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You’ll want to see this VIDEO of this House For Sale Danville Kentucky on Hayes Lane – the most perfect location in Boyle County.  Think I am overstating that?  Come see for yourself.  Wonderful area, Wonderful spot in the country, 2.5 miles to town (4 minutes) and 7 miles to Danville (10 min) our College town. All Brick, with patio, fireplace and this is a Roger Yankee built home.  Ask anyone around, Mr Yankee built the best. Call Ken for more info on this House For Sale in Danville Kentucky on Hayes Lane.  859-494-5521 PAYING too much for YOUR house? Here’s what $668/mo will buy for a Danville Kentucky House VIDEO Transcript I used to do these great drive-ins and I just don’t do them any more, I don’t know why. But anyway, you can tell it’s a really busy highway – I’m standing in the middle of it. This House For Sale Danville Kentucky is close to Perryville, historic Perryville. It’s a big civil war town, all that stuff. And this goes right up to Danville, about eight miles, maybe seven miles from here and you’re in Danville at the movies and stuff. Look at the beautiful estate homes, and we’re going to shoot right down this little country lane, and just go up and over that knoll right there, that little knoll, and I’m going to show you the cutest little house on the best little property you’ve ever seen with this House For Sale Danville Kentucky. About an acre and a third, 1.3 acres more or less, you have to ask Ken he knows exactly. Remember, I’m just his helper but I’m going to take you down there and you’re going to see a fantastic brick home. Okay, so we’re going down this little country lane. So, you are going to say, “Well who lives here? You know, what do they do?” Well, a lot of people have been living here for years and years and years. In fact, this guy just moved from down here, like five doors down, so he must love the neighborhood. The county attorney lives here so it’s a good, solid, solid neighborhood. Most all the houses are brick, and that’s a really nice thing. And obviously people just walk in the middle of the road. Hey, that’s one of the city councilmen. Anyway, we’re going right down here and this House For Sale Danville Kentucky is the exact property here on the corner, on the corner of Meadowlark. Where this van is coming here, that’s just a farm. So the property– this road ends at a farm. Anyway you’re going to see this, it is the nicest lot you’ve ever been to. Well maybe not but it’s darn nice. You’re going to love it, I promise. So that’s where the farm is, right there. They just put in a new septic system so that’s why there’s no grass, it’s coming up. If you like the looks of this right now, keep watching, you’re going to want to see all the way to the end. If you don’t like what you see so far, go to our website which is right here. Just click on this button, it should take you right there. Go to and you can see all kinds of properties like this House For Sale Danville Kentucky. Look at how solid this neighborhood is, just beautiful. Everybody keeps their place nice and it’s Perryville, Boyle County. Boyle County schools, Perryville schools, excellent schools, has an elementary school in town. And then the kids go to middle and high in Boyle or we have private schools, we’ve got Danville Christian Academy, we’ve got Montessori, we’ve got a Catholic school. We’ve got a lot of different options and of course you can shoot right up to Lexington, then you got all kinds of options. But anyway, love this area, love this town. This is where we live. We’ve been living here for about 20 years. I wouldn’t live anyplace else. Absolutely love the people. Wait until I show you this house, you’re going to love it, I promise. That’s is lot of loves. I said love like many times, like a whole bunch of times. I guess I love this House For Sale Danville Kentucky. Okay, remember where I was showing you back here in the woods, how neat this is? Well look, they’ve got a spot out here, they actually make– the people who live here actually make pallet furniture. They make furniture out of pallets and they’ve got a little table there, a little chaise and a little fire pit. So they’ve got a little thing going on here. And you’ve got these little mounds and everything. What that does is it keeps the creek in the banks, which is approximately the property line. There’s a neighbor there, a guy I’ve known for about 30 years. Super guy, know his dad, know his sister, know his wife, everybody. But look at this in the back yard, is this just heaven? Can you imagine, you’ve got little ones, you’ve got grandkids, can you imagine they come out here? They’d want to come to grammy’s house and grandpa’s house all the time to play in the creek and in the woods. There’s a thousand adventures back here and it’s all yours. Look at these woods. Everybody wants woods, this is the perfect woods, it’s got the little acorns, it’s got all the rustling leaves as you can hear. A lot of hickory nuts because there’s a lot of hickory trees back here. So that’s nice, you get a lot of little furry animals like chipmunks and squirrels and whatnot. So plenty of grass so you can play ball, you’ve got the trees in the front. You can play in the front of this House For Sale Danville Kentucky, you can play ball in the side, and then you can go in the woods. I would bet a dollar to a dozen donuts, the kids and grandkids come, they’re going to want to be back in here. They want to be playing in the fire pit, roasting marshmallows, all that jazz. So you’ve got this patio which is a mac-daddy-o patio. All concrete and you know you can clean this up with a power washer, a little bleach, a little TSP, clean that up. You could even stain it, you can stain concrete today. Fantastic option would be to stain this, then you get the nice brick wall, plenty of seating, right? Have the chiminea there, you’ve got the grill, yada yada. Nice. All right, we are going to go inside. We are going in, Danno. What do you think? Okay, we’ve got beautiful light. I’m going to go inside real quick because I’m losing light because it’s getting towards the afternoon. Obviously these people have impeccable taste in houses, in neighborhoods and in cars. A two Honda family, gotta love that. Right, you know those cars last a long time. This Danville Kentucky House is going to last a long time too, all brick, built well. This House For Sale Danville Kentucky was built by Roger Yankee in 1973. Now Roger has gone to the big hammer in the sky, but this house is built well and everyone knows in the area that a Yankee home was done correctly. So it’s a Roger Yankee house, that means a lot. What are you going to do with this out here? They use it for a garage, but you could finish this off. I’m always looking for added living space, right? Like the patio, like the fire pit, all that stuff. You walk right in here and you’ve got a laundry room and of course this door goes right out to that patio. I love that patio. They come home one day and see that patio gone, you better come look at my House For Sale Danville Kentucky. Just joking, just joking. All right, so here you’ve got a fireplace, gas logs, and this big open area. So if you entertain a lot, like we sometimes do, then you’ve got the kitchen here. You guys can be cooking, you can be serving, and you can be chilling and kibitzing and all that stuff. Oh, and you’ve got this coffer– not coffered ceiling, but like beams and stuff there. It’s about an acre and a third. Got to talk to Ken, he’s going to know about it more than I. So a formal dining room, or not-so-formal dining room. And then check this out, formal living room, or you could open this up and make this all just entertaining. Why not? But this is big, big, big. All in there, gosh that’s got to be almost 30 feet and this was probably 16 feet or so. And again, they just put a new septic system in, so you’ve got a new septic system. How nice is this House For Sale Danville Kentucky? All right, so not to get you lost, here’s the living room with the fireplace. We’re going to go down this really nice hall and you’ve got bedroom number one, with big closet. Master bedroom, look how the lights change so fast, so quickly. This master bedroom with the big closet and full bath. You’ve got two full baths in this house. So, there you go there. And you’ve got the third bedroom here. You’ve got bunk beds in here, but so what? I mean you could put a king in here, it’s a good sized bedroom let me tell you. And it’s got a bath right off of here, so you’ve got a full bath here. And then that is where that really nice wooded area is out there. The light sure went away. So I’m just going to fly through here. Again, if you like what you see, come on down, give Ken a call. Come on down and visit with us and we will show you around. We’ll show you around Perryville, we’ll show you around Danville and more House For Sale Danville Kentucky. Maybe you’ve got a kid who is going to go to Centre College, wouldn’t that be cool? You want to live a little bit closer. You can come on down visit the college, come look at the house. You know, a lot of good things going on here. And if this isn’t exactly for you, go to our website which is right here. Click on that button, it should work. Click right there, it should go right to our website, Call Ken, his number’s here. You can always reach him. That cell phone is in his left shirt pocket every day, so you can call him any time, it’s going to buzz right there. And of course if you want to be alerted about new Danville Kentucky Houses before they come on the market, click on that button right there and that will go to the home finder. It’s going to ask you about 10 or 12 questions and we’re going to get to know a little bit about your perfect property looks like, and then we’ll find it for you, send it to you. You come on up here and live happily ever after. Thanks for watching. Really appreciate it. It’s the end of the day and you know what time that means, it is wine time. This is big wine country around here and we’re going to have a glass of wine with my wife. Goodnight. Thank you. That’s a lot of loves, I said love like many times. But anyway, love this area, love this town, this is where we live, we’ve been living here for about 20 years. I wouldn’t live anyplace else. Absolutely love the people. Wait until I show you this house. You’re going to love it, promise. That’s a lot of loves. I said love like many times. Like a whole bunch of times. So what are you going to do with this out here? They use it for–

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