VIDEO – Multi-generational House CLOSE to College + Med Center, Mother daughter, Woodstove, huge back yard

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Multi-generational House CLOSE to College + Med Center, Mother daughter, Woodstove, huge back yard

[00:00:00] I get to go to a lot of houses and love houses. I mean, we get some that are really nice and some that are not so nice. You know, houses are like people. Some are clean. Some are not so clean. Some are in great neighborhoods like this one. And some sparkle. Rarely do we get a house that sparkles. We often get nice houses, but rarely do we get one that sparkles. And this one’s in. This is gonna be in the mid-100s, mid to high 100s payments are gonna be like maybe eight hundred bucks a month ash. Depends how much you put down. You had to put anything down if you don’t want to. If you qualify for a 100% loan like a USDA loan or something like that. Those are great. You can look them up. Nothing weird or wonky. You don’t have to be on assistance or anything to qualify for one. You just have to have fairly decent credit and the house has to qualify. We’ve got great mortgage brokers who can help you with that. So if you’re at eight hundred a month for the house, maybe 150 a month for taxes and insurance.


[00:01:06] There you are in a beautiful. And it sparkles. Yet this little shed here. I like the art. I like the deck. I’d have me a big old grill. They all smoker out here. Plenty of room for a pool. You’ve got chain-link fence around here. That stuff lasts forever. That’s probably 40 years old. This house was built in 77. I believe this whole neighborhood was built in 77 ashes where this house is. These are some of the bigger houses in this neighborhood, right around 2000 square feet. I’ll find out from Cannes. I’ll put it down here. It’s around 2000. Might be a little bit more. Four bedrooms, two baths. The location is spectacular. I’ll put a lifestyle map here so you can see where you are. You’re close to everything. Literally, if your wife said to you, hey, I need some sugar, or you said, hey, I’m in the mood for pizza or Chinese tonight. You’re literally two minutes away. Well, if you can see that water tower out there, that’s where the hospital’s gonna be right around there. So you’re really close to the Regional Medical Center. Maybe some of you work in the medical field. So there’s jobs right there. Regional Medical Center. They had a helipad. Everything is like a six story hospital. Don’t forget to subscribe. The little red buttons down there and ring the bell. That way you’ll be notified whenever I get a new video. Maybe you’re in academics. We are center college right here, too. I don’t get the dogs center college here, too. So there’s jobs there. Course we got everything up here.


[00:02:32] So all these things tell you what’s going on with the neighborhood. The local economy. In fact, we got three Wal-Mart supercenters. What is it in? Oh, in 9-mile radius. We got one here in this town, like less than two miles away. You got one 9 miles to the to the north. one 9 miles to the southeast. We’ve got a chatters that does one of the highest volumes in the whole country. We got Starbucks. We got T.J. Max, one of my favorites. We had Liquor Barn. We got Hobby Lobby. Love that place, too. There’s a lot of really good stores. So why am I telling you all that? Because if you had that kind of stuff, it tells you a lot about the economic impact. So Danielle’s only like eighteen thousand. That’s cool. But we swell to 54000 during the day because of jobs. Can you find one thing wrong with this house? I don’t know. I’m like, looking. I’m looking. I. Well, you want to go in. And I want you to go in.


[00:03:25] I won’t show you inside because it sparkles inside, too. Now, I found one thing wrong with this. The shutter. The push. It’s plastic pushpin. But even a skirt. Pushpin came out. Let’s get that fixed. Tell can say, hey, I saw the shutter. We got to fix that. No problem. Let’s go on in. You want to hear me talking? Although you think I’m not going to talk inside, that should have been an attorney paid by the words. So you saw the outside while the inside sparkles, too. And this is all down here on the first floor. So we call this a tri level. So you got living here on this level. Then you got a few steps up to 3 bedrooms and a bath upstairs and then a few steps down to the laundry room, full bathroom, master bedroom and then family room. I say family room because it’s got a woodstove and it’s got a brick wall. Looks really cool. And then this is like the living room.


[00:04:24] So you watch TV up here, you watch TV down there. It’s entirely up to you or you have to watch TV at all. We don’t have TV. Everything we need is on the Internet. So we go to YouTube. We look at stuff or we don’t look at stuff. We hang out with each other. Anyway, I love this floor. It is kind of. You can see it or not. If it’s in focus or not. There you go. Well, it’s like hand scrape. There you can see there. She has got the ridges. And then it also has this bevel here, the devil angle, even on the ends there, beveled. And then here on the sides. But even the ends are beveled. It’s really sharp, really. I love. If I find out what pattern it is, it’s it looks like pine to me. So like whether stained pine. Very nice. And it’s kind of an almost, say, innocuous burning. It’s not like bright orange oak or, you know, some crazy thing that’s a little got a little bit too much red in it or whatever.


[00:05:27] It’s kind of just kind of goes way. Very sharp. And that’s the whole level here. OK, where was I? I took a crazy right turn their tangent, shall we say. So Groesch is right there. I’ll show it to you. It’s just messy garage. But it’s nice. I mean, nice crash. The house, though, as I mentioned, sparkles. I mentioned that I mentioned the house sparkles. I think it’s just like a regular garage. But it’s got lots to windows and then a door here goes out to the back, which is very nice. And then you got to pull down attic thing there. So I’m sure you get storage above the garage. Well, maybe you have more in the storage. I don’t know. You need to check it out. But it’s definitely a two car or a two bay or just got a lot of stuff in it like mine. And it is set up for entertainment. It’s got to bring your grill or smoker, that sort of thing. We do a lot of that. We enjoy that. You do, too.


[00:06:39] Until they get good taste in appliances, that’s one of the best things. My wife loves that thing. I love it. Our friends each have one and they love it. If you’re ever looking for a wedding present, that’s it. A KitchenAid mixer right there. They’ve got 2 different models. Either one. You’re gonna be the hero of the century because when you need it, you really need it. We make homemade with cream with it. We make mashed potatoes with it to pizza dough, bread dough, cake batter. You can do anything, anything, get a thousand different accessories. No, I don’t work for KitchenAid. This is all redone. And look at that. Soft clothes. Oh, yeah.


[00:07:21] And this is all new. The kitchen’s just been done with this new open concept. Have you ever slammed the cabinet door by mistake? You’re like, oh, my gosh, I’m sorry, or your wife does it or are kids do enjoy the crazy whatever. No need to worry anymore. Same here. Drawers same thing now. Soft, closed doors, beautiful. All that stuff is extra in here for you. Done already. So that’s cool. OK, one more. Just because. Mike, my son says, whereas that sits in the juncture, his dead, why don’t have a junk drawer? I said, Dude, everybody’s got a junk. He sees most people just have one junk drawer. Laughter. Nice, all stainless appliances. That’s a big deal. Everybody wants stainless appliances. This one’s got water and ice for the door. French doors up here. Very nice.


[00:08:19] Was about set up like ours is chopped to the brim. I swear it’s got something to do with having parents who were brought up in the depression or something. Well, you got to have extra food just in case we have, you know, a rainstorm or a power outage or God forbid, who knows why. I don’t know. Washer dryer, a cozy bathroom. It’s actually a big bathroom, but it’s got a washer dryer. All right. Stall, shower and then a big closet here. Plenty of room. You can do with this or whatever you want to do. This would be the master boudoir. Perhaps it has a closet. It’s a big, beautiful closet. There’s a very nice sized bedroom. So you got separation here? Here, down here, maybe you got the kids and your mother in law, whatever upstairs. This is the family room. So this is like a family room because it reminds me a Brady Bunch sergeant of the stairs. You’ve got some kind of big projector screen that I guess is electric. It’s got a court there. Hit the button.


[00:09:26] Maybe you can put your computer and one of those where they call that PowerPoint type thing. Well, heck, you could project my videos on YouTube on your living room wall. Wouldn’t that be cool? Then I’d be with you all the time if you ever heard that she’d be rolling her eyes right now. He’s got a fisher stove. By the way, that is the Sherman tank of woodstoves. There were real popular in like the 70s and 80s. Well, they’re still cranking along, man. I open it. Hey anyway, you get the idea. Oh, boy. All right. I’m never going to open a woodstove again, I swear. I swear to you; I don’t know how to happen.


[00:10:21] I’m a smooth operator. That fisher stove. The last longer than your relationship pi. Let’s go on upstairs so we can see what’s going on up here with the kid, let’s room the Chicklets, come up here, right. What do you call your kids? I call my kids and I welcome the pieces in. How is you have in your room, number one. And that’s an extra big closet full of stuff. They’ve got nothing here and everything’s in the closet. Smart people, nice windows, really nice still in like those. There’s kid let room number two. Another big closet like that. You know, you can make this the master if you wanted to. Really? Here’s what I might do. I’d make this the master and then that one downstairs, leave it as a gym. But if you need four bedrooms, maybe you’ve got a teen or something like that.


[00:11:22] Or a mother daughter. Oh, my gosh. Be perfect. She’d have her own mother daughter. Check it out. She’d have her own bedroom. She’d have her own bathroom. She’d have the laundry. And then she’d have her own living room with the fireplace. You could go down, hang with her. You could come on up here maybe in a month. My wife’s got a dad who needs a place that’ll be great if you guys bought this house. Then he can move in with you. I think w great idea. He’s really a pretty nice guy. Double vanity. Yeah. This is where the master you need to be up here and master kids. This would be great. I said so. You know what you buy. You do whatever you want. Don’t listen to me. What the heck do I know? Well, there you go. There you have it.


Please remember to subscribe button right down there and then ring the bell so that you get notifications because I want you to see houses like this one before they even hit the market. This house is going to be in the mid to high one hundreds. So you’re looking at payments about 800 bucks plus maybe one hundred and fifty for taxes and insurance, 950 bucks. Who couldn’t afford that? How could that be? Whereas tell people buy a house so that you all can make the payments on one income. That way you won’t have any problems. So we lose a job or you’re out for a couple of weeks or you’re, you know, you lose a job and it takes you three months to find a good one. Then you got no worries. If this sparkling house is right for you. Fantastic. Call a number right here. And if it’s not perfect for you, that’s maybe even better. We’ll find you something that suits you better. And then you just go up here to our home finder bluegrass And then and then, of course, anytime you pick up the phone and say, hey, can find me something, William. This is fantastic, but I want different colored shutters.


[00:13:15] No, please don’t call and say that you call. I don’t care how you call, you just call. Well, look, we’re glad that we’re glad to help. Child for now. See from Danville Toddles. Thanks for watching.


Maybe you work in academics. We’ve got center college right here to go. No, I don’t. Get the dogs cranking along, man. I open it. Hey. Anyway, get the idea. All right. I’m never going to open a woodstove again. I swear. I swear to you.


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