VIDEO of Kentucky Country Homes For Sale

VIDEO of Kentucky Country Homes For Sale

There are two things I enjoy doing – one is sharing new and cool stuff with my friends, YOU – and I mean we get to talk all the time, you see all these videos, we got over four million views on our channel, which is so cool, thank you so much.  Let’s look closer at this Kentucky Country Home For Sale.  And the second thing I enjoy doing is talking about real estate.  So I want to share cool stuff with you and I want to talk about real estate, and that’s why you’re here, obviously, so I want to give you everything you need. We got another affordable house today, which is rare you know we going through these spits and spurts where we only have four to $700,000 houses and then you text or email and you say “Dude, let’s have something a little bit more affordable”.  Well this is a fantastic Kentucky Country Home property.  We’ve had now two or three in a row that are affordable, and this is one of them.  This house is going to be in that six to $700 a month range to buy with a new loan, and how nice is that? Now the location is spectacular up here.  You’ve got the big highway out here, so it’s really quick on,  and you can go down the little lake and make a left, you’re down at the lake, you make a right and you’re in a college town about seven/eight miles you’re in Danville, so that’s really cool.  You’re up high on a hill, the views are amazing and I’ll show you out the back you’ll see how nice and high up you are, but it’s nice and level. All the houses in here are neat and there’s some prosperity here.  When you’re only paying six or $700 a month for mortgage or less, maybe you want to pay in cash for the house, but when you’re only paying that kind of money for a mortgage, don’t you have money for other stuff like going to the movies, going out to dinner…maybe going on vacations, maybe buying a new car, that sort of thing?  Of course you do. So there’s people have boats on this road and pools in the backyard and everything.  So nice neighborhood, this cul-de-sac, so this is it, that’s the last…this brick then that one and that one…and then that one, those are the last houses on this road.  So if you’ve got little ones with bicycles like these people do right here, they’re safe obviously, it’s just a couple meters. I’m going to show you everything, it’s a nice house, it’s a three…actually, kind of like a four…that was a garage converted into a bedroom or a den or whatever you want to call it…man cave, it’s very cool, maybe you want to make it a party house.  Tell me what you’re going to do with it, put it down in the comments below. Oh, real quick, something everyone always wants to see…”Where is my property line?” Right there, so you go from this property line, this pin here and that tree row over to this pin…and there’s another…there’s another post right there in front of that car tire, I don’t know if you can see it or not, but there’s the property line.  So that’s pretty easy and the back is all enclosed as well with trees. Come on in the back, I’ll show you.  So you got vinyl siding, dimensional shingles, so real…and vinyl windows, so you got a very low-maintenance type house.  Central…central heat and air…nice little deck…a shed. Ask Ken if the shed stays, I’m assuming it does…here’s another pool, and rabbit just went flying there.  You’re out in the country here, you really are.  I’m going to show you, I love these pine trees…you should smell this.  If you know anything about pine trees, the smell is beautiful. This is the back yard, can you see those cows down there?  Those are Holsteins, those are dairy cows, they bring to you a beautiful bucolic setting…it brings you…look at the corn…I don’t know if you see the cornfields up in the back, it’s a dairy farm there.  I bet you you could go there to that guy and buy some raw milk or he’s got organic eggs or any of that kind of stuff.  So how fun is that?  And of course there’s a fence here and he’ll maintain that. But look, here’s the backyard of all these houses, nice, neat…and I’m glad I walked back here because this is…it’s an half an acre so it’s easy to mow, but its huge enough if you wanted to put an addition on, if you wanted to put in a pool, if you wanted to put in a barn back here, that sort of thing. Maybe it’s just a childhood memory with me but the pine trees…just love to smell them, and you get to play in the needles and bite them and they drop their needles and  you get to play in those, it’s just really nice, pine straw right. Something I just noticed, this place is really well-landscaped, if you look around, very nice. It’s got the pears… the ornamental pears there, you’ve got holly bushes here, boxwood, arborvitae, and a nice porch to sit and just reflect. I know, enough enough! You want to go inside.  Let’s go on in and see the house.  Alright, let’s go on in. We got Berber carpet here, everywhere…vaulted ceiling which is so nice because it makes a small room big…feel big, a big room feel even bigger, and it’s just…it’s not…you know those flat ceilings to me, I don’t know, I like the vaulted ceilings, just kind of makes you feel open and airy.  I’m not going to say anything weird like you know, makes you feel like you’ve got room to breathe, but you know it makes you feel like you’ve got room to breathe for sure. You got Eden kitchen here and then here’s the dining area.  Now the patio doors go right on out to this deck, and there’s the back yard, so see how conducive this would be to put in…put a grill out here on this deck, put in a pool, that sort of thing. And nice workable kitchen, good triangle here…good working triangle. Laundry room right off here which is very convenient, electric water heater, I’m going to venture to say that the whole house is electric. So let’s go out into this…what was a garage and they very smartly converted it over to a man cave, a den, that sort of thing.  Check this out, instead of a tiny little one-car garage, this is very useable! What would you use it for?  Tell me, please tell me, it gives me good ideas, it gives me ideas what you need, what you want and what people like.  Look at that.  Me personally, I’d much rather have this, whatever it is 350 or 400 square feet in living space…and look it’s got pantry here and a freezer, than a garage…I’m not a garage guy. I like to have a garage, but I like the square footage better. So this house was built recently, it’s not brand new but it’s not an old house, so it’s got good insulation, and it’s really reasonable to heat and cool. Here’s bedroom number one…very good size… Full bath number one…  Bedroom number two… a little bit more compact, but plenty big, obviously for an office for two…. And the master bedroom…big closet, and here’s what I like the best is a full bath right off of the master bedroom. So anyway, this is Country Drive, isn’t that a nice address? Country Drive – Kentucky Country Homes For Sale. Hey give Ken a call, the phone number’s right here and if you want to be the first to know about properties like this one or like others, we’ve horse farms and we’ve got stone cottages, places out in the country and nice homes like this, family homes, fill out this home finder…fill out this home finder, just click on the box right here, asks you about 10 or 12 questions…you know how many bedrooms do you need? What’s the minimum land you need?  What’s your price range?  And then a comment box for you to put in all the information, and you’ll get on our Exclusive Buyers’ List, you’ll get the first crack at all these properties, you’ll get an exclusive sneak peak at our property list before it hits the general public, before it hits the MLS. Fill out that box, you’ll be glad you did, you can back out anytime, your information’s safe with us because obviously we’re not going to share with our competition right. So give Ken a call, thanks again for watching, really appreciate you as our subscribers; we really appreciate you.  I consider you guys friends and I hope you like this house.  Leave some comments, like the page, share it with friends.  Thanks. Toodles.

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