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Get on the VIP list here: 859-494-5521. Executive Estate for sale. Epic Mercer County, Kentucky Executive Estate of unparalleled quality setting on lush, private 25-acre farm with 2 ponds, sweet 2400+ sf metal shop. a Beautiful property perfect for Horse property or cattle operation, Nature Trails and running trails cut in, etc. Multigenerational Executive Estate for sale Horse Property Home and Land for Sale KY 25 acre Farm.

Panoramic views of your land, the countryside and sky – Your private sanctuary 10-15 minutes from downtown.
Talk about curb appeal, the Entry is landscaped with stone columns and is gated – with a tree-lined, paved drive. Blacktopped and cobblestone driveway meanders you up to the house, a 2 car garage – with some of the prettiest doors we’ve seen in a long time – the front porch is overlooking a comfortably landscaped garden and the big pond.
This meticulously crafted custom home is full of charm & features such as a custom, curving staircase with hand-wrought iron balusters. Gourmet Kitchen with Top-end stainless steel appliances, double ovens and French chef’s kitchen island, Granite counters and tons of custom Maple cabinets. The house has all top-end Pella Doors and Windows.
Pella French doors open to an elegant and elevated entertaining patio overlooking the southern pond. The entertaining porch/patio is accessed by the great room, kitchen and driveway parking area.

The interior is suffused w/natural light from clerestory windows. 2 interior stone gas-log fireplaces, 2 story foyer, and hardwood floors throughout. Bluegrass Team – Call or text Ken to get inside – 859-494-5521 brokered by EXP Realty Home and Land for Sale KY.

25 acre Farm with fishing pond real estate.

[00:00:12] Everybody wants to drive up, so I’m going to give you a drive up. We’re still in Boyle County right now, but we’re going to just pop over into Mercer County here just a little bit. This place on the left and right is Rick D. I don’t know if you’re familiar with him, Rick. He’s the weekly Top 40. You know, I know I’m not a singer. Don’t give me no lip. I can barely talk. Anyway, this is Rick’s and his wife. His wife. You may remember her name. You know, we’re real close. And I can remember her name. She does a lot of the voices for the Smurfs or did. Anyway, they’re super nice people. They got a gorgeous place. Multigenerational Executive Estate for sale – and we’re driving right past it right now. This Horse Property is on a back road between Danville and Harrodsburg. Just a fantastic place in this stonewall. He’s got a golf course up here. Home and Land for Sale KY.

[00:01:03] I think it’s an 18 hole. That’s right here starting on the left. You can see that some bunkers. It’s very, very well taken care of. He’s got a plane at the local airport and everything. So the reason I’m telling you this is not to show off. Yes, it is to show off. I’m pretty proud of the area and I’m proud that other people who have the means to live anywhere in the world choose to live here. City folk just don’t get it. And this is what it looks like. So this would be your drive home in the afternoon from a stressful day at work. If you have a stressful day, the house up here to tell you all about it.

But I don’t know anything about it right now. Ken’s got all the information and he just sends me on these wild goose chase and says, hey, go shoot down. So can you tell me anything about it? He says, you’ll see. You just walk through the house. Thanks. Can does it to me all the time. You would think that he would appreciate me. I can say and everything.

[00:02:09] Fly me to the moon. You don’t hear me jabber, but I got to show you this drive up. You don’t want to put up with all this driver. Then don’t bother. You can just skip ahead. I’ll put the time code right here. This place was for sale maybe 30 years ago when my mother and I came down here to buy first. And it was like 50 acres. Gosh, I wanted that house so bad, Stone house.

So beautiful. Now the level the level is all land. The level is all land around here. But there’s a whole level around here. So it makes it a little bit more valuable. It’s better for crop land. Some people just don’t like the rolling hills. I like the rolling hills, but that’s just me. What I know, but the level land is absolutely more valuable. This, I believe, is the Salt River. I’m going to put it right here that we’re going along. Oh, here we go.

[00:03:02] Throw out the anchor. Kind of turn here. Hold on. Go look back it up like Tonkawa. You’re going too fast. That went pretty fast. Couple of minutes, I can speed it up like those dorky guys do on the video, but kind of gives me nausea. I’ve got the knowledge sometimes. You like what you see so far? It’s kind of like being here right at the goal. All right. We’ve got a beautiful blackboard fans. And I believe this is the place. It is. So before we turn in this amazing game, show you what the view looks like on this Multigenerational Executive Estate for sale Horse Property Home and Land for Sale KY

[00:04:08] So here we are. And this is absolutely stunning. I mean, if you’re if you’re into if you’re in, you’re entertaining, you’re in business. This is an impressive property with impressive views. Can you imagine what this place looks like in the spring, summer and fall? You know, this is the worst time of year. It’s the absolute ugliest time. And the stupid.

Anyway, we’ve got. 25 acres. The house is almost six thousand square feet. So close you could call it six thousand. And no one would make fun of you. I think you’ve got to verify with Ken. But it shows fifty-nine hundred and change. Now, I’m not sure what this is here at here. They got a little house for a pavilion. Or maybe it’s for an RV or something. There’s a little power there. If I find out, I’ll let you know.

[00:05:03] They run a business out of this. This barn is about 30 by 80. And I’m going to just buzz around it. There’s the house over there. You saw that. These are twelve by eighty sheds. It’s the trucking business. So there’s got to be room for being big trucks. He’s got a greater box there. That’ll help you do your driveway, that grid thing. Get a neighbor when you live out in the country, you always have a farmer’s a neighbor and they’re always willing to help him. He could trade or pay him 20 bucks or maybe a couple bottles of wine or whatever are always on the take for that kind of thing as zero. Turn the Kubota. So that’s diesel. ZB 331. How do I know all this stuff now? Because I’ve got the same one. I can play a whole bottle of forklift here like take that fork, but I need a barn to store all these toys that I want. I will eventually show you inside that barn.

[00:06:07] I’m going to run some aerials to do some serious aerials to do. Why take that golf cart and run around to do my aerials? Brick and stone veneer look upon the back. Wow. Nice spot right here. My wife dropped Brennan because it’s called the dickens out here. I was goanna say something else. I’m glad I didn’t. Might be some ladies involved in this. We’ll take you out here really quick first. And the workmanship is just fantastic. So they’ve got all this brick, the coins. You know an s so my coins.

[00:07:00] All the brick quoins, which are very cool. I like those. And then he’s got this mama jama granite outdoor space. Here’s a beer fridge for a bourbon fridge and a stainless steel grille with stainless steel grates, stainless steel grates. And it’s got infrared back there. Oh yeah. You see the clouds. Clouds are reflected in the in the granite. That’s really nice. It’s beautiful. You got access to the sink.

Love that stuff. Right? It’s a great patio. And it must be drained a certain way because it actually is the ceiling for downstairs, not downstairs, indoors, but downstairs, outdoors. And Ken can tell you more about that because he probably has a lot of information. So we’ve got vinyl shakes up here, which are really beautiful. He’s got one of these. You know, probably the sun sets over [00:08:00] there.

[00:08:01] So he’s got one of these Dealios here where you so you just go like this. It comes back up – the different colors in all the windows and the doors. Pella and I mean, like serious stuff. So this is the back pond and he’s got a little shooting gallery here. That’s a master bedroom. I’m going inside this Humphrey’s my studio.

You know; I don’t have to go in that way. We’re goanna go in the front door. I’d be a crappy guy if I put it in the back door. And yes, my wife’s truck is running. Don’t tell her. I want to make sure that it’s nice and warm. I get in there.

[00:09:00] Spill in 2012. So there’s like nothing to do. It’s in great shape. Okay. Billers to be a little bit of a handful. They can be real horses. They hired these crappy guys and they do crappy and they leave. This house is not like that. I looked at everything on show teeth. They did everything really great. The beautiful door. It’s hung, right? It’s got special operator. It doesn’t sound like that. You know, a good chunk. A chunk. I think it’s actually quite nice. We’ll get up here in a little bit and I’ll show you the beautiful neighborhood. It’s a little windy. I think I can fly got copper, copper flashing everywhere. I don’t know if that’s copper or not. It could, but looks like it’s a little vertebra on there. But the copper flashing and all that. Did they do a beautiful job? I think so. This is a Multigenerational Executive Estate for sale Horse Property Home and Land for Sale KY – in Danville KY actually.

[00:10:07] Oh, that’ll come back off to ask Cindy. She’ll know. So there’s no how. There’s no wires touching the house. You know what I mean? Attached to the house on a pole or something like that. They’ve got security cameras. I can see. So I don’t know. Cannot tell you about that. There’s lightning rods here. I assume there’s lightning rods on the rest of the house. Yes, there’s one there. So do we get know we get some lightning every now. When you’re up here on the top of the hill. Yeah. Let’s get some lightning rods. It’s really not expensive. And it sure beats having your electronics go out. And they’ve got the satellite dish there for the TV and whatnot. Nichols goes underground. All goes underground. Good luck right there. This is a back door. This is Pela as well. And unreal impressed with this.

[00:11:03] It’s fiberglass. Check out this handled. Now, I’m not going to say that I’ve been everywhere, but in a lot of places I never saw one of those, so I’m pretty impressed with that. It’s kind of cool, isn’t it? Let me tell you, crappy windows and crappy doors are hell to live with. This is all pela. Boom done. He locked disk and all that. 5 Points, right. Get this one. This one or this one. And then there’s two at the top. I guess they’re all locked in.

[00:11:51] Beautiful, I love to see good craftsmanship. I’ll take you to the to the most scenic part of the house. The dining room. Yeah, they’ve got another house and they’re moving out. So, yeah, they have some stuff. But how nice would that be for some wine tastings or Thanks giving or whatnot?

Beautiful, now it’s all spray foamed now. That’s what it says. You don’t hold me to that, but that’s what it says. So you’ve got tough, Ken. And he’ll explain to you when you come out here. He’ll explain to you and say, hey, it is all spray foamed or just the walls or just the ceiling or whatever. But I can show you some spray foam in the basement, too. So I assume that it’s says it’s all spray foam. I assume it all is. A little half bath here, so we get four and a half baths. Five bedrooms and a ton of square foot, square feet. Square footage below the level. It is late already.

[00:13:04] Boys and girls find a full day already. Clear stories, all his bill ends. Very nice gas logs and propane. So you’ve got dual fuel heaters. So I guess dual fuel means heat pump and gas. So using the gas when it gets too cold or whatever the deal is. Ken can tell you all that jazz. He knows and he’ll know more because the homeowners told him all that stuff. Don’t tell me nothing. Make me work. This goes downstairs. Obviously, I’ll show it to you.

After a while after a while, I felt like an old dad. After a while she didn’t know stairs and show you what’s going on here, son. So he’s got this little spotting scope here. He can see all the deer and others, lot of turkeys out in this neck of the woods. Look how beautiful the sky is getting.

[00:14:03] So you could plant a little thing here. Now you’ve got a farm certificate here, tax certificate. So that means anything over 10 acres. You are far your taxed farm. So the house and one acre, the one value and then the rest of the land.

But because you’re over 10 acres here. Twenty-five acres, you would have that same farm certificate with that certificate. Also FSA, which is Farm Services Agency, I believe, like soil conservation. They will give you plans and stuff so that you can plant like millet and that would be for a quail and then you can plant corn for the for the for the deer and you just leave it up there. And they teach you how to do it. They give you a not a subsidy, but they’ll give you a free seed or they’ll give you a check or whatever. I don’t understand all that because we don’t do it. We don’t do that stuff because we have cattle on our farm.

[00:15:00] But you get the idea. There’s a lot of little programs where you can get a couple hundred dollars’ worth of this in a couple hundred hours for that and get free trees in the springtime. You can plant trees and have some beautiful natural trees that that grow here naturally, like ash and oak and pine and poplar and things like that. Look at this. I mean, it’s awesome. Wow, that’s a silver drum there.

This is all maple, I assume. And everything’s well, like brand new. They got that black Granite. I don’t think that’s granite. I think that’s because you’ll have to ask Ken. He’ll know the difference. But everything just top notch. Check it out.

[00:16:09] There you go. It’s just sharp, right?  This has got a high super high BTU deal here. It says power boil for large cookware. So you just click it like that and it’s got extra juice. So you can you can walk me a little kid. You can lock this. And if they come in here. Lowered it was just not supposed to automatically make that obnoxious is enough to scare them. The hoodie out of you. This is a sharp fridge. I mean, people like the appliances that are already done. Well, heck, you got twenty thousand dollars of appliances here, so they have a very boring refrigerator. And they do keep their Reese’s in the refrigerator. So we know they’re Americans. But this also just closes by itself.

[00:17:01] Which is really nice. Can usually come from my house and leave the refrigerator door open looking for beer. Why is it looking for beer and Ibrahim beer in my house?

All stainless, and we do appreciate you buying G.E. appliances because they’re made right here and in Louisville, Kentucky, a Microsoft. This is the garage. Great. No one had to fly through here otherwise this video is goanna be 40 minutes long. And that’s a stall door. I’m not sure if that is porcelain or if it’s real stone. I think it’s porcelain which will last for Amber and it’s probably stronger. It’s got a mama jama deep dealio here. You could wash two Pomeranians and your kid in there at the same time, which would be would be interesting. Alarm system, it’s all set up and he can show you how to do it. Here’s the pamphlet for the new owners and they just do ADT.

[00:18:07] So, Thank God you don’t good eating. Let’s go upstairs. Oh, yeah. Is she the mastermind first? So this curvy thing here under the stairs. Very nice. I open it up and what to my eyes to appear but a ginormous closet. Everything’s done right. The moldings are just beautiful in this Multigenerational Executive Estate for sale. It is clearly Horse Property – this Home and Land for Sale KY – in Danville KY actually.

Offhand, I can’t remember the name of the builder, it’s like Childers or something like that. I should know who it is, but I don’t we don’t see builders too much. They’re building new houses and we usually have not new houses. Right. We know that molding. Fantastic. Now, this are the blinds here are in-between seats. As Penda, these blinds are in between the glass. So you just.

[00:19:07] Do this. Keep going, keep going. And you can. Open them up. Push him all the way down. There you go. And if you need access, if one breaks or whatever, it’s not a big deal because you just pop this off and everything’s right inside here. It’s not actually between the two argon glasses, right? These are casement. They’re very expensive. That’s the casement. And the awning windows are the most expensive windows they have. And you’ve got a lot of case mix in here. They’re very nice. You open them up. And the whole thing at these were double hung windows.

So the top moves and the bottom moves, you open the top and you’ve got double up here. And so it’s only half. So I had a 5 foot window, not really only two feet and two inches opens, but with Casement, it’s the whole dag-gone thing that opens up.

[00:20:03] So like a window salesman, you know, we just put an addition on. So I got all this knowledge and us we’ll share it with you, right? I’ll show you some of the things they did downstairs that are really going to make a significant difference in your heat bills here. If I find out with the heat bills are here, I will let you know.

Try to get Ken. Get me that stuff. Try ceiling. Lots and lots of molding. This is the master, the master bedroom. Plenty of room. All the kids come and jump bunion. Christmas morning or every morning. Who cares? They’re only little for a little while. Beautiful, big they window or bow window or whatever, and it’s not the window, it’s just all the brick to. Place tried to get lit, but I can’t get it with.

[00:21:10] I’m going to take a venture to say that that’s his and then hers is a whole lot more. You know that those boys, right. You with me with me on that action.

Trying to get back here. And that reminds me of that. This is porcelain. I know that to be true because I can see how they cut around the jet top. Now, you know, I’m always kidding around with your tongue, telling you that Kentucky people are real friendly and real sexy and all this other stuff and they get these big showers so you can fit five. Your closest friends are always kin round about that, right? Well, this one this is the biggest shower I’ve ever seen. It’s like 5 by 7 feet. I wish I had my wide angle lens on by it. It’s huge. So, yes, if you’ve got a lot of friends, you are absolutely more than welcome to bring them up here. That’s all open and pretty one. Nice heads. You got a stationary hand and then the hand held job earlier. I’m assuming that’s a court’s seat.

[00:22:28] You can see it’s big about 5 by 7. You can have a whole bathroom. It’s like 5 by 8. Those are the kind of things you say. Well, is that a little bit too much? No, it’s not. It feels awesome. We’ve got big showers. Not anywhere near that day. No, no, no. But it just makes you feel like a million bucks. What are you working for, anyway? You’re working to give your money to the kids or whatever. You have a really cool house like this. The kids will come more often.

[00:22:59] By the way, this place needs a pool in the back. I guess if I buy it, I can put a pool back there, huh? Do you like. I like the workmanship. You a linen here and then starts the world of bedrooms. Big bedroom here. Forbath. Great views.

[00:24:19] That’s bedroom number two, we have bedroom number three here. And here’s where you can see the copper flashing. Get overcast. Now, that is what I call a better. Heck, you could have a. Could I have a full on lights in here? You could have a full on nursery in here.

[00:24:58] So if he had some boomerang kids, people come back or kids come back with the grandkids. Oh, here. Three complete. Three complete units for the AC. Four zones, more of that courts. So this is a Jack and Jill for this bedroom. Jack and Jill Bath. So the green one and then this is the same green. OK. I’ll give you that. And it’s like new you can tell people take it when people take care of stuff.

[00:26:00] All right. It’s going downstairs. And see what’s going on down there in the world. Just steal it from church. Like a chalice man in a wine glass. It’s your turn to treat yourself. We had some great successes in this great economic run. We have like since World War 2; we’ve had really a great economic run through port walls. Only the best. Okay. Give you a little lesson. They spray foamed the band board guy. What a huge difference that makes the top. That concrete wall is not perfectly level. They put that salsa on there and then you put the band Joyce on top. It doesn’t seal it up really well. You put that spray on there and it’s just unbelievable. I wish I had my laser with me and I could tell you these walls are just fantastic. Fantastic. All mechanicals here, they get to 200 AMP panels. They have 2 200 AMP services individually that runs the whole joint I-beam. Things are done right here. This is this is a good builder. I have proclaimed.

[00:27:27] Seriously? They even spray from the pockets. They kept pockets out. Or form them out when they’re when they’re forming. Reforming the walls. Who in the world needs one hundred and four-gallon water heater? Come on now.

[00:27:57] Motion detected lights. Very nice. This is like a safe room or whatever. This is underneath the Foya. You know what the Foya, but the entry. So this is on the inside of the house. And then this would be the outside. So those are 10-inch-thick walls. So my spam here is eight. So those are 10-inch-thick walls. Damn right. And then they spray the whole dealio up there. So you could you could do wine here, canning, safe room, whatever you want to. I do my wine. Everybody got different stuff, right? This guy’s a hunter. I’ve got my wine. Make an offer and you say, I want that thing a little beer fridge down here.

[00:28:50] Pex see the red and the blue. That stuff is like really incredibly strong. It’s thick walled. It’s bendable and it can freeze over and over and not burst. So that’s what everybody’s plumbing their houses with today. It’s really fantastic. P.X. PEX. An extra Peladon, if you want one.

[00:29:16] How many square feet? This is but Kansas, maybe like 500 or so more, so I don’t know if that’s included in the score in the overall square footage or not, but you know, it’s an extra. Couple hundred square feet if you wanted to finish it. Absolutely no reason to finish it. This is exactly what I would do with it. How about you have a little workshop down here?

Your craft, so you don’t need anything that fancy when you have almost an entire other floor. That’s all finished. carpet drop ceiling can light. Full kitchen like serious kitchen. Not like this. Some hack it together kind of kitchen.

[00:30:20] This is really nice. So what would you do with this. This is an excellent father in law mother in law suits. We’re going through that right now with Cindy’s folks. Dad’s going to need a place to stay if some happens to mom. This would be perfect more paella. Oh there you go. The under deck gutter system. It’s an under deck guttering system. I don’t know if it gutters out or not but that’s how that’s keeping that dry up there.

[00:31:00] Beautiful zero smell. Zero dampness perfectly heated an air conditioned heating and cold. It’s just spectacular space and tons of it. More courts Well there you have it. I’m going to show you the bathroom One more quickie before we go up. This is still in the basement with you know with that awesome kitchen.

I mean that’s as nice as any house kitchen. And then you’ve got all this under stair storage unit to it’s done right. It’s classy like the owners and nice folks and you can see that they care remember we talked about the shop and I’m sure you’re dying chomping at the bit to know what’s going on here 30 by 80 overall.

[00:32:00] Then you’ve got to twelve by 80 sheds. So that’s very cool. Far enough away from the house and right here if you’re going to have if you’re going to have people come in if you’re going to have a business of any sort. They just come in pull in here and don’t bother you or the House or anybody at the house.

Scott locks on doors and it is a monster garage with Monster concrete. Ken says that the concrete is beefy I don’t want to proclaim six inches. If I find out, I’ll let you know I’ll put it here. It’s all insulated on the roof not the walls.  So the roof is insulated. You know they got Salamander out here you’re not going to be out here where it’s goanna be that cold. It’s not that cold in Kentucky generally. So you have a little woodstove you could do a pellet stove out here whatever so they’ve got these dump trucks.

This concrete floor drains are here. This concrete supports those dump trucks so it is extra thick extra reinforced in beautiful condition because it’s only a few years old. Well I say it was 2012, 2013. Something like that. This is a beautiful What is it a 550 series right. But he’s got big dump trucks like that have tires like this. Imagine buying tires and a whole bunch of like this one how much they cost a lot.

If you have to ask you can’t afford it. I told he does things right. Michelin like serious people don’t pay Michelin for their cars. I do I like it. It’s worth it. Here’s a shop. Awesome. In the back doors and front drive right on through I’m goanna have a beer fridge. 1 What’s in the freezer. I would bet a hundred-dollar bill. There’s some deer meat in the freezer.

When you look out in country city folks just don’t understand terms. State. Yeah. It’s just sharp. Right and this is all. Supposed to do that. I know it doesn’t stop. This is a Multigenerational Executive Estate for sale Horse Property Home and Land for Sale KY – in Danville KY.

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