VIDEO of Danville Kentucky House for Sale

VIDEO of Danville Kentucky House for Sale within the suburb of Junction City.  Walk to Bank, Stores, Fast Food, etc.  2.5 miles to Cracker Barrel, Wal-mart SuperCenter, Lowe’s, etc.  Boyle County Schools!  call or text Ken 859-494-5521 VIDEO Transcript: Own this house for less than $600/mo – Danville Kentucky Country House   Jeremy has not even told me anything about this. I went and looked at the paperwork this morning, nothing on it. It says three bedroom, two bath. Oh my gosh. So this is fresh as fresh can be. You want fresh and new properties, this one’s it. Can’t get any fresher than this Danville Kentucky Country House. We’ve got no information on it, you’ve got to call him or go to our website, which is right there—right there. Go to our website or give Jeremy a call, which is right there. Okay, there you go. Now I’ve got that squared away. But this is a great house. You are looking at payments like in the 500s to 600s, so that’s why we want you to go to our website. That payment is going to be in the high 500s because interest rate’s only 4% right now. Oh my gosh, cute as a button. Boyle Academy School is really important. You’ve got Junction City Elementary and then you’ve got Boyle County Middle and High – which is a desirable school system around here. Everybody wants that.   On this Danville Kentucky Country House, You’ve got brick down here with crawl space and wait until you see inside, they’ve re-done the floors. It’s just cute as it can be. So every property is about something, and this is about affordability. This backyard here, you could throw in a pool here or you could do a garden or landscaping here, whatever. You could do a fire pit, they’ve got a little fire pit-y thing here, so that’s kind of nice. So that’s already there. They’ve got a little shed, beautiful shade tree. And it’s Junction, everyone wants to live in Junction City because it’s so close to everything. This– you literally could walk to Dollar General, which is right out that way. There’s a Hardy’s, a convenience Store, a bank, there’s another bank down there, a carwash, a produce store, all kinds of stuff. And then if you don’t want that stuff in town– there’s a great restaurant here and there’s a fantastic cake shop too which is literally just hundreds of feet away. Make a left, two and a half miles you’re at the Walmart Super Centre in Danville, Cracker Barrel, all kinds of stuff. McDonalds, Cheddars, oh my gosh Danville’s got everything. It’s a college town and its got a regional medical centre.   Let’s go on in and I will get to the details of this Danville Kentucky Country House. You can see yourself what the deal is. Again, all I have is three bedroom, two bath. Call Jeremy and holler at him on the phone, here’s his phone number. Say, “Jeremy I want more details.” Anyway, you’ve got stone here and this is cedar I believe, I guarantee it’s cedar. This is a sunroom with pebbletec. So I guess it was a back porch or some kind of patio thing and they had enough foresight to close this thing in, put up these beautiful windows and it’s living space now. It’s not heated but its got these big windows in here which gather the solar light, they’re double pane windows– or not double pane windows– what do you call it when there’s two pieces of glass? Thermal pane windows. So its got two pieces of glass here, so they’re insulated. And you could throw one of those little electric heaters out here, or a wood stove, or whatever the heck you want. It’s your house, right?   Beautiful hardwood floors already done and you’ve got a nice kitchen. Remember, this house is affordable. This is a very nice sized living room. Wait until you see this, this is cute as a button. So it’s a regular door and then they screwed bi-folds on it to make it look cute and they got a little stuff at the top. This is a great storage there. Lots and lots of closets in this house. Got the laundry room here with a slop sink. Full bath here. You get a full bath upstairs too, wait until you see that. You’ve got central heat and air, I’ve got it running right now. Another nice closet over there. Another bedroom here. Another nice closet over there.   And let’s just run upstairs real quick. It’s in town, so you’ve got all the conveniences of being in town. Look how nice this is. But you’re out in the country, you’ve got a farm field on the side of you, you’ve got a farm field behind you. Good sized bedroom and this is laminate floor here. And then turn around and we’re up here into this jet tub. There’s the hopper. Got a nice linen. Now check this out, you want to see this? House has lots of closets, right? Here’s a ginormo. This thing is big, I mean like big. And you’ve got little attic access there. And here’s another closet. So you’ve got one bedroom, three closets. I think that’s kind of funny. Funny and cool at the same time. Everybody wants closets, you say “I want more closets.” Well here you go buddy, you’ve got closets galore.   Okay, so here we are at 80 Smallwood, a Danville Kentucky Country House. Give Jeremy a call, the phone number’s right there 859-494-5521. I’m going to put a lifestyle map here so you can see what’s going on. And do please get on our exclusive buyers list. That box is right here, click on it, tell us what you want. You’d be the first to be alerted of properties just like this one. Brand new, so new I don’t even know anything about it. [shouting] I sound like that carpet salesman guy on TV. So anyway I don’t want to be like that guy. But just get on our list and you can find out all about it. Call Jeremy, come and let’s show you this house and you can be our new neighbor. Thanks for watching. Ciao from this Danville Kentucky Country House. 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