VIDEO – Home and Land for Sale Kentucky 7 acre Sustainable Farm real estate

VIDEO – Home and Land for Sale Kentucky 7 acre Sustainable Farm real estate

Jump on our new farm list – – we’ll send you new properties before they hit the market. call Ken 859-494-5521 or office 859-379-LAND (5263) . Home and Land for Sale Kentucky 7 acre Sustainable Farm real estate in Historic Perryville KY. Best real estate agent in central Kentucky.

Beautiful Vintage brick house with High ceilings on 7 acres, garage and a red farm barn. New HVAC last year, vintage hardwood floors, gas fireplace, 10-foot ceilings! — I’ll have more info as we go along. All fenced – ready for your large animals or great building sites for another house. Views to LIVE for. 7 acres right in city limits is a rarity. Walk to schools, stores, churches, etc — and be on your very own farm.

Home and Land for Sale Kentucky 7 acre Sustainable Farm real estate

[00:00:05] This is our cute little historic town, Perryville, Kentucky. It’s got the little river going through it and it’s got all these historic buildings and this is the scenic byway in Kentucky. So it’s Route 68, which is the Route 66 of Kentucky. It goes diagonally across the whole state. And it’s just got a lot of scenic things. Hence the name little church here. 700 people, 6 churches. But it’s just as cute as it can be anyway. Enough talk about Perryville. House is right up here. So you are kind of in town. I mean, you can literally walk to. You can walk to school. You can walk to the post office. You can walk to any of the 6 or 7 churches we got. And you’ve got a historic home here now. It doesn’t have any kind of issues.


[00:01:11] It’s this house right here, doesn’t have any kind of issues where you have to, like, get permission to paint it or anything like that or has to be famous or not. None of that jazz, but it’s got seven acres. So that’s kind of important if you want to have animals. So it’s zoned a are one. And I’m not a code enforcement guy, so I’m not going to tell you all the details on that. But it’s agricultural, residential. It’s all fenced. It has a Q red barn. In the back here, so you can have you have large animals, so if you didn’t have 7 acres, you could still have small animals like chickens and sheep and goats and all that sort of thing, just not cows and horses.


[00:01:53] But you got 7 acres here so you can have the cows and the horses and look at the barn. Oh, yeah. Now, does it need a little work? Of course, all barns need a little work, but you’ve got nice stalls in there and everything here in the back. And I’ll show you some aerials. Right up in here, and I believe it’s completely fenced. So what does that mean? It means that you can just grab your animals, drop them off and you’re good to go. It includes this lot over here. Sorry for being so shaky and includes all this back here. And it doesn’t stop at this little tree. It goes back to the next one. Again, I’ll show you the aerials. And those are buttercups. You know, you pick those up and put them on your chin. And if you got yellow under your chin, you like butter.


[00:02:47] So I’m not telling you what to do. But, you know, I like to talk to you, like if you’re my brother or my sister and people say, well, my gosh, what am I going to do to fix that barn? Don’t need very much. I would just call the Amish. We’ve got a big, huge Amish community nearby. Those guys know how to make barns, those guys and how to fix barns. They’ll build a couple new doors and put them up on a track for you. Now, I’m just gonna take a while. I shouldn’t say that. I’m just gonna take a wild guess. Now, this is just conversation. Tine mean, you like brother and sister, right? I wouldn’t take a wild guess that the Amish would charge you maybe $1200 or something like that to do new doors on there. That’s just a guess. But that’s probably about right. You know, you can figure on about $25 an hour per man, two men a day or two prior two days and some lumber and lumber is not that expensive. So you figured out yourself might be six or eight hundred dollars, but it might be $1500. But that’s a good enough guess. So anyway, so you look at it and you go, oh, my God, it’s fallen down. It has not fallen down. It’s a sturdy, good barn. It just needs some DA work. It cost you maybe twelve hundred bucks ash. Now if it’s a whole lot more on that, don’t give me no lip. I’m just trying to help.


[00:04:01] I’ll buy you a beer, but I’ll definitely tell you what I will do. I’ll put you in touch with some pretty good Amish guys. Ok. So here you’ve seen the aerial. The plane goes from here right on over to the imaginary fence. That’s right here. And why don’t we have fences here in Kentucky? Because everybody gets along. In fact, this is the mayor’s house. He just bought it is fixing it up. He sold his big house and he’s fixing this one up to live in it. How cool is that? Good to have the mayor as a neighbor. Guess whose driveway gets plowed first? I always invite the police and the E.M.S. and the mayors to your parties to sway this. It’s the rule, especially in the country. So I believe this is 1984 and on put here. If it’s wrong, I believe it’s 1984. Oh, there you go. 1985 So maybe it was started in 1984, finished in 1985. Whatever. There you go.


[00:04:59] There’s your proof. Don’t have to ask Kant or anything. It’s got a lot of new things. It’s got new windows, some new windows. This one’s new. Those are not. Those are not. But a lot of the other windows are new. It’s got new age meac. I’ll show you what’s going on inside. OK, look at something here. The big scary. So the acoustics in here have to be. Because it’s empty. Real wood floors, 10 foot ceilings, lot of original are I guess most all original woodwork, which is really nice gas fireplace. Again, walk to have sidewalks all the way down to historic merchant’s row, gas station, convenience store. There’s two convenience stores.


[00:05:57] One of them has hot meals and owns a pizza, fried chicken and all that kind of stuff. So you’re not too far from this and that, which is really nice. 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. There’s a bedroom. The kitchen’s really big. Definitely eat impossibilities. There’s plenty huge here. Laundry right here. So one floor living, which is really nice. Nice backyard with the tire swing. Now, you know, you’re in the country and you get a tired swing and your animals are right there. I mean, literally, the fence is right there. Go to the wild deer.


[00:06:52] His bath, which is cool. You don’t have a pocket door here, but definitely a door, so you can do your thing and you can do your thing, your spouse can do their thing. Get a little table here, mirror the wall, the master boudoir. Keeble Vanity and again, separate so you can kind of both be in the bathroom at the same time without disturbing each other. That’s really nice, especially when you’re Russian trying to get kids out and all that stuff can light up in there. So it’s got a pretty look like it, said Nutri AC on Morell’s. I can tell you I’ll put it in here if there are any details that I forgot. I like fireplace, a love hardwood floors, and I love the 10 foot ceilings and 7 acres downtown. Have what you want. You have horses. You can have llamas, goats, sheep, chickens, of course, whatever. It’s kind of nice to have that opportunity.


[00:07:54] So your kids know where food comes from and nothing is better for little kids and some chickens. That’s so much fun. If this house is right for you, fantastic. Call a number right here. If it’s not right for you, that’s even better because we want to help you find the perfect place for you and fill out our home finder. The link is right up here. You can’t click on them anymore. We can go down in the description of the video and you can click right there. They’ll take you right through. The home finder is going to ask you about 5 questions. How much land do you want? What is the perfect place look like? What’s your price range? Fill all that stuff out and we’ll find stuff before it comes on the market, just like this one.


[00:08:33] Thank you for spending some time with me on this beautiful spring day in historic Perryville. All right, there you go. All right. There you go. Now, I’m just going to take a while. I shouldn’t say that. I’m just going take a wild guess. Just like this. Thank you.


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