VIDEO – Commercial Property for Sale College Town, perfect nano brewery startup, Medical office

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Commercial Property for Sale College Town, perfect Nano brewery startup, Medical office
[00:00:00] A great opportunity for you today. We’ve got a commercial building here in Danville. 2080 square feet. It’s got 4 or 5 parking spaces in the front. 5 in the front. And about 10 or 12 in the back. So you got plenty parking for whatever your commercial businesses. Maybe it’s a professional business. We’ve got a school right across the street here. Right there. And it’s a big one. It’s the city school. I believe it’s the middle school. And then you’ve got all the commercial stuff going on downtown. The Regional Medical Center is right here. I mean, literally, you drive right into the into the emergency room. If you drove down this road, all the football fields were there, tennis courts. You’ve got center college, yada, yada, yada. I’ll put in a lifestyle map here to show you exactly what’s going on. What would you do with this? it’s a gym right now. So you buy it if you want a gym. You buy the whole gym and everything and all the equipment and everything. Or you buy and they take the equipment out in one weekend. It’s not a problem. Commercial Property for Sale in a College Town.

[00:01:02] Tell me what you would do with this building. You’re going to see inside. Tell me what you think should be done with it. You could put up one little wall and a couple doors and you could have. I don’t know, may be 6, 8, 10 exam rooms, maybe your car tractor or maybe or a psychologist or something. I don’t know. We can do a study for you if you’d like. Say you are a psychiatrist or psychologist or a chiropractor, whatever. We could do a study and tell you what we really need in the area. But we know what the demographics are. That’s for sure. And we know that Dan, also city of about 17000, this tiny little city swells to 54000 in the day time. You got 54000 people here during the day, 5 days a week. And then, of course, weekends you got kids with soccer and stuff. It would make a great pub. I can tell you that there’s a little Mexican restaurant literally right on the other side of that white building. See the to the white building there? There’s a little Mexican restaurant there. They’ll know what to do with people there, like shuttling around. It’s fantastic food. People will come.


[00:02:13] It’s all close to everything. Lots of rooftops around here. We always have real estate. We always have good rolls state. You’re going to want to see the houses, the farms, all the aerial photography. All right. Aerial videos and everything.


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Well, let’s go inside and we’ll check in on now. So this is Jim, as you can tell, which it’s available with the equipment or without the equipment. Maybe you want to have a gym. That’s great. And maybe you don’t want to have a gym. So what else would you use it for if you’ve got an idea? What you think we should do with this building? Let me know. Put it in the comments below. Because sometimes she had better ideas than we do. My wife’s always asking me to go to the gym. And she says you need to get some fitness in your life. I said, well, I’m trying. And fitness pants. So she’s Exactly. So get yourself some fitness. And I I’m too busy. I’m working. So if you think about it like that, this would be no excuse right. Perfect  Nano brewery startup and Medical office.

[00:03:21] Because you could have your business and you could be going to the gym at the same time. That’s what these folks did. They ran this business and they were able to be at the gym all the time. So that’s kind of cool. He had a water fountain there. Yet this little kitchen, which is cool. That’s good. You can put anything here. I’m thinking doctor’s office. I mean, I wouldn’t limit it to just the gym. You know, one weekend, all this equipment could be out here. And of course, you can buy the building and put whatever you want in here or refigure it. Now, we got a breaker that’s out, but I think you can see enough in there. You see there’s a. This is an actually a big bathroom.


[00:04:10] And then there’s a shower back here. The breakers out here, too, is the same breaker. Water heater storage above like 2080 square feet for the building. Oh, here, let me show you in the back here. So you got abbreviated parking in the front. This one’s a room for 4 or 5 cars. But there’s room for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, maybe 10 or 11 cars in the back. So you got room for 14 cars, lawnmower shop next door, a Mexican restaurant down there for florists. There’s a school right across here. You know, it’s a good neighborhood. It’s fine. And you’re like, right downtown. In fact, I might be able to show you the regional medical center is right there. You can see that church roof while the Regional Medical Center is right there. So there you go crossfire.


[00:05:12] Hey, it’s a great spot. She’s front room. This hall is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, maybe 6 and half, seven feet wide. I go by one foot square tiles there. So great location, great spot, lots and lots of traffic. And it’s on an angle which if you check out Funk’s way, that’s really good. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 parking spaces here in the front. And there’s a school right there. You can spend if you can see the sheriff’s lights are not they. They make sure that the traffic slows down so the kiddos can get out anyway. Good spot. Beautiful building, high ceilings. I’m going to guess 10-foot-high ceilings.


[00:06:08] And it’s funny you finally get to see what I look like and I’m in a gym. When you look at me, you go. You need more gym in your life. That’s okay. I’m a good cook. You know, that’s it. 2080 square feet. How come this property is perfect for you? Great. Call card numbers right there if it’s not perfect for you. Well, then I understand it’s not for everybody. That’s when you go up here to the home finder. Fill it out. We’re going to ask you five things. We ask you how much you want to spend. How many acres, minimum square footage or bedrooms or whatever. And how soon are you looking to move? That’s it. And we got your e-mail already. So it’s like no big deal. And then we’ll call you up or we’ll send you an e-mail with properties that meet your exact criteria under penalty of death. I’m going to go in here. I know he’s going to kill me and she will, too.


[00:07:02] Anyway, it’s a spare room. OK. You’ve got to have a place for your stuff. So anyway, this room is another one of those exam rooms or whatever you’re going to put in here. You got to tell me. Gotta put it in the comments, man. What do you think it should be? I’m going to bring a doctor friend of mine out here. He’s got like ten offices and ask him what he would do with that room. That room is about the same size as this room. OK. But we’re gonna come up with some kind of a cool thing that you can make a lot of money renting this building to or maybe putting your practice in here. Thank you for hanging out with me today in downtown. It’s our hometown. We love living here. You will, too. Low cost living, high quality life. Job for now toddles.

Thank you for watching all these great opportunities for the second word, really a great opportunity for you today. Commercial Property for Sale in College Town, perfect for a Nano brewery startup.

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