VIDEO – Mid-century modern homes for sale – Cheap living in USA

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Mid-century modern homes for sale – Cheap living in USA

 [00:00:00] Why am I super stoked today? I’ve been doing this a long time. 38 years. Sometimes I’ll shoot as many as a dozen houses in a month. Now done so like a lot, but I’ve been to a lot of houses. I have never shot a postmodern house before and it’s very cool. I can see the allure. This is fancy schmancy stuff. First of all, the law is amazing, as you can see. And you’re really close to the lake. I’ll put it down here were Lake Cumberland, as is not very far at all, but this is just super cool. Now, is this a house you’re gonna move right into? Maybe. Maybe not. You’re probably gonna want to rip up the carpet. You know, carpet smells like especially old carpet. It smells like your grandmother’s house. We’ve got to get that carpet out of there. That’s first thing. Everything else is. So those are the thing. All right. Let me back up. Stop… So those are the things you can fix. So there’s things you can fix. Some things you can’t fix. You can’t fix a bad law. Look at this. This reminds me of some of those lots in like Buckhead in Georgia that go for millions of dollars and then they just scrape the house, which is, you know, up to you. You buy, you do whatever you want with it. Mid-century modern homes for sale – Cheap living in USA

[00:01:09] But it truly has a million-dollar life giving you and seeing the backyard. Oh, Michelle here. So the lot reminds me that it’s on about an acre. Might be a little bit more north. Check with Cam. Everything I tell you is like. Right. So it’s about an acre dish. Might be half an acre, might be two and a half acres. So I shouldn’t be off that much. This is 4 bedrooms, 3 backs. So what are the things you can’t change? You can’t change a bad lot. You can’t change a house. It’s sitting down in a gully. There’s getting water all the time. Well, this is sitting up on the hill high and dry. In fact, it’s there’s not many houses on this road, but it’s absolutely one of the nicest lawns period end of story.

[00:01:58] So what countries we got we got an oak tree there. We’ve got a hickory there. We’ve got maple there. We’ve got a pine tree over here. And so you’ve got a mix of local trees. There’s a poplar, that one where the leaves are coming off. We’ve had such a drought. It’s been at least a month. We haven’t had like just a little bit of rain. And that’s not enough for Kentucky. Kentucky, we usually get about an inch a week. So you go from an inch a week to nothing for at least 4 or 5 or 6 weeks. It’s got a new waterline. They just put this water line in. So if you come out here and say, hey, what in the world is going on? You’ve got municipal water out here, as you probably already know KU electric. That’s the cheapest electric going in the state. Mid-century modern homes for sale – Cheap living in USA

[00:02:52] Everything is KU electric – which is half of what a normal electric company is going to be. So that’s like a big plus one to show you all kinds of stuff. I won’t take you in the back. I mean, take in front door back to our guests are best. But you know what? We’re taking the front door. Nice. Newly sealed. I say newly selected. Didn’t do it last week, but it’s probably been within a year, I would guess. It’s beautiful. My some black and tarry looking Ulbricht. So that’s cool. What are the things you can change? You’re not going to like the red shag carpet. I guarantee you don’t. So you’re gonna have to change some of that.

[00:03:35] But that’s not a big deal. You’re not going to like that colored carpet. I’d like to know what’s under those floors. I tried to pull a little bit up and it is down there. Like it’s like government work. I’ll tell you what that is, is like NASA, that carpeting coming up for me to peek at. But when you come on out with Ken, you guys, you’re serious about buying it? Let’s pull a little thing up for you. He’ll pull it up for you. Pull up a little corner and find out. Is there okay under here? There might be. I don’t know. But regardless what it is, you’re in good shape. The windows are like new. I don’t know when the windows were put in. If I find out, I’ll put it down here.

[00:04:14] And then they’ve got this marble stuff here. So I don’t know whether it’s real marble, synthetic marble, but it looks kind of cool. Postmodern is what this is called. This is a huge living room. You’ve got the woodstove on one side and this little dining area over here. It’s a little it’s not little. And then this fireplace on this side. Now I can use them both the same time. I don’t know. I don’t think so. But you have to check with Ken Kitchen’s cool tile floor. And it’s plenty big enough. You have plenty room here for a monster refrigerator and then sliding range is nice. Not a drop in a slide and drop in doesn’t go into the ground, right? Slide and you just slide in.

[00:05:05] Hence the name to get here. Pantry. That’s nice. That’s something you don’t see every day of all. With the combination, you can actually have the combination. We’ve had safe’s found in houses before and they cannot find the combination. So they were kind of beaten to death trying to get it open. And then guess what’s inside? Nothing. Washer and dryer here are actually washer here. This is kind of weird. Washer here, dryer there. I’m going to guess this house was built in the 60s, 50s, 60s. So it has that 50s, 60s postmodern kind of feel. This is so super cool. So kind of like skylights. But on the on the wall and then going to translucent overhead door. How? For a game. Who is that?

[00:05:59] I’ve never seen one of those before. Very cool. Lebanon by one can say 10 by 12, 10 by 11, 11 by 12. Something workshop here. Very nice. My car is kind of like a tool for me. I’ll leave that rascal outside. I would link this in this living space. And another deal here. Another 10 by whatever. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 10 by 12. Another 10 by 12. Pantry or whatever you would do it. What would you do with it? Hey, before I forget, if this house is right for you. Great call can appear if it’s not cocaine, right? If it’s not, then get on her home. Find her, and we will send you properties that meet your criteria.

[00:06:49] Now, if you ask for a four bedroom and you don’t want postmodern, I don’t know if they can scan that or not, but you’re not going to find that many postmodern houses in Kentucky anyway.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe. That way you’ll be notified. Notified. You gotta ring the bell. That way you’ll be notified when I put up a new video. And those are all kind of fun. Lot of people like them. Over 12 million views. I shouldn’t say that now because by the time you see it, we might have 15 or who knows? I love this. I’ll tell you, if this was if this was near my house or if this was in our county, this would be a heck of a project. I would really enjoy this. I’ll run downstairs first. There’s the red shag carpet. You got to promise me, if you come down here and you do a full renovation, you got promise me. Now raise your right hand. Repeat after me. I promise that you’re gonna take a little piece of this carpet and frame it for posterity. You just gotta. Common decency dictates the whole thing.

[00:07:48] This would be a family room. Beautiful view, high and dry. We got a space under the stairs, carpeted of course. So we call this a tri level. You’ve got a few steps up, a few steps down. And they usually have a little crawl space under there. So you can get to stuff like your waterlines and stuff. So bedroom here, 4 bedrooms. Bedroom number two, the master’s huge upstairs with his ear. This could be multi-generational for sure. You have popped down here, Grandma, whatever teen or boomerang kid or whatever little kind of a linen closet goes right on over to the mechanical room, which this looks like a brand new furnace. And obviously older people, I’m going to guess, inherited or something like that. I have no idea what people are. I know the addresses. I don’t know. Meet the people. Ken does the people. But this this furnished room was put in in 2010.

[00:08:52] But it yet it looks brand new. Look at it. Can’t even wrote down possible a new furnace. It’s not a new furnace at all. It’s 9 years old, but that gone. Does it look good? Two hundred armed service. You’re good to go. You can put anything in here you want. Wonderful city gas down here. That’s a good question. All right. What does a sea foam carpet? This is real tile. That’s real tile. I love that. Gus, you got to frame that, too, along with the red carpet. Red shag carpet. The walls are all white. Yikes. Some people think that’s a good idea. Some people like it. They’re like, man, you’ve got to pay in a house way. I’m like, I like it. Whatever you want to do, dude, I’m all for it. Mid-century modern homes for sale – Cheap living in USA.


[00:09:44] I came in here, had all the blinds shut. I’m not a blind guy. Not interested. I want to see the light. I don’t want to be a mushroom. And if somebody wants to look at me, who the squirrels want to see me change in my underwear or whatever. Knock yourself out. At my age, nobody wants to see that. Nice pause here. Scott, shoe rooms up here. This is simple stuff. You know, you have this thing called California Closets. Oh, you can spend twenty thousand dollars on a closet. All that stuff. Well, it’s funding, too. But wow, it’s a lot of money. You buy this house for like 100 grands. Now, what’s it going to take to renovate it? Well, I don’t know what I’m going to do to it. I would personally me I would definitely paint. Are you with me on that? Definitely paint. What else are we gonna do? Definitely change the floors out to hardwood luxury vinyl plank, something that’s clean and not going to smell like your grandmother’s house. What else are you gonna do? What needs appliances? So you’re going to spend what, 3, 4 grand on appliances?

[00:10:58] You can spend maybe twelve on floors? I don’t know. Depends on what you put down. You gonna put down Honduran mahogany? It’s gonna be a lot different price than if you put down LV paint. The luxury vinyl plank is pretty nice. Shaw has it. So, you know, it’s a good quality. There’s a second best. Or is it the third bass? That’s the third best. Now, here you go Or my belly in there. Right. So. So the windows are high enough here. You don’t need any stink in blinds and squirrels are not going to look at you. And if they do, they would think you are nuts. Oh, my lord. Even that was bad for me. These things, these globes, this house is like intact, big closets close.

[00:11:50] And he’s engaged. Whatever floats your boat. Got a little clean out there for the bathroom on the other side. Everything works good. These bifocals never work in new houses, which tells me leads me to believe that this house was built by craftsman and not by just somebody who went to Lowe’s and picked up some materials. Here we are 50 to 70 years later. And these doors are still colliding like a million bucks. Well, you can’t get on the boat. Stay down. If you get the idea, they’re gliding easily. Right. I talked briefly about the windows. These are great. So they’re till in easy to clean vinyl. So no maintenance. You know, a lot of changes out. Probably you’re going to want to change the tile out. Probably. That’s OK. It’s natural nothing wrong with that. I was telling my wife I got this estimating thing. I got it. No big deal. And then guess what happens I’m always over budget. Not 100% of the time. Oh yeah. So what do we calculate on. And it’s just me and you talk in. This is not real numbers you like marble and I’ll like for Formica and but what are we talking about 20 grands. Okay so I’m way off. What are we talking about 30 grands? I think you can really do some beautiful decorator that here for 20 or 30 grand. Certainly 30 grands. Then when did you go. You’ve got one hundred and twenty-two hundred thirty thousand dollars in a post-modern house sitting on one of the most beautiful lots I’ve ever seen close to Lake Cumberland. Like for real. That’s so we only say half right. So if it’s one hundred and fifty right we cut that in half to 750. Right.

[00:13:54] So with mortgage rates being so low right now if the house is a hundred fifty grand the mortgage is gonna be about 750 a month. If it’s one hundred thousand, it’s gonna be about five hundred a month. Hundred twenty thousand is about six hundred a month. Are you following those numbers there? If it’s two hundred thousand going to be about one hundred thousand I’m sorry. A thousand a month. It was two hundred thousand going to about 10000 a month. So what are you gonna have in this house all in 120 130 140. So six seven hundred bucks a month. Twenty-three hundred square feet four bedrooms three baths

[00:14:27] And a fantastic gorgeous established lot you know in Texas. They put a value on each tree. Especially if you live in Houston. So what do you got out there. You’ve got at least a dozen trees. Well if we were in Texas which were not of course you’d be the value of a lot is what they’re asking for the place. The roof looks in pretty good shape. You know here’s what we tell people get a home inspection. My goodness. It’s the best 400 bucks you’re ever gonna spend. You can even go with the home inspector when he’s here and he can point stuff out to you say hey did you notice this under the crawlspace or did you notice this. It doesn’t have insulation. Did you notice the door knobs ready to fall off. Whatever the situation is it’s not scary. It shouldn’t be scary to the sellers because it’s usually not that big a deal. Even if there’s a whole laundry list of stuff that needs to be done.

[00:15:28] Kids like well we’re not going to do anything while we’re not gonna pay for anything. So it’s the battle back and forth. Look most of the time it’s a whole laundry list with very little money just some effort. You know the outlets aren’t grounded or whatever kind of jazz. It’s not that big of a deal but it’s fantastic because then you’re not buying a pig in a poke. I know what you’d say and you’re sitting there watching with your honey and you’re saying oh my gosh well what if this and what is that and what if the windows are bad we got no windows. What if the furnace is bad? Well it’s like a new furnace. What if the roof is bad? Right. The home inspector can tell you when a furnace is made when the windows were put in and how old the roof is or how many more years it has to go. The home inspector might say it’s nearing the end of its life or I would guess 5 to 10 more years and you have three pipes roof. Okay great. Let’s find out how much it costs. All those little things like that really make a difference. And then you don’t go into this. Blind. You got to get a home inspection. Like I said an easy $400 or $500 a no brainer investment. All right. You’ll love it. Comment below please Like and Subscribe of course ring the bell so you get notification. But let me know if you like it. Now is your cup of tea. The people who like Victorian houses are not going to like the South. I get that

[00:16:41] People who like log cabins aren’t going to like this house. I’ll totally get that but do you. Absolutely Rick Daniel of the law. Yes. OK. Good. Make the house what you want it. It is a bargain. I’ve said it can we should just buy this ourselves turnaround fix it and flip it. We’re not scared of that stuff. We got all the contractors. All those guys are doing all that work for us now. They’d be glad to come in here and put in new siding or whatever it needs anyway I love it. And that’s all it matters. No that doesn’t mean anything it’s what you like and what you want. And this is right for you. Call Ken right there. And if it’s not get on her home find her and we’ll find the property that’s right for you. Here let me get on the other side. So got my famous finger up there. See. There you go. I have no idea what it is. But the veterinarian said they’d take it off of the hammer and if I script so this garage is like maybe 24 by 24.

[00:17:45] So that’s about five hundred six feet. I’ll put the numbers down here if I know it. And then you’ve got 120 feet here hundred twenty feet there that’s another 240 sets like seven eight hundred square feet here. Could you not this this wall how or could you put a LDL in here and knock these doors out and make this living space. Oh my gosh. Heck yeah you do patio door you could do a couple windows there. Talk to Ken about this. He knows enough about construction. I know enough about construction to be dangerous. If you added 700 or 800 more square feet to this house even if it cost, you twenty thousand bucks that’s pretty cheap. That’s like $30 a square foot for living space.

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