VIDEO of Luxury Multigenerational homes, Next gen houses for sale Danville, KY

Luxury Multigenerational homes, Next gen houses for sale Danville, KY –

Beautiful Danville Kentucky house, near Centre College and Country Club. Stainless Appliances, Granite Counters, FPs, decks and an enviable back yard. Multi gen. Next gen house. Luxury Home Beautiful Danville Kentucky house. 1 mi to Grocery Shopping 2 mi to Post Office 3 mi to Regional Med Center 3 mi to Centre College Summation: Less than 3 miles to the Country Club, Golf Courses, Downtown microbreweries, restaurants, Wine Bar, Regional Medical Center – all less than 3 miles. Go another 3 miles to WalMart Super Center, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Applebees, Cheddars, Grocery Stores, JC Penney, etc.

Here are the details: 1. over 3800 sf 2. 4 br, 3.5 baths 3. full walkout basement with offices, full bath, bedrooms, laundry, workshop 4. patio, decks, 2.5 garages (one is for golf cart) 5. 1.5± acres – NO One will ever build behind you. 6. priced in the 300s – for a Luxury Home – a Beautiful Danville Kentucky house – it is a solid deal. I’ve had a lot of inquiries for homes in this area, and this may be the perfect opportunity to call it “home”. With 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and located on an incredible location just out of College Town with Regional Medical Center, I don’t see this taking too long to sell. Call or text me if you (or anyone you know) is serious to hear more about it – Ken 859-494-5521 Thanks!

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[00:00:00] Well you can always tell when I’m showing a property because I always Parkway on out here. Kind of looks a little dark, I know, but I want to be able to shoot the house any way we’ve got a fantastic house today. And yes I always tell you it’s fantastic. But it did it’s fantastic. So I love this neighborhood. It’s a fantastic neighborhood in fact the golf course is like right over there in the country club. It’s not in the backyard. I’ll show you an aerial of it. But this is just great. Lot of good houses. Nice area. It is just a mile the town or so I’ll put it down here. Luxury Multigenerational homes, Next gen houses for sale Danville, KY.

There’s a lot of things I don’t know about this house yet. I just went inside. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s like new. But I don’t know how old it is. It’s four bedrooms two and half baths. And I would venture to say hold on one second let me count it’s three and a half baths. Ken’s got its two and half year three and a half. What is this guy. Never been in this house before.

[00:01:00] So anyway we’ve got a lot of beautiful molding. This is called a tray ceiling. Look at the size of those moldings. That’s pretty impressive. Those guys that do that man they can just knock it out. They know how to do it might take them all day to go around up there but they do a beautiful job and then it’s something that’s a showpiece in the house for a while the whole life of the house. Right. So we come inside. Hardwood floors. Right. I’m not going to go. This is the kitchen. Yeah we know what the kitchen looks like right. You come in here and you’ve got this could be a home office could be sitting room whatever the formal dining room which we just saw which I love.

And I think you’re going to like the backyard. I think you’re going to love this entertaining area which is this beautiful kitchen and this sitting area here there’s gas fireplace here two gas fireplace downstairs. And those are always nice. You go to buy that stuff now. It’s a fortune to have that stuff built. To. Show.

[00:02:04] What’s going on so no I said the backyard is fantastic here’s the deck and it’s just more beautiful homes. So no junk around here. This is Boyle County Boyle Kenny’s pretty nice place to live. I live here. That’s where we have our office. We know the area really well. So of course if you’re looking for an expert you come to the experts. Find your Luxury Multigenerational home in Danville, KY.

Lot of people from out of state. They say what is with you people you don’t have fences. And I said Yeah I guess we all just get along. I guess that’s why. And I can kind of say that in a helpful way and kind of sarcastic too because you know why do you need fences if you can get along with your neighbors. It’s got a full walkout basement. Show you that you’re going to love that park Oh we got another hall, living area down there I’ll show you.

[00:03:16] The EIK eating kitchen, pretty nice. I don’t know what this granite marble quartz whatever. I always get in trouble if I say the wrong thing because I can always correct me goes dude. That’s not marble its courts or it’s not courts its granite.

I don’t know the difference. And when you read about it it’s hard to tell the difference too but it’s really pretty I just like natural stuff. Yeah I get it that the solid surface is convenient or whatever but this is a real stone, pretty cool. You could make some wicked pizza dough on that vaulted ceiling always popular.

[00:03:55]  A little Tuscan thing going on back here with tumbled marble tiles on the tiles or real stone or whatever. Butler’s pantry dude got this so the formal dining room and then the butler’s pantry. You don’t see that anymore. I really like it. You love it. Tell me if you love it. Put it down here. Bottom votes last time you saw it butler’s pantry.

OK I’ll show you this now, when you think of Jack and Jill I’ll tell you. Well as a Jack and Jill you think Jack and Jill you think little kids right. No, no. This is lovely, mean luxuriant bedroom I must say. And this is a lovely beautiful bedroom. I’ll show it to you right now. The boudoir and it has this great Jack and Jill. So you’ve got this is not a this is not a half bath. This is just the sink here.

[00:05:02] Then you got the toilet there and that is one of those what they call these called high rise. Then they called it a comfort high. Now they call it chair height. So I don’t know what you want to call you. Call it whatever you want it’s your toilet. Knock yourself out but it’s kind of like a double thing like it’s exactly like a double vanity. And then they walk in closet the WIC walk in closet vanity shower Hopper.

Know their vanity and plenty of closet space in this Jack and Jill joining me here worn down show you beautiful appliances. Get that going on you’ve got a downdraft here. G.E. monogram G.E. monogram so monogram it is indeed not monogram its profile.

[00:06:06] My big mistake I don’t know the difference between against if you’re in clients shopping business you probably know what in the world the difference was I don’t know the difference beautiful master bedroom. Another trade ceiling can light it makes a beautiful light a light glow on the wall this is beautiful. Jet top,

double vanity, you guys can brush your teeth at the same time and whatnot. My wife uses Hairspray and it’s all over the phone. My phone never hurts right. Can you relate guys. The shower monster closet with a little makeup Delia there. You call that we don’t have girls. We got boys so I don’t know what we call it stuff.

[00:07:13] There you go in case of an emergency. This is a pretty view isn’t it. Now nice and looks right out to the backyard. OK got the secret. P.S. the resistance that I want and show you. Oh wait a minute there’s a half baths here. Pretty look at the line of sight and here is very nice house as well thought out a good floor plan. Here’s your half. So we got two folds up here and half and then another and then another fold basement downstairs. Another for basement dancers another bath for back downstairs Oh let me show you the garage from here. No coat closet They’re oversized to car with Plenty of shelving here so you can put all your stuff through basement stuff. And this is what I like. Check that Mama Jarman out. We’ve got to watch up thing. There you go out and do your gardening or work on the car or your hobbies or whatever and then just wash your hands. Come on in this place clean up. OK now down the stairs to an adventure of lots of doors I can’t even tell you how many drag on laying down doors. A workshop out here.

And one of those little garage doors for the lawnmower. So that’s cool. If you mow your own stuff it’s great. If you don’t know your own stuff. Put a workshop in here. Well matter of fact I’ll bet you that workbench stays and that’s a momma job. They’re six by six legs and then two by eight on the top in the side. Good deal, can help you with all that stuff. So this is great. Got a nice closet here a closet is a small closet that’s French you know.

[00:09:24] The mechanical room. With Christmas tree lights and stuff like that. But here’s fusion mechanical room so water heater whatnot. And what we have here floor drain awesome case water heater blows out. Not to worry about the rest your house getting wet. I love that that that my house put addition on make sure there were three more. Love those things.

All right you ready. This is the big reveal. The sellers actually paint and they have some beautiful art I don’t know if they painted it and stuff.

[00:10:05] I haven’t met them or anything but I love nice art and they’ve got some beautiful art. So underneath that eat in kitchen upstairs is this eating area. So total multigenerational blue this is a zero clearance but you can just walk right on out to the outside multi-channel put Mom put Dad down here we’re in a position right now where my father in law we’re Cindy’s dad.

Is in his plays like 89s. That is late 80s he’s 89 right he’s goanna be 90 and he needs some help during the day so this would be a perfect opportunity for us to bring him down and bring here you have his own space he’d have his own thing we’d have our own space yet we’d be together and it’d be easy for us to come and help him so that’s what the multigenerational is about maybe get some boomerang kids where they were gone and now they come back you know how that stuff goes there’s a gas fire logs if I was a nice guy turn them on for you but I don’t know exactly where to do it and I don’t want to mess anything up art studio maybe it’s a home office for you maybe it’s bedroom can call it a bedroom.

[00:11:31] Well no because he doesn’t have a window or whatever the story is I don’t know all the details of the bedroom a guaranteed use for bedroom if you needed it. It’s a beautiful art studio. Here’s another one of those bedroom office. Maybe it’s a his or her office. So you got your office here and she’s got her office over there or whatever what not. Luxury Multigenerational homes, Next gen houses for sale Danville, KY.

It’s all my clothes a lot of doors down here. There is another bedroom. So very nice. You got one two three upstairs.

[00:12:02] This one’s the fourth down here. You get closet they change the rules you know used to be if there wasn’t a window it couldn’t be or if it wasn’t they didn’t have a closet it wasn’t a bedroom. Well back in the day they didn’t have closets they had Ahmad and stuff. It’s cold in here which means they shut off the heat which means you don’t have to heat this either if you don’t want to. So don’t be worried.

All it’s too many square feet for me I don’t want to heat all that space just shut off the rooms. Check this out. This is the largest laundry room hangout I’ve ever seen. You got to slop sink over here what do they call them. Mud sink or what do you call it put it in the comments below. I call it a slop sink or a utility sink or whatever. And then.

Check that out. So if you’ve got sent down here I mean I know it’s not an ideal sink but for dad he wouldn’t care.

[00:13:01] Throw one over here throw microwave when there’s little fridges. Totally got a whole deal you going on down here.

There’s a fridge. So what else we got over here nothing. Mr. staircase let’s go. Here let me show you. Let me show you the hidden and forgotten bathroom. Ken how could you forget this thing this rascal is huge.

This thing’s got to be 12 feet deep and a full bath so shower and all heat and air all that stuff. Privacy fan. And you know why I call it privacy fan. You turn it on it’s so loud that nobody can hear you doing whatever you’re doing in there. I can tell you that so here he’s got his little smoker out here grill and you just sit out here and watch your kids play. Great neighborhood man.

[00:14:11] What is Danville have. Well it’s got its own airport. We’ve got a big distillery. It’s a big deal. Bourbon is Bourbon Country. We’ve got good schools. We’ve got the country club. We got a regional medical center and we’re from here.

You’re 10 minutes to the lake. Maybe I’ll put down here how far you are to look to a marina you’re maybe 25 30 minutes to a Sam’s Club and Lexington and everything Lexington has to offer. Lexington is a polished city, great place.

This is right for you. Great. If it’s not right for you subscribe anyway you can subscribe here on YouTube.

Down here or you can go to our home finder which is right up here and tell us about exactly what your ideal property looks like and we’ll try to send it to you. We do that pretty well.

[00:15:02] 38 years in April so that’s what nineteen eighty-one. Many of you weren’t even alive then and that makes me feel old. I’m going to cry No. OK so there you go. Love you guys I’ll tell you I love our subscribers and I just want to show you some nice stuff. There’s a swell house. This thing is sharp. It’s like new. It’s obviously been taken care of. It’s obviously been owned by mature people who take care of things people who care and you don’t want a house that’s been beat up from the feet up. You want a house that’s been loved. This is loved. Talk to you later. For now, buy from David Kentucky cocaine.

[00:16:05] I can’t wait to see your comments below. Like and subscribe because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market that you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our website for the latest properties. We have. Luxury Multigenerational homes, Next gen houses for sale Danville, KY.

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