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Lannock Place subdivision, need I say more?  Ok, fine. How about single owner home, a large open kitchen and living area, formal living and dining rooms, first floor master en suite and walk-in closet. Downstairs offers another bedroom, office space and a recreational room too, and walk-out access. Don’t forget the huge two car garage and deck. Sellers are motivated to sell this Danville Kentucky Homes for sale Lannock, Kentucky Homes for sale, Danville Kentucky Homes for sale. call or text Ken 859-494-5521   Bluegrass TeamVIDEO of Danville Kentucky Homes Lannock

VIDEO Translation: I just turned off of 150, so we’re talking about half a mile/three quarters of a mile, this is called Lannock Place, these houses are neat as a pin, and I’m talking about really really nice, highly-desirable neighborhood, desirable school system, you’re in the Boyle County School System here, we’ve got good schools all around but people really like Boyle County, they’ve got a lot of programs, and you’re close to all the shopping, there’s …heck there’s lumber yards and movie theaters and McDonalds and all kinds of stuff. Remember Danville is a college town so can you believe how ridiculously nice all these houses are, I mean this is the neighborhood, this is where people want to live. It’s hard to find one with a blade of grass out of place in this Danville Kentucky Home for sale. On the other side of these houses here is our park, that’s called Millennium Park, I’ll put a photograph of it here and how big it is, it’s pretty big, it’s like 200 acres I think. Nice street lights, all underground utilities, so the best thing about this, people ask me all the time “How are the taxes?” You know this is a neighborhood, the taxes are going to be around $2,000 a year for real-estate taxes, you can’t beat that. This is the subject house, it’s got a full walk-out basement, it’s a two-car garage and then the rest is all finished, I’ll show you everything, it’s got a nice little deck on the back and everything. So literally less than a mile out to the highway, you can go down a mile and a half maybe to Center College and half a mile to the park…to the Millennium Park, what a great location. All the schools are right here, I’ll put an aerial right here to show you where the schools are in comparison to this house, so I call it a “lifestyle map”. Anyway here it is…and the taxes, really little taxes, and KU Electric again, so you got about half price electric here, it’s going to be really reasonable. You got an oak tree here that needs pruning real bad, but a oak tree, beautiful magnolia…that is a mimosa, which is a late bloomer, everybody knows that, you’ve got two pink dogwoods, you’ve got lilacs, you’ve got Colorado Blue Spruce, anyway…I’m going to walk around back, unlock and then we’re going to do some interiors for you, show you all inside the house. This is a multi-generational house…sorry about that, my gum got in front of my eye-tooth, I couldn’t see what I was saying…but it’s multi-generational and you’ve got a full bedroom, a full living room area, a full bathroom downstairs, so grandma can come in or junior, or whatever, and you can be up and they can be down and there you go, and all the neighbors houses are spotless, it’s a good deal. Here we are in this great neighborhood in Danville, Boyle County schools, KU Electric. Here’s one of these beautiful leaded glass doors, you got hardwood floors here in the foyer, crystal chandelier. So foyer’s really nice, and you’ve got a nice coat closet here, and formal living room…this is nice…and you got a formal dining room here, so this is where all the big Thanksgiving meals are. Check this out, I love this for entertainment, so this is a really good sized kitchen, obviously plenty of room, enough even for a eat-in and then it goes right into the family room or whatever you want to call that, it’s got a fireplace and it’s all open so you could do absolutely whatever you wanted with this space. How nice is this? Opens up onto the deck. Let’s just go on outside real quick I want to show you what we got out here. So remember we talked about multi-generational, well so there’s the door and that comes right on out, there’s the door to the garage, so everyone’s got separate entrances. That’s the master bedroom and you can throw a stairs down, in fact you can put a slide right into a pool if you wanted, but what a nice garden area. You got cherry trees here, just beautiful, and everyone else’s yard is nice too, that’s kind of important…dimensional shingles. Fireplace is in really nice touch…you got linen here…nice full bath here. Check this out…laundry, access to the attic…bedroom number one, and number two, this is all closet by the way, and we got a shared space here with the master bedroom which is right here…and we’ve got a little deck, a little smoking deck or I don’t know what you’d do with it, I don’t smoke but I don’t know what you’d do with it. Twin vanities and then a really nice sized closet here that’s jam packed, I’m warning you it looks like my closet…and we’ve got a whole nother floor downstairs, how nice is that? Let’s go on down to see more of thisDanville Kentucky Home for sale. So come down, we’ve got this, and this is poured concrete walls, which you know I love that, and you will too…look at that poured concrete. This is kind of a mud room, you’ve got the slop sink here, or mop sink, whatever you want to call it. Ginormous water heater and heat and air, freezer, plenty of room for all kinds of stuff. This goes out to the garage which the garage looks like my garage…I’m not going to show you out there, just take my word for it, it’s a two-car garage. And you have a bedroom here, that’s a quiet…you a day…a night worker/day sleeper, that type of person, nice and quiet in there, concrete walls, and then like this would be like a living room here and then full bath, how cool’s that? This goes out to the garage as well. So definitely mother-daughter or a teenager, that sort of thing, perfect for that. Oh and one thing, I almost forgot, in this room here you got a gas fireplace, how cool is that, little gas logs, light them up. So there you have it, house in Lennox, and the houses go quickly here, that’s a true story, and it’s Springtime so that’s going to be even nicer, but it’s just a nice house, solid house, solid neighborhood, solid price, it’s vacant, sometimes you can get the best deals on vacant houses. Call Ken, phone number’s right here…right here, there you go…phone number’s right here and then click up here to get on our mailing list, you know the drill, if you’ve listened to any of my videos I always tell you get on our mailing list because it’s great! You get to listen to me talk for hours on end and you get to see cool properties before they hit the MLS and…and nothing else, that’s it, that’s all you got. That’s all you got, I was going to say something else…there is nothing else. Get on our mailing list, you’ll love, I promise and you can back out with one little click, says “unsubscribe here” you can go “click”, you’re gone. But join us, we got about 9,000/10,000 people on there now, obviously people stay with us for years and years, obviously we’re giving some value, come and join us, let’s have some fun together. Thanks so much for watching, really enjoyed spending this afternoon with you, it’s a beautiful Spring day here – and thank you for watching this video of a Danville Kentucky Home for sale. END

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You’ll be 1st to know about properties – It’s like a sneak peek – before they hit the market – sent right to your inbox.

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