VIDEO – Manufactured home for sale near me on 6+ acres. Double wide Danville, Kentucky

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[00:00:00] You know why we’re here? we’re going to see the property. I wanted to show you the drive up, cause you always like the drive up. You can see what it’s like in the country. This is just eight miles to Danville. Now, this is an awesome lot. The house isn’t much material. It’s a single wide and it needs some work. The floors are a little soft, which means you need all new OSB down like advanced tech. That’s really good stuff. And then we do more time. It’s not a big deal, but it’s gonna cost. I’m gonna guess between six and eight thousand dollars to do all the floors over and new floor covering. You’re going to want to do vinyl. Luxury plank or luxury vinyl plank or they call it. Or you might want to do carpet or whatever you want to do, but it’s still going to cost just going to run you between six and eight for the whole job. Okay, Manufactured home for sale near me on 6+ acres. Double wide Danville, Kentucky.

[00:01:00] look at this. It’s just beautiful out here. This is Boyle County. So you’re in a great school system in case you ever need to sell. What else? Seven miles, job, you have the college. If you’re in medical, we’ve got regional medical center there. This property is seven acres. Everybody wants some land. That cute little log cabin here next to you. And then the property starts right here at these cedar trees right there. Now it’s a single white. But here’s the value. Values the land. They’re only asking. Forty-nine thousand seven acres is worth more than forty-nine thousand here to begin with. And then you’ve got this house which is very livable. Come on, and we’re goanna go see. So a fairly new metal roof and

[00:02:00] the single wide is in there and then they’ve got these bump outs. So whatever, it’s good, its livable, this rises a little bit, but it goes all the way back to there. Yeah, there’s this little shed here.

You know, if you’re going to build and you’re going to do whatever you want. Which is. That’s the dream, right? You do what you want. This might not be the right place for the house for you. You know, maybe it’s up here on this hill. Look at the views. Just beautiful.

Maybe the house should be up here in the corner. Maybe that’s where it should be. You got power here. So it’s easy and cheap to get the power company to come in and do a what they call temporary power. There’s a little shed in the back. Ken’s really selling the land here. Huge back porch. Pete, you live in this house while you’re building your other one. Yeah, that’s what it’s about, man. Yeah. Septic system got city water. You’ve got power.

[00:03:00] You could build another pond up here if you wanted to. Anyway, you might want to put the house up here. So what are the advantages of that? Well, it’s higher, drier. It’s also a better view, that view. Also, if you’re up here, you know what they say about what floats downhill. So sceptics down there. You’re all set to go. Septic tanks here are rated by bedrooms, not by square footage of the house. So you got a three bedroom, six thousand square foot house. It’s very possible that the septic system that’s here is going to work. If you put it in a 19-bedroom house, maybe not, just for reference. There’s another pond right there. Right in there. Needs be cleaned out.

[00:04:00] He can come out and do your pond for you. Couple two thousand dollars. You get yourself a real nice farm pond to run inside now. Now we get a lot of love mail every once in a while. People like how come there’s not anything more affordable? Well, this is for you. You can’t complain if there’s nothing affordable. It needs some work, though. If you’re going to live in this and need some work.

That post is right. I’ll show you all the stuff. The other two are not great either. But the easy thing is that’s just an eight by eight. You get that at the lumber yard. We saw mills here and lumber yards. Here we go. This is your dorsal. Right. That makes sense. And this floor is decent. That’s also the edition.

[00:05:00] See a little bump out there with the doors. I guess that’s the other bedroom. Daniel, careful where you walk as soft, the floors are a little soft. You’re not going to go through. Well, you might brag because you weigh as much as a hippopotamus. They just threw some plywood down here. So this is the master bedroom. You got against this warm bath floor, soft. Manufactured home for sale in Danville, Kentucky.

[00:06:00] All right. So you just need to come in and have like David and he can just come in and just walk all the floors up, go down to the bare floor, JOYCE and then you’re done. Then you got everything you need. All new. So maybe you’ve got a boomerang kid or maybe you’ve got a kid who just needs a break. Or maybe you want to rent this out in the country. This will rent pretty good. Cindy and I are in the rental business. You know that this will probably. If you fix the flaws, put down the carpet and rent for a whole lot more, of course. Forty-nine thousand, you can’t buy pickup truck for that.

[00:07:00] Now They’ll play for the woodstove there. And the porches. And is it good enough to live in while you’re building up on Hill? Yes, it is. They get welcome. And then you can just get rid of it when you’re done or you rent it out.

And my poor granny. She’s everywhere. I put her everywhere, don’t I? Here we go. This is right for you, Great call. Cocaine in four no. flat right there if it’s not right for you? Great. Even Greater gone on to our home finder and we call our VIP list. And who doesn’t like VIP? We will send you properties before they hit the market. Before this goes on the market. You’re going to see it. OK. That’s what we do because that’s how we roll. Talk to you soon. Thanks a lot. Thanks for enjoying this chilly morning. It’s not too bad. I’m just in shirtsleeves, but it’s a beautiful day. The sun’s out.

[00:08:07] I can’t wait to see your comments below. Like and subscribe because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market that you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our Website for the latest properties we have. Manufactured home for sale near me on 6+ acres. Double wide Danville, Kentucky.

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