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Paddocks, 1.5 ac pond, long driveway, awesome privacy. Road frontage on two roads, views to live for! Kentucky Horse Property like this is becoming harder to find.  VIDEO of Horse Property, house, 4 stall barn, fishing pond, SAFE ROOM, VIEWS, Boyle County.  Fly over video! Paddocks, 1.5 ac pond, long driveway, awesome privacy. Road frontage on two roads, views to live for!  Kentucky Horse Property like this is becoming harder to find.  Horse Property, house, 4 stall barn, fishing pond, SAFE ROOM, VIEWS, Boyle County.  Fly over video! Large home with full walk-out basement – all poured concrete. LARGE 3br (plus unfinished bonus room), 2bath, 2500 sf of living space, 2 car garage, plus 1760 sf of basement with 9’ ceilings. 7’ x 53’ wine cellar / safe room. 1 mile to town, 9 miles to Danville, a college town. Boyle County schools. a Kentucky Horse Property like this is getting hard to find. call or text Ken 859-494-5521 Low cost of living, low taxes, top schools, super-high quality of life.  Where can you find a Horse Property with a huge house, pond, horse barn and 19.844 acres for this kind of money.  In California, this is garage money – a nice deck and some landscaping.  For $350,000 you get the 4br house with full walk-out basement, horse barn, 20 acres of horse property and a pond for that money.

VIDEO of Kentucky Horse Property, house, 20 acres, 4 stall horse barn, fishing pond, SAFE ROOM, views, Boyle County

Transcript Okay, welcome this morning to Webster Farm. A Kentucky Horse Property  – isn’t this beautiful? We’re getting to fly over this gorgeous piece of property here in Boyle County, it’s almost 20 acres, it’s like 19.7 acres, and it’s just a couple miles to town, couple miles to the store, just 10 miles to Danville and the college town and the theaters and McDonalds and all kinds of stores up there. It’s fantastic. Danville as you know is one of my favorite places. Boyle County, one of my favorite places on earth and you can see why. Isn’t it beautiful here? The schools are fantastic, the taxes are reasonable, low cost of living, super high quality of life and look at these views. Isn’t it just lovely? Beautiful. Thank you for being here with me today. I’m going to show you all about this place. I’m going to even drive in here in a little while and you’re going to get to see what the whole farm looks like, the house inside and out, the barn inside and out, and if you want to see other properties like this just sign up here for our newsletter, it will give you first sneak peak at any property that’s coming on the market before it goes to the general public, before it goes on the MLS.   So we’re not far from Perryville, this Kentucky Horse Property is just about maybe a mile or two and isn’t it pretty? This is the driveway right here, let’s go take a look. Go on down this driveway. This is the house, it’s a fairly new house, it’s about maybe 10 years old or so and it’s just under 20 acres, about 19.7, something like that. I’ve got the plot, I’ll put a copy of the plot here. And this is just wonderful. They’ve got a gate here, you can close it if you want or you can put one of those solar openers there. Then you go down into this little wash, it’s just like a little creek that feeds the pond. See it? And this is one of the paddocks here for this Kentucky Horse Property, first thing you come to on the left. Mow the grass and you’ve got yourself a showplace here. This is a great horse barn. I’m going to show it to you in a little bit, but there’s your horse barn. You’ve seen some of the aerials. And you come right up to the walkout basement which is one of my favorite things in every house. I just love, love a walkout basement. And why on earth do I like a walkout basement? Well first of all you’re high and dry, it keeps– you’ve got concrete in the bottom so it keeps the house way up off the ground, you’ve got access to all your mechanicals downstairs and really it doubles– it doubles the size of the house. That was a cow by the way. It doubles the size of the house. So this is a full basement, so whatever the square footage is here, I’ll put it here, then you’ve got that again in a finishable livable space down there. Now this isn’t finished, but you could, you certainly could. You could put a pool table in down there, you could put an apartment in down there, well heck you could do anything you want.   Isn’t this pond just wonderful? I’ll show you what it looks like in the air. Let’s go up for a little flight real quick. Here you can see the pond from the air, with the house in the background. So to give you an idea, you’ve got road frontage that comes in, not those woods, that’s not part of your property, but it comes in and then that’s all your deeded land, it’s not an easement or anything like that, it’s deeded land, comes in and crosses that creek and this is all yours here. So the paddocks up there, there’s two good sized paddocks and the barn, this is all on your Kentucky Horse Property. And that scruffy area there, that’s just where when they clean the barn, they put the wood chips and the manure and they put that on that pile so if you ever go to do a garden that’s where you want to be, right there. Get the stuff out of there. Then you have this ginormous porch here which is about 7 or 8 feet wide, or deep, and then it’s about 30 or 40 feet wide this way, or long whichever you prefer.   Let’s go on inside. Wow, cathedral ceiling, how nice this is. Gas fireplace. Remember the house is only maybe 10 or 12 years old, so it’s like new. You’ve got laminate floors. Those open beams are beautiful. The builder who built this house he lives right down the road, he’s got a very nice house as well. All black appliances. I like to see houses when they have furniture in them. What do you think? What are your thoughts on that? Do you– would you rather see it empty so you can envision yourself there or see it full and see what people are doing? What do you like to do? Put that in the comments. This is where the washer and dryer go, obviously. What’ve we got here? I’m going to show you that later. Bedroom 1, bedroom 2 and the master bedroom, oh my gosh. How beautiful is this Kentucky Horse Property? Tray ceiling, door right on out, right on outside. See you can overlook this. Can you imagine waking up to this Horse Property every morning? Yeah, yeah I can imagine. Yeah, sign me up, right? You’ve got this deck right of the master bedroom, why not a hot tub? Yeah, sign me up for some hot tub action out here. Now there’s the front door, remember that porch right there, that’s where we came in. There’s the driveway. Nice. This is Boyle County, great schools, they always win awards with the schools here and always verify with the agent. Always, don’t ever take my word for it. But the taxes here are going to be less because it’s zoned agricultural. Again, verify it with Ken, but if it’s 10 acres or more you’ve got agricultural zoning and that’s going to make a big difference. Hey, there’s some light. So big walk-in shower here. Look at that. And then you’ve got a jet tub, huge vanity. Wow, look at that, that’s cool. So you’ve got 10 acres, you’ve got 1 acre and the house is going to be taxed at one rate and then the rest of the land, which in your case here is going to be what, 19 acres– 19.7, so you’re going to have about 18.7 acres more or less that’s going to be taxed agricultural which is really low.   Okay, let’s run upstairs. Because they want people to farm, they want people to have horses and you know things like that. This is all a big bonus room, never even been moved into. Remember I told you the house was pretty new and it has got that Advantec stuff in it, so 50-year warranty on that. It’s like a really heavy duty plywood, the OSB product. So no has ever even been up here. How crazy is this, and this is a lot of square footage. Ken could tell you but it’s, I don’t know, 25 or 30 feet. Let’s count the sheets of plywood, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 so that’s 8 feet I guess so that’s 40– 41 feet by 1, 2, 3, about 12 feet wide. Something like that. So a lot of square footage. What would you use this for? A home office maybe? Maybe an art studio? Maybe another bedroom or two up here for junior or your daughter who came back? What do they call them, boomerang kids? I do know, there’s a lot of options there. Pretty.   Let’s go down, I want to show you the basement. Let’s go check it out. So we’re back here in this big room and there’s a secret door here. Let’s go see where the secret door leads us. It leads us down to the secret basement. Carpeted stairs, all poured walls. Poured walls are the best because concrete block they crack and then there’s all that space in the middle and the moisture and all that stuff. Poured walls seem to do such a better job, I mean and it’s solid. So I don’t whether these are 6, or 7, 8 inches, typically they are about 8 inches thick. Eight inch thick concrete with steel rebar in it all TJIs up there, see that, copper plumbed. Very nice. So this is a blank canvas, totally a blank canvas. This is underneath the porch, canning room or a wine room, oh my gosh how about a wine room? How cool would that be? Or if you need a safe room, this here again is got to be 40 feet by about maybe 8 feet or so. You know what I’ll do, I’ve got a laser out in my truck, I will measure it and I will put it right in here. And then two bay garage. I mean this is a lot bigger– I’ll measure this too, this is a lot longer than a normal suburban would even be. You’ve got plenty of room in here for– maybe you could back your boat in. These long bays, deep bay garages are really popular now with people with boats. Or you could put one of your side-by-side in here, but this would swallow up my suburban. Clean, neat, all electric and then gas logs in case the power goes out or ambience. You got it all. And I want to point out the HVAC. Remember I said everything is right here, well look at this duct work, it’s like all perfect, they did a beautiful job. So you’ve got your heat pump system here and 89 gallon water heater. Eighty nine gallons, oh my gosh, that’s pretty cool. So you’ve got any issues or whatever, it doesn’t ruin your sheetrock and the floor and all that stuff, just come on down here and you’ve got full access to everything. Don’t you love a full basement? I sure do. This is like– that’s as high as my hand can reach, that’s about 7 and a half feet, I’m going to say it’s about 9 feet tall down here so plenty of room to do whatever you want. And back up to the main floor, out the back deck here, put your animals– depending on how you setup your fencing, your animals could come right out here to your kitchen window and have breakfast with you. You know how horses are, they’re so curious. Anyway, I’m going to show you the barn next so let’s gear up for that. We’ve got good neighbors here, we’ve got some horses over there, we’ve got a good roof. Remember the house, I don’t know exactly when but I’ll put it down here if I know but it said September of 2005 so now we are in November of 2015 so about 10 years old, 10 years and a couple of months. There’s the house right there and the pond, so we’re up here at the barn. Okay, I’m going to show you the barn, but not going to show you yet. Okay, hold on. Then you’ve got this little corral, this little riding ring, which is just gate panels, you can move that wherever you want. So if you don’t want it there you can put if someplace else. And you’ve got two nice paddocks right there and there. You can set this up anyway you want. There is fence along that side, you could put some fence in here where your property line is and you could let the horses run the whole place, it’s entirely up to you. You set it up the way you want, but I’m just showing you what’s here. You’ve got the barn here, you’ve got a running or equipment shed really where your equipment can go. You can put your tractor there or your side-by-side, your whatever. The barns about 30 to 35 by 36– 36 by 36, something like that, but it’s a poured foundation. How nice is that? Very cool. I will tell you this, we knew the people who used to own this, or who still do own it at this current time, and they had those draft horses, those great big gigantic draft horses who were really strong and everything, pulled carriages and all that. So they put in this oak, it’s mostly oak, there’s a piece of poplar but this is mostly all rough cut oak and it’s really high, I don’t know how high it is but it has got to be at least 9 feet. So everything’s really heavy duty, so if you put your little thoroughbred in here or your shetland pony it’s going to be more than enough to take care of that rascal. But how nice, right? But everything’s real big, like here my head only goes up to right here, so then you’ve got all that room extra. So there’s what, you’ve got like a foaling stall here, there’s two stalls, one stall. This is a big stall, I guess because of big horses. You could definitely have two stalls there, there’s another one, so you’ve got three stalls that are ready to go right now and then the hay mow. Here’s the tack room and let’s just run up to the hay mow really quick. I’m going to shut this off because it’s real steep and I don’t want to fall. There you go. I didn’t fall after all. And hay mow is up here, I can’t tell you how many great memories I’ve got as a kid playing up in hay mow. You know loading hay, stacking hay, just adventures, just being with the animals. Look here, you can see right down in there. So you’ve got plenty of room up here for hay, skylights, nice and airy, open, there’s no lights on in here. Looks great, doesn’t it? I think so too. All right, wanted to show you that. Let’s go on down. See that oak, isn’t that wonderful? Heavy stuff. And so it is cut 1 by, but it’s actually like 5 quarter after it’s shrunk down, it is still at least an inch or more on the thickness. You see my big fat fingers and the boards are still wider than my big fat fingers. Heavy duty stuff. Oak is the best, love it. If you want to see other properties like this, just sign up here for our newsletter. It will give you first sneak peak at any property that’s coming on the market before it goes to the general public, before it goes on the MLS where all the other realtors can get to it with their clients. I want it to go to you first. So just sign up here, it doesn’t cost anything, and we don’t bug you and of course we don’t sell your information to anybody. We just want you to be part of our family. We’ve got thousands on our list– on our buyer’s list, we just want you to be on there as well. Tell us what your ideal property looks like and we will find it for you. We may even know about it. It might even be on the market, we just might know some people down at the coffee shop we’ve talked to. We will do our best to find you exactly what you want so you can have your dream here as well. Thirty years ago we came here and bought our Kentucky Horse Property – we also found the Kentucky Horse Property, just love it here, isn’t it gorgeous? Outtakes – They put the– the– what do they call that stuff, the wood chips. Okay, so this is where the drive comes in, there’s the house and the paddocks are right over there. I’m just going back and forth, aren’t I? I don’t know anything about horses, really I don’t know much at all about anything. Geez, it’s late. Okay, forget that. You might want to get you in our Exclusive Mailing List, so we can send you your PERFECT homes and land – and farms the second they are for sale (not when they hit the MLS). go to “Your Perfect Property” at Best Real Estate Agent in Kentucky – it only takes a few seconds to fill out your needs and wants and we will start sending you properties that meet YOUR criteria. You’ll be 1st to know about properties – It’s like a sneak peek – before they hit the market – sent right to your inbox.

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