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VIDEO of this Kentucky Horse Property with Horse Barn, basement, Man Cave and Pond – for more info call Ken 859-494-5521 Kentucky Horse Properties like this are hard to find believe it or not with a 4 stall Horse Barn, walk out basement and pond.  Just came on the market!!! VIDEO Look inside this Kentucky Horse Property, Horse Barn + Fishing Pond VIDEO Transcript A spectacular fall day and we get to ride in the country together to see this Kentucky Horse Property, Horse Barn + Fishing Pond, which I know you love. I love doing these drive-ups too. You are out between Hustonville and Stanford and the places around here are just beautiful. Everything is neat and in its place. There’s no– none of these things that you see sometimes, junky things. This is a fantastic farm you’re going to love because it’s right up your alley. I know who our mailing list is. If you’re not on our mailing list you need to get on our mailing list. You’re going to get exclusive first crack, a sneak peak at all these Kentucky Horse Property, Horse Barn + Fishing Pond properties. Anyway, here’s the subject property, a Kentucky Horse Property, Horse Barn + Fishing Pond, right here and this again is right up your alley. It’s real narrow here in the front which is good because it opens up really, really wide in back. Now I know the lighting is a little weird because we’ve got sun right in our face, but the property line starts here where the white fence is and it goes just on the other side of that pond. It’s a nice pond, perfect little fishing pond. Great for the kids. It’s good feng shui to have water in front of your Kentucky Horse Property, Horse Barn + Fishing Pond too. So here you’ve seen the aerial, I threw an aerial here in the beginning. It’s an older style brick home that they have completely re-modeled and it is nice. It’s decorated nice. Here the field is all fenced ready for your animals. Its got a nice horse barn with brand new roof and it has got water there, it has got waterer right there. Hold on one second, it’s got a waterer right there with the horses are and then there’s a waterer I think inside the barn and then there is a waterer on the outside of the barn. There’s like three waterers right there and a new roof, just needs a little red paint on it and it will be just as cute as a button. All lands here in the back goes it’s like wide, it’s like several hundred feet wide. And it’s got like this great car part. Wait until you see what we’ve got. I’ve got a couple of surprises for you right in here. Before I go in, I want to take you up for a flight. We’re going to go on up here and see what’s around. Can you believe the views? It’s amazing. If you look at the views to the front, to the back, like 360 the views are amazing. All these fields are yours here where the horses are, you can tell where they’ve been nibbling it down. So, the more they nibble the less feed you’ve got to buy. And then, just look at these views. It’s great to have neighbors that are as neat as a pin as some of these neighbors are here. At this Kentucky Horse Property, Horse Barn + Fishing Pond , you’re just seven and a half miles from Stanford, which is a great town. It’s got a Walmart Super Centre, a hospital, all that stuff and it’s got Cedar Creek Lake which is 800 acre bass fishing lake. It’s a trophy bass fishing lake. And there’s all kinds of stuff. Of course you’re not too far from Lake Cumberland. And if you like to fish and you like water sports you are not too far from Danville either. You are only about 30 minutes to Danville. Okay, now here we are here. We’re going to go inside now. I just wanted to show you the back yard and you’ve got this great carport which I’d say it is one vehicle wide. You might fit two vehicles in there which is fine. But this is nice, wait until you see what is in here. And we’ve got a basement, I’ve got to show you the basement too. You are going to want to see everything. I’m going to show it to you, just be patient, just be patient. All right, here we go. This is absolutely the nicest man cave I’ve ever seen. This is the old house here, see the brick? So you’ve got all brick there. And then this was like a carport or garage, I guess. I don’t know. Garage I guess, I don’t know but they have finished it off. This acid wash stuff is fantastic and it lasts forever. Look at how cool it is, it’s got the mottled look and everything and then they put a sealer on it. So you put a sealer on it and you’re done. You sweep it. Mop it maybe once in a while. Whatever. That’s it. So how nice it that? So you’ve got heat out here. Its got one of those like motel dealio things there. And they put all this board and batten right from the sawmill, local sawmill. How neat is that? Do you like it? If you like it, put it in the comments right here and tell me what you would use this for. I think it’s fantastic. Really a great man cave, woman cave, whatever you want to call it, right? Oh, here, this is another nice little surprise. Look at that. You’ve got a half bath right here. So we’ve got four bedrooms. Ken tells me four bedrooms, two and a half baths. This is the half here, how nice is that? And a lot of square footage here on this Kentucky Horse Property, Horse Barn + Fishing Pond – really, a lot. Oh, this is to go to the basement. I’ll show you that later, I’ve got to go down there and show you that. You’re going to like that. This is the kitchen, obviously, but it’s open out into the living room. So you’ve got this huge entertaining space which I like a lot. How about you? All wood floors. It’s all that engineered wood, it’s real wood, it’s not laminate or anything like that. It’s really nice. You can’t beat the price, I’m telling you you can’t beat the price. It is under 200, you’ve got to talk to Ken what the price is– but I don’t want to sound like one of those dorky salesman, “This won’t last long” but I’m telling you this won’t last long on the market. Nice porch out front. I’ve never been out on the porch. It’s time I do. That goes into the living room. Actually, I wonder if you could throw in a circle drive here? Oh yeah, I bet you could. Look how cute this is. And then this is your neighbor here. Very nice, very nice. Now if you’re sitting here on the porch of your Kentucky Horse Property, Horse Barn + Fishing Pond, look at the view. Is that crazy or what? It has got to be five miles or more to those knobs out there, maybe six miles, seven miles. And that would be Route 127. What I’ll do is I’ll check it on Google Earth and I will put it here, okay? And you can see what a beautiful view you’ve got. You’ve got cattle over there, you got your horses right here. Go back in the house of this Kentucky Horse Property, Horse Barn. Dining room. All right, a full bath here, and that’s all tile, all tile, the whole thing. Isn’t that nice? Tile on the floor too. This is a home office. It could easily be a bedroom. There’s a closet there, there’s a walk-in closet here or it could be what these people are using it for which is a master suite. So you’ve got a door here, this goes into the dining room, so this could be a bedroom. You think? And this, you’ve got a closet there. You could also use this as a bedroom. You’ve got the door here, you can close that off and you’re all set. Okay, let’s go upstairs. So, we’re right here, bathroom right there, bedroom or two right here. Let’s go upstairs. You’ve got this huge space up here. It could be– definitely be like a game room, a TV sitting room thing. Cindy and I were talking about putting an addition on our house, we want to have one of these for our kids so they can go up and play their games, hang out with their friends, right? You’ve got one there already. This one, this bedroom’s not finished. Easy bedroom, you could carpet it, you could sand the floors, you could paint the floors. Painted floors look pretty good. I’ve seen some nice ones. And then here you’ve got another whole bedroom here. This is a long and narrow bedroom. How nice, wow. There you go, there you go. All the closet you’ll ever need right there. Place to store your holiday tree, a place to hang your clothes. Maybe like a little doll house area in there, kind of an adventure room for this. Maybe you open up some of this wall here too. Lot of options, it’s all about options. I like to give you options. Okay, all right. That’s the house. There’s a lot of square footage. I’m going to put it right here. But wait, we’re going to show you the basement. And then I have to show you the horse barn. I know the most important thing for you is going to be the barn, I know that. I know that already, so I am going to show that to you as well. Down here, down to the basement. Here you’ve got another bath, a full bath down here. Now this isn’t huge down here. This isn’t a full basement but it is a walk-out basement. There’s the door, you walk right on out which is nice. And there’s a thimble there, used to be a wood stove here. Can you imagine putting a wood stove down here? Maybe a little bar or pool table or whatever. Maybe a teenager flat or maybe just have the wood stove down here and let the heat rise. Little sink, kitchenette. Sweet, huh? I told you you were going to like it, especially for the price. Okay, so we were just downstairs, came up and we’re ready to go out to the horse barn, but before we go in the horse barn I wanted to show you what is behind this door. There is only one tiny little light in here and it’s not very bright but it’s another whole deal. You could put anything you want in here. Hope you can see. It’s kind of dark. But you could put another bedroom in here, or bathroom or gosh only knows what you could do with it. A workshop. What would you do with it? Put that down below. Let me know. You give me good ideas and sometimes your ideas are the best. Okay now here we’e at the top of the hill up here by the barn which I am going to show you, which is nice. And then we’ve got the view– is amazing. Here’s out the back. So this whole field, remember I told you it was real narrow in the front? Well it’s really wide in the back, and here’s where it’s really wide. See you go up to that fence there, and you go clear on over to the white fence there and all the way to the back to that fence there. And you’ve got this huge run-in shed here, so you’ve got plenty of shelter for the horses. And you’ve got water here. Let me show you how this thing works, it’s a frost proof hydrant. Y’all know how this works. Pick this up and the foot valve comes up and then the water comes out. And when you shut it down that foot valve opens up three or four feet in the ground and drains all the water out of here so there is no water in here, no water in here, so it never freezes. It’s called a frost proof hydrant and they’re great. You’ve got three of them right here. One there, one there and one inside the barn. So there’s always surprises and little secrets in everything. I want to show you in here, this is a little surprise. Look at this, you could store your lawn mower in here, four wheeler, those side-by-sides. You’ve got a place like this, you are going to need one of those Gator side-by-side things. Wouldn’t that be fun? And you can haul all your firewood around and your hay. They’re great, they’re really great. Looking to buy one myself. Just more good storage space. Fantastic. Oh and it’s got power. They put all new power in here, got a light, like super duper. Let’s go on inside. Let’s go inside the barn. Speaking of which, you’ve got four working stalls then you’ve got two extra spaces here, well two and a half extra spaces. Two extra spaces that you could put stalls in here too. And here you go. I don’t want to blast it all over everywhere. There you go. And then it just drains. Isn’t that cool? Slick. Oh, I’m going to show you the tack room Kentucky Horse Property, Horse Barn + Fishing Pond. Look at this tack room, check this out. It’s all electrified. Dirt floors so it’s nice and comfy for the horse foots. You’ve got a little heater there. Keep the– then a lot of hay, so there’s hay up there already. Negotiate with Ken and see what you can do, maybe you can move your animals right in and you’ve got hay already for the winter. There’s a stall. Here’s a stall. So your animals are always going to be in the shelter but well ventilated. You know ventilation’s important for horses, you know that. Another stall. And this is– most of this wood is oak, maybe all of it is oak. And so that’s really tough stuff, makes it hard for them to crib and they’re certainly not going to put a foot through it. But you’ve got four ready-to-go stalls. And then this is the back. These gate panels can be moved around, you can do what you want. Bring the horses in, corral them up. You’ve got a little run-in shed over here too, get out of the weather. You like it? I knew you would. Beautiful, simply beautiful. You talk about sleigh riding, now there’s a field. If you get to know the neighbors I’m sure they’ll let you sleigh ride in their field. That would be fun. We don’t get snow often enough to go sleigh riding very often but when we do you need to jump on it because it’s usually gone in a day or two. All right, that’s it. That’s it from this Kentucky Horse Property. Thanks so much for watching. Sign up for our newsletter right there, you’ll get all the new properties before the general public. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, button’s right down there. And thanks so much for watching. Always appreciate it, and especially a beautiful fall day like this. Ciao. And wait until check this– wait until you see– wait until you see what we’ve got. I’ve got a couple of surprises for you right in here. And you could also use this as a closet, backup. So there is always surprises and little secrets and everything. I want to show you in here, this little surprise. You’ve got to watch out, that door comes out.

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