VIDEO of this Multi generational house – Mother daughter houses

VIDEO of this Multi generational house – Mother daughter houses – this one has: 3400± sf, 3+ bedrooms, 2.5 baths, big deck, shop / garage, walk-out basement.

VIDEO of this Multi generational house – Mother daughter houses – this one has: 3400± sf, 3+ bedrooms, 2.5 baths, big deck, shop / garage, walk-out basement – we’ll send you new properties before they hit the market. 859-494-5521 Multigenerational house – Own it for under $900/mo.

Just 3/10 mi to schools, Dollar General, churches. 9 miles to College town. Call or Text Ken 859-494-5521 Bluegrass Team. Why compete? Call or text Ken 859-494-5521. Beautiful all brick house – Multi-generational with full walk out basement. The basement has garage, separate entrance, full bath and kitchen sink. Just add a fridge and a range, microwave or toaster oven and you have an in-laws apartment, teen flat or boomerang kid pad. On main level, you have Stainless appliances in this Open Concept Kitchen / Family Room area – it is 16’x35′ huge – that’s a lotta huge. 🙂

GREAT back yard with big deck and all the BBQ area you could ever want. All redone – so it sparkles. Full walk-out basement with full bath and kitchen sink. Add a fridge and a microwave oven and you have an apartment for overflow family. City Gas furnace – SUPER Cheap to heat this house of 1700± sf up + 1700± sf down. That’s a lot of square footage for the price.

a couple points:

3/10 mi to Dollar General
3/10 mi to Perryville Elementary School
6/10 mi to Historic Merchant’s Row
8/10 mi to Post Office, Churches, Shops
9 miles to Danville, Middle and High Schools and Movie Theatres
9.5 miles to Millenium Park
10 miles to Centre College
10 miles to all of downtown Shopping of Danville – wine shops, Pizza, Micro-breweries, World-class bourbon bars, Ethnic restaurants, etc.
12 miles to all Danville’s Shopping – TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Starbucks, etc, etc.

Call or text me to get you in – I have the key…. 😉 859-494-5521 Ken Garcia Bluegrass Team – brokered by EXP Realty.

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[00:00:02] You know that old saying everybody must go to heaven, but nobody wants to die? Well, there’s a lot of truth in that, obviously, And we get that all the time. Everybody wants to live in the country, but they don’t want to be too far from a junk mail or maybe the post office or church or schools or whatever that is, whatever you like. Don’t want to be that far away from X. Well, this is kind the best of both worlds. Perryville is quaint little place. It’s where I live. And I’ve been here for 30 some years and we like it just fine. So here’s this little town. There’s a bank here on the right gas station. There’s a coffee roaster in here is really kind of cool furniture store, more churches. There’s like six or seven churches in this town of 700, another convenient store. I guess one of the most important things is it’s historic. Multigenerational house – Own it for under $900/mo. Mother daughter houses.

[00:01:00] And you’ve got this the old town part there. That’s a historic merchants row. And there’s a river and all that stuff. So we had the big civil war battle here. And so that’s our claim to fame, if that’s famous. I don’t know. But people come from all over the country to come to Perryville. Anyway, we have a big reenactment. Every year we get 30000, sometimes under a thousand people. Here’s Dollar General. That’s really fantastic to have so close the schools right behind it. See the school now you wonder why I’m rambling on its way back. There’s a nice school because we’re almost here. So all out in the country. Here we are. And then this is it. This is the end, Perryville. It just gets more scenic and, you know, more farmland and countryside. And here you go. This is the neighborhood. This the neighborhood.

[00:02:00] You got a cop right here. That’s good. Always good to have a cop as a neighbor and always invite him to your parties always. That’s how it works. Here you go. The neighbors complain. You met the cop at the party. This is the great house. OK. Now it’s like, Seventeen hundred square feet or something like that. There’s the back of the school right up there. Mother daughter houses here in Perryville, KY.

So literally, the kids could walk to school or you could walk your kids to school and you could absolutely walk to Dollar General. You see that little blue building there. DA General’s right next to that blue building. What’s cool about this house is that it has a full walkout basement that has a garage and it has a kitchen sink and a full bathroom. So you truly have like a multi-generational deal here. So from the front just looks like a ranch. But in the back, you got the granny flat. The teenage kid flat, the boomerang kid, whatever, with their own entrance, their own stuff,

[00:03:00] their own everything. And you could be completely autonomous upstairs, but yet you’re close. So here we are at the front and it’s how we just came in. You know, like I said, the cop lives right down there. This one looks like a police officer, too. So maybe sheriff’s department or whatever. Those are great guys to have as neighbors because it doesn’t take long. You pick up the phone and you got yourself an army if you need one. Right.

Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications. You’ll get a notification on your phone every time I uploaded a video. I know a lot of the people who live here. You know, there’s a big farm there. Know a lot of people who live here. It’s just a great little town. It’s where all till in windows, all new vinyl. This house is going to be in the mid one hundreds. So if you take right now with the interest rates the way they are, you are goanna take that.

[00:04:00] And I say cut it in half. So if it’s 150000, for instance, the payments are going to be about 750 a month. So that’s goanna be close. If that’s what you’re looking for, you look for a payment. And of course, Ken can get you 100 percent financing most of time with approved credit, of course. But percent financing is not uncommon here. It’s freshly painted. Place looks great. I was kidding, Rick, about this color, but the reality is that this is a very popular color. It’s like the number one color for two thousand nineteen. I was one who had egg on my face. Not him. I teased him about it. I said, well, that’s an interesting color. You know what’s interesting? So walk in. I don’t know what you’d use this for if you do. Tell me here in the comments below. I get sick of formal dining or I’m sorry, formal living room. So tell me what you would use this room for. So then I would know I should save the kitchen for last visits from ISIS.

[00:05:00] It’s all new here. New paint, new flooring, like a lot of new knobs on the walls. Lot of new knobs on the doors and all that. So this is a gigantic room. It’s like ridiculous. I was talking about it with my wife and I said, what in the word would we use this for? Well, she sees came up with these great ideas. Right. So always leave it to a woman to have good taste in decor. This room is like 16 by 35 or something like that. It’s like crazy big. She said, well, let’s put an island in here and then we’ll put a sofa table on the sofa there and then put TV on this wall and everything.

So she started moving in right away. She really liked the size of this room, as do I. And this is that new grange color. That is all the rage. It’s a warm gray. And there you have it.

[00:06:00] So one big room. It’s a huge energy, actually. We are all new stainless appliances except the refrigerator. You got to tell Rick that he needs to put a stainless dishwasher in there like a brand new appliances. And then it’s great deck out here. Yes, it needs to be painted. Yes, it’s been too wet. And yes, it’s been too cold to fool with it.

But, yes, Rick knows that this deck needs to be refinished. And again, there’s the school, there’s a playground, there’s a school. I mean, it’s great. It’s good if you got kids. It’s good if you don’t have kids. It’s just a nice lie. All right. Let’s see the rest of the house, the rest. And the piece de resistance is downstairs.

So really simple bath here, two and a half baths in this house, master bedroom. With half bath. That’s nice. Everything’s clean.

[00:07:00] Smells like paint. It looks great. Another bedroom. Get the dirt there. They’re just putting the doors back on. Wait for the paint to dry. New light fixtures, new blinds, a big wide plantation blinds like a little tiny mini points. Those were for the birds. If the bad thing is for the birds, what’s for the good thing? Like for the cows? I mean, I don’t understand. All right. So just as you know, we all have parents who are getting older and his dad is getting older. He’s by himself. It’s like three hundred dollars a day to have someone come in and just make sure he’s taken his pills 300 bucks a day. Like. Are you kidding me? So you got a whole floor down here. There’s another entrance here.

[00:08:00] That’s a new door. Another new door. There’s one fact. There’s all three doors. One brand new. So this is the garage or was for workshop or for dad or whatever. All clean, all painted. And we have had a lot of rain. This has not got one drop in it. If you see shiny marks on the floor, it’s from the new paint that paints there are still wet or it’s a gloss or whatever. But anyway, we have not had one drop of water out here. So that’s kind of nice. So what would you do with this space? Do anything you darn well, please. A brand new dawn here. Goes right on out. There’s my truck. You remember seeing that right produce, you figure that one out. And then this is the kitchen area. Right. Kitchen sink through a fridge there. Little table, microwave. Boom, you’re done. Own this multigenerational house for under $900/mo.

[00:09:00] It’s got city gas. So you could put a gas range in if you want it. You could put in gas logs down here, a little fireplace, then a full bath. This vinyl. It’s like it’s like that plank stuff. You get a shower here for skinny people. Yes. I could fit in there. No smart remarks and vanity.  So two half baths, three bedrooms and seventeen hundred square feet down here. So you tell me if this is good for you, if it’s not good for you. I don’t know what I can do to help you smell the smell of face like I’m texting. Thank you so much for watching today. This is in Perryville, Kentucky. This house is mid 100s and it sparkles. How can you beat it? What can you buy in California? Four hundred and fifty thousand bucks. Not in the country, but you’re not in the city. And you’re just a couple minutes from Dollar General.

[00:10:00] And the school and the churches know that stuff. You saw that in the walk-up. The owner says that it’s like 60 or 70, 80 bucks a month to heat this place with gas furnace. It’s on city gas. So that’s like super cheap. And of course, that’s only, what, four months, a year we pay that. A week, I think, to heat our house. So it’s really cheap with the gas heat. Thanks so much for watching. Tell us what your ideal place looks like. It’s right up here called cabin phone numbers right here we’re here. We’ll see you next time. The next property charge for now.

[00:10:44] I can’t wait to see your comments below like subscribe because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market that you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our website for the latest properties we have. Multigenerational house – Own it for under $900/mo. Mother daughter houses. 859-494-5521 Ken #MultigenerationalHouse

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