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VIDEO of Danville Homes for sale in Kentucky – Danville KY – Jefferson

Well Jeremy really outdid himself today. He’s got a VIDEO of a Danville Home for Sale for you, you’re going to absolutely love this Danville house. First of all it’s brick and it’s painted yellow– love painted brick and it’s got a roof on it, a brand-new metal roof just two years old so that’s really nice. Let me tell you where you are first of all, put a lifestyle map down here right now but you are just one and a half blocks from Fourth street of the road which is the busiest street in Danville. Lots of stuff going on over there. Walmart’s up there about half mile or so, lots of shopping and the downtown is where the hospital is, Main Street, coffee shops, all that stuff and quaint restaurants and things but what’s more important is there’s jobs, tons of jobs around here, lots and lots of medical jobs. Anyway but let me tell you about this house real quick. First of all this house should be on one of those– you ever watch HGTV and see those remake shows? You know, where that the Property Brothers go in or whatever and they remake the house? This is like so cool. First of all this used to have a two car garage on the end. Now I like my car too but do you really need a garage when you could have living space? Oh my gosh, they turned that into master suite. Wait till I show you. Four bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths on a third of an acre, .31 close enough right? You’re going to probably want to see in. Come on, let me take you around back first right here in this VIDEO of Danville homes for sale. Can you believe how pristine this thing is? You’ve got a garage back here and this great deck and then it’s all fenced. So you get stockade on this side, chainlink on that side, chainlink over there. Air conditioner, it’s like 40° in the house. I’m only joking but it’s really– feels good because it’s like 80 out here. Beautiful neighborhood, all the houses are taken care of. Look at the way these people take care of their places. That’s really important. You want to go to sell your house again, you want to have a nice neighborhood. This is a nice neighborhood. Let’s just go right on. I am really excited to show you this because we rarely get a four bedroom and then a four bedroom 2 1/2 bath for this kind of price– I don’t want to say it’s unheard of but it’s unheard of. So what I like to think about for price and value and all that stuff is what can I get for my money for the same thing? You could get a garden apartment for $600 a month, 650 a month or you could buy this house. If you’ve got decent credit, even if you’ve got some iffy credit, there are some programs that our mortgage brokers can help you with and get you back on track, boost your score a little bit and get into a house like this. For this Danville home for sale, you’re looking at like $600, $650 a month to buy this house. How crazy is that? So you could rent a garden apartment or you could buy this four bedroom, 2 1/2 bath brick house and it’s got a garage too. It’s beautiful. I’m not going to get all crazy and jump up-and-down and everything but maybe I will, I don’t know. Hey this is a– this is a king bed. To just kind of give you an idea of the size of this bedroom, it’s got a big double closet there. You just don’t see them done so well. And they turned into this master suite. Just beautiful. With a vaulted ceiling. Well done. And here is tile floor, solid surface deal there, vaulted ceiling in the bathroom here, nice. Let’s go take a look at the rest of the house. I’ve got to show you this laundry room, it’s very nice. And it’s got an air conditioner vent in there and it’s like 20° cooler in there than it is outside. I wanted to just stand in here for a little while. So you get the electric panel there and water heater and that’s all  PEX all that that red stuff, that’s really good. That’s what everybody’s plumbing with today. Here’s the kitchen it’s what I would consider like a galley kitchen and these are 16 inch tiles so this is– this is like maybe 36 inches here between, which is really nice and then you can serve on here and you serve on here. So you do like a buffet line here if you needed to or whatever and then you could serve your family. You’ve got three barstools here and then something that’s near and dear to my heart which is the dining room, this dining area. This is where all the stories are told, the good, the bad, the ugly, the crying, all that stuff right here. Every night we sit down as a family and we have a meal together and it’s electronics off and just hang out and talk about what’s going on. My kids went to a Montessori school and they got together every day and after, you know, after regular classes and they’d have concerns, appreciation and life’s gifts, right? So we talk about that stuff, we still talk about that stuff today. And that’s where it all happens, right there in the dining room. Look at the size of this living room. It’s crazy. Big vaulted ceiling. It takes a lot to impress me because I see houses all the time and I see the good, the bad and the ugly and so it takes a lot to get me impressed. I’m impressed with this house. It’s like 1600 ft.² and for this price, it’s crazy. Here’s a full bath, look how pretty that is, and then it’s got the shower, one piece, right that’s important. The hallway’s nice and wide and then you’ve got this other bedroom and then a big double closet deal– dealio and then air conditioner’s here at this end, the air and the furnace, and you can throw your vacuum there. Then you’ve got this office deal here so what would you use it for? It’s got this like hand scraped laminate floor stuff that might be vinyl plan or laminate or something like that. Jeremy can tell you all that, I can’t tell you that stuff. He knows all that stuff. And so it’s a nice bedroom here, it’d be a small bedroom or a perfect home office, which is what they’re using it for. You’ve got a closet there and then there’s the half bath. Now it’s small, you’d have to step outside to change your mind especially if you’re a guy my size. And then you’ve got another bedroom. Everything’s in great shape except the fire detector. You need a battery in there, Jeremy. C’mon dude. You should carry those with you. So here’s another bedroom. Central heat and air, another big closet. It’s decorated nice, isn’t it? Beautiful color, I like it. How about you? If you like it, call Jeremy right there for this Danville home for sale. Oh wait, I’ve got to show you outside. Come on. Let’s see what we’ve got going on out here. Nice deck, recently stained. Again, a lot of stuff has happened recently with this. I think these are like seven years old or something like that, the heat and air, but the roof is only two years old and it shows. Looks like– looks like they just did it. Metal lasts forever. You’ve got a little basketball court here so you want just like to put up lights at night and play nighttime basketball, the kids love that. And there’s power out here so if you have a grill or put a little a refrigerator out here, how fun would that be? And then you saw the front of this in the beginning of the video, and this is what the back looks like. Look at that roof, nice and straight, clean, neat and new. All right, that’s it. That’s it out here, .31 acres. I am so glad we got to spend a little time together this afternoon on this warm spring day. Yep, and it’s still spring. Anyway, if you like this house, four bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, great location in Danville, college town, and you’re close to everything. Remember you’re just a half a mile or so to Walmart, lots of jobs, coffee shop, downtown, all the downtown fun stuff. Jeremy’s phone number’s right here. You’ll want to subscribe right here, see the little red button? Click on that and get on our exclusive buyers list. You’ll be alerted to properties before they hit the general public. You’re going to know about this. If you’re on our list, you’re going to know about this before anyone else does. Give us a call for this Danville homes for sale. I’ve enjoyed hanging out with you this afternoon. You’ll love this house, I promise. Ciao. Everything’s in great shape except the– except the– everything’s in great shape– everything’s in great shape except the fire detector. You need a battery in there, Jeremy. C’mon dude. You should carry those with you. Another vacuum. How many people– how many vacuums do these people have anyway? So you can beat all those other people to the deal. You can come in, make an offer. Oh my gosh, I’m so hungry I’ve got to eat something. There’s nothing in here. All they’ve got is pickles. What? I left the camera running? 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