar Creek Lake. As we go through this gazebo and up in the air, we’re actually going up towards the west. So we’re going right towards the west, that is where the sun is going to set. Isn’t that beautiful? Can you imagine the view from either the gazebo or the little swing– that little bench out there when the sun goes down? Anytime of the year it’s going to be spectacular. We are only at about 125 feet in the air which isn’t very far but I wanted to kind of concentrate on what you’ve got going on here. I don’t want to be up too high. I think sometimes a little more intimate. Here you’ve got the boat launch, you’ve got all the parking facility. That spot there, that’s the decommission beach. I know it doesn’t look very good but it’s going back to nature. There’s the barn and you can see the campsites there too. Can you see the potential here? How about canoe rentals? How about kayak rentals? How about stand-up boards? Around here they go for 40, 45, 50 dollars for half a day or a full day depending on who you go to, which outfitter. But could you do that? Could you give lessons? Could you give guided tours? This is 800 acres this lake, there’s lots of adventures. It would take you literally a couple of hours to go all the way around it in a kayak moving right along. This is why I’m so excited about this Cedar Creek Lake house property. Okay, now we’re back on the ground. On go old terra firma. I don’t like heights anyway, do you? So I’m going to show you this whole house and you’re going to love it. They’ve got a little gate here made out of tobacco sticks, isn’t that the cutest? I know you like this porch, I know you do. If you don’t like this porch you’re just not American. Remember George Carlin? He used to say that about a lot of stuff. You don’t keep your garbage underneath the sink, you’re just not American. All new nice windows, all with the vinyl wrap. I’m sorry, the aluminum wrap. But vinyl windows, real nice tilt-in windows. No maintenance out here, all brick. That’s what you want. Come on, let’s just go on inside. The last thing you want to do is a ton of maintenance when you come out to the lake. Remember what I said, all real stuff. Oak floors. These appear to be ash treads. This is the real deal. Isn’t that beautiful? I’m going to save the kitchen to last. Real nice kitchen, I’m going to save the kitchen until last. Here’s the living room. You’ve got gas logs. You’ve got a bedroom here. Let’s take a look in here. I did not look in here so I don’t know what we are looking at. Oh my goodness. Wow. Okay, this is the world’s largest walk-in closet. In fact, this is a bedroom. Totally, this is a bedroom. Now there’s a closet there so you would either keep the closet or you’d bust the door out and go into the living room or– well you’ll need it to go from one bedroom to another. You’ve got kids, what’s the difference? So it’s not a big deal, right? You’ve got two bedrooms downstairs here, so it’s called three bedroom. Ken told me it’s a three bedroom two bath, I would call that a bedroom but what do I know? Anyway, isn’t this darling? Wait, watch this. Show you something. All wood. That’s the real deal. All tiny wood doors. It’s not like your grandma’s house– well, it’s kind of like your grandma’s house. Depends on how old you are. If you are really old like me maybe. This big linen here. You’ve got a shower, full bath here and then this door goes down to the basement. We’re here, you want to do it? Let’s just do it. Okay. Dry, clean, it’s huge. Dry and clean. You can put up with just about anything if it’s dry and clean right? Look at this. It’s all poured and then it’s brick here and then glazed brick there. I don’t know why they used the glazed brick, maybe they had it, I don’t know. It’s interesting. You’ve got a sink here, you’ve got a floor drain there which is fantastic. Big old water heater. Of course it use to be a Bed and Breakfast right? And check this pattern out, look at that. What do you think of them apples? HVAC works good, it’s nice and cool in here. That’s a good thing. It’s warm outside. Then they’ve got a little thing setup, you’ve got little grandbabies, little girls or whatever you can play dolls or house here, have tea. Three more bunk beds down here. Look at that, you get Bed and Breakfast, you could have mom and dad upstairs and then the kids could come down here. It’s certainly not a basement, a basement-y type of basement. It’s a real– you know it’s a real living space. All right, let’s go see the rest of the house. I get to do what I love so much, which is take pictures and share stuff with people like you, my friends and our fans. Why would I not want to show you all this cool stuff we’ve got available? And I get to do photography which I love. Look at this full bath up here and then you’ve got a bedroom up here. Nice sitting area. I would almost make this another bedroom area and do this like a two room suite. Why would you not do that? Oh my gosh you could– Why would you not want to maximize your income and you could do that here. Again, these little tweaks, they can make a huge difference. Okay, like in the snap of a finger. Look at that view. And this is a huge porch and it’s got a big overhang so you could sit out here in all kinds of weather I would imagine, right? Just sit chill here. Have a glass of wine, listen to a little music or listen to the music of nature. What do you want to do with the rest of your life? Could you see yourself retiring here, running this business? I mean, you don’t have to commute, that’s for sure. And you don’t have to be old like me to retire. Maybe you’re in your thirties, maybe you want to spend more time with the kids, spend more time at home. Think about all these things – a Lake House and on Cedar Creek Lake. Yes. All right, now here we go. I want to show you the kitchen and the dining room. Who goes in the Bed and Breakfast business or the fishing guide, tour guide business, or the bake shop business? Someone that’s social. Someone that likes people. You like people? You’re going to love this place because you’ve got all kinds of things you can do to attract people, to get people in here for your business. All black top. Now this is such a key spot, such a premium spot you may want to live here. You may want to buy another house in-town, we can help you with that. You are only a few miles to town. Ken’s got houses down there, we’ve got houses. No problem. Here’s a laundry back here. Hey man, everything’s beautiful. It’s nice. Nice screen door, one of those heavy aluminum ones and look at this big porch here, this big deck. So there was the upstairs porch and then here’s this deck. Now remember you’ve got like two bedrooms down here, remember I said the two that are you know you’ve got to go through one to get to the other. Or pop a hole in there and come right out of the living room, that might be a better solution. Living room with a gas fireplace. And then you’ve got upstairs. Two bedrooms down, two bedrooms up. Now Ken is calling it three bedrooms, it may be technically, legally three bedrooms whatever. I’m not trying to tell you something different then what he says, he’s the boss. But you saw it yourself. Heck, I’d use that thing for a home office. Oh yeah, you bet. Okay, so we’ve got stairs going down that way. We’ve got this octangle thing. Look at this, how nice. Or spectangle. A little drop off, kind of like a wine deck, something like that. You can call it what you want to call it. And then right out here. Now this kind of reminds me of a property we had in a college town about 40 minutes from here and what happened was the mom and the dad lived here and they had this retail business here like this and they cut it in half and they had one side and the son had the other. So that was kind of cool. So– and they weren’t related businesses at all, one was like auto parts and the other one was archery supply– archery and fishing supply. And he did really well and of course they were near the lake. Well you can’t get much closer to the lake here with this one, kind of reminds me of that. Let’s go on inside. All right, here we’ve got this. This is the 42 by 52, right there it is. Now remember that drive-thru, that’s a real drive-thru. I mean you could do service shop or whatever. And then she’s got this gift shop in here, like decorator items. There’s your cash register, and it’s almost like– like two counters. Not like two counters, it’s exactly two counters. So you’ve got one here. I don’t know, pops, maybe power bars. You can sell a whole bunch of things. You’ve got a little sink here, little bar sink. If you need a three compartment sink. If you don’t have dishes to wash I don’t think you have to have that. You’ve got storage here. You’ve got to check all that stuff. So, if you’re serious about that and you say, “Hey, I want to look into this,” it’s called your due diligence period. Due diligence. Ken will help you with that. And I want to get back there. This is how you do it. See, you’ve got a toilet, a sink and all that stuff I think goes to a holding tank right now with the RV stuff. But again, he can tell you all about that stuff. I’ve worked with the Health Department here in this county and they are wonderful. Nice, helpful and Kentucky is pro-business and this county is pro-business too. We can put you in touch with the right people who’d be glad to help you get you in business, keep you in business and push all the business to you like the Chamber and all the things like that, right? I gave you an awful lot to think about, now all you need to do is come down, take a look and see for yourself if this isn’t just a wonderful, wonderful opportunity for you and your family. This might be it. Let’s go for a flight one more time and we’ll see what’s going on around here and give you an overview of the whole property once again. That’s why we’re here, we’re here to help you. We’re here to help you navigate all the waters, put you in touch with the right people, put you in touch with the Health Department. The good people. You know, if you just pickup the phone and you ask a question, you might not get the answer you need. You might need to be in touch with the proper person, the person who can make things happen. The person who knows what kind of incentives are out there for small business. The person who understands small business and the person who can help you succeed. Isn’t it beautiful? I knew you’d like it. Or you can click right here, on this box, and it’ll take you to the website. I think you’re going to really like the prices here in Kentucky and certainly the cost of living. Thanks so much for watching. Hey, would you do me a favor? If you enjoyed this just share it with your friends. The little subscribe button is right here, the little red one. You’ll be on our exclusive buyer’s list. Just click here and then you tell us exactly what you want in a property. Also, share this with your friends. We certainly love our fans and I appreciate you spending the afternoon with me here on Cedar Creek Lake with this beautiful Kentucky Lake house. Ciao. And I’ll show you this property, this– let’s go on inside and I’ll show you this building as– You’ve got a 32 by 70, I’m sorry– two foot commercial building there. It could be a bakeshop. See, I’m cheating. I’ve got my notes here. I can’t remember all this stuff. So you’ve got six– six boat storage things here. A six boat storage things–  Call Ken 859-494-5521

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