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HUGE rooms in this Perryville Kentucky house.  4 brs, 2.5ba, 2 car garage, tray ceiling in the LR – which is BIG.  Gas logs in fireplace, nice patio in rear – beautiful.  Boyle County schools, country setting – 1.5 mile to stores and schools.  Call Ken 859-494-5521 to make appt to see this great house on 1/2 an acre.  House for sale and real estate listings in Perryville Kentucky.

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION – House for sale and real estate listings in Perryville Kentucky It is not often we get a property we say at the meetings “this is a no brainer.” So, it’s nice when we get one. This Perryville Kentucky house is definitely a no brainer house. It is a gob of square footage. You’ve got four bedrooms, two and a half baths in this house out in the country, Boyle County schools. You’re just a couple of miles from Perryville, I’m going to put it right here. Might only be a mile and a half, maybe it’s two miles.

Right on up to historic Harrisburg, or just shoot down here a mile and get up to Danville in another eight miles, so you’re about 10 miles to Danville or so. Schools are right up there. You’ve got a Dollar General which is like a micro-Walmart, its got everything you need for sure and a couple of gas stations, convenience stores with hot meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Anyway, isn’t it beautiful? It’s neat as a pin. It’s on a beautiful lot here. I’m going to put all the details here. We just got it, there’s no sign up or anything, so we just got the paperwork.

I had to run out and do this, I’m going to do it quick, it’s going to sell quick. It’s a no brainer house. No brainer. You often hear me talk about feng shui, that color red door is the color for a front door. Check it out, feng shui. It’s spelled f-e-n-g s-h-u-i, I don’t know. There it is right there. We follow that a little bit because there’s a lot of good energy things in it and it’s not a bunch of woo-woo. There’s some real stuff in there, and if you’re into it, put a thumbs up and a comment down in the video.

It makes a difference. Anyway, good colour for the front door. I hope you like it. I hope you keep it. It’s probably good luck. Anyway, this is a nice little subdivision out here in Perryville Kentucky. How desirable a place to live. It’s low key, Perryville. Nothing exciting is going to happen in Perryville, and isn’t that nice to live in a place that’s nowhere with no excitement. That’s where we like to live, that’s for sure. Come on inside, let’s go see. Hey, I kind of stepped on this door mat and it lit up, kind of freaked me out a little bit.

You ever see one of those? I never did. Guess I should get out more often probably, right? You probably know all about those. I don’t go shopping, we get everything brought in on Amazon. That’s why it’s okay for me to live far away from a city. We have everything, Amazon Prime, anything we need we can get in Danville. Got gas, fireplace logs. This is an awesome ceiling, so it goes up like a tray and then it’s angled up here, and then it goes up again, can lights, very nice. Ginormous rooms. This is the house of ginormous rooms and a ton of square footage. I am going to put it right here again, but it’s a lot. It’s a lot. It feels like a lot, which is real nice. What do you want to see first, the kitchen or the bedrooms?

Okay, we’ll go to the kitchen. So dining room, this goes right out to the patio, to the front porch and the back patio is pebbletec, so you’ve got that for a finish. And look how pretty it is out here. In real estate we always say the neighbours will tell you where your property line is. I’m assuming it goes back to that shed somewhere, but the neighbours can tell you and so can Ken. You’ve got tile on the floor here in the kitchen and check it out, so this is tumbled marble on the backsplash and then this is granite or quartz or whatever, I don’t know the difference, but it’s quartz or it’s real stone in other words. That’s real stone, it’s not formica or anything like that. Isn’t that nice? So you’ve got a pantry here, little pantry.

And then, two car garage here. I’m not going to show you in here because it’s like wow, so I don’t want to get you all verklempt. Two car or two bay garage, right, so you can bring your stuff on in, and then there’s a pull down attic, so there’s probably tons of storage up there.

I don’t know, I haven’t been up there but Ken can tell you and those things are wonderful because you can put all kinds of stuff, it’s usually the whole garage, might even be even more. So that’s cool. Going to leave that up in the air. And then you’ve got a half bath here, so remember two and a half baths, this is your half.

And laundry, so you’ve got a stackable but you don’t need to stack if you don’t want to stack, there’s plenty of room for a side-by-side here. You do not need to stack if you don’t want to stack. Stackeds are pretty cool though, and that way you’re not bending over to get in the dryer and all that stuff.

How nice is this? So fourth bedroom or home office. So, the seller is a professional, is a doctor. So you can have your office here. This seller is packed up and ready to go, they’ve identified another place so they’re ready to move on out and that’s good for you because when you get a motivated seller it’s wonderful.

Okay, awesome, awesome, look at this. Is this great for a kid’s room or what? You have to do nothing in this house. These cute little owls and the stripes, beautiful. Nice big closet and don’t you love that kind of carpet? I don’t know what it’s called, but I like it. It’s like a berber but it’s like– it’s got a pattern to it.

This is a bath one, I don’t know what you call it, bath one. So maybe like for the kids, kid’s bath. Full bath and it’s just cute as a button and we all know how cute buttons are. So it’s all carpeted here, really nice, same carpet throughout. And I don’t want to show you the master, show you that later. And this is I am assuming a little boy’s room. You’ve got airplanes and things like that, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So, a real nice sized bedroom. The other bedroom’s even bigger.

So when I was a little boy, we were looking at houses and my mother always wanted to know how big the rooms were and big rooms were a big deal, right? So she wanted the big rooms, she knew what size she wanted that she must have for a living room, etc. Maybe you’re like that too.

You’re going to love the size of this master bedroom. That’s a queen bed, this room swallows it up. You could literally put two beds lengthwise, whatever that comes out to, this is a very large room. It’s got to be 14 by 16, 15 by 16, something like that. Don’t hold me to it, but it’s huge and for a bedroom in this Perryville Kentucky house, it’s monster. This house has a lot of square footage so it’s simple, it’s that simple. You’ve got a farm in the back there and blackboard fence, you see the Kentucky blackboard fence. It’s got a lovely veneer.

This is the third bath, two and a half baths remember? This is the master bath. You’ve got full bath here, pretty, lots of beautiful light.

It’s got that frosted glass so see, you can see outside but no one can see in so that’s nice. Toppers there. Let’s see what else can I show you? Big closet here. All right, so you’ve got the big closet there, double stack and we’re going to call that the guy’s closet, and then of course the girl’s closet is significantly larger, you know how that works. Anybody who’s married knows how that goes. And you’ve got a little linen here, you know, it’s a linen closet. Nice. Right near the bathrooms and the bedrooms.

What else did I want to tell you? I don’t have to tell you a whole lot more about the house, it kind of sells itself. It’s pretty, it’s clean, it’s in a great area, distinguished schools – this Perryville Kentucky house is a dream home. We went to school last night with our kids and had like this open house thing, they call it a showcase or spotlight or something like that and got to hang out and see what they’re doing.

They are doing great stuff, so there is a lot of kids coming out of there with scholarships and it’s a nice, gentle school and the teachers care, it makes a difference. Right? Anyway the price on this house is going to put your payments around $600 to $700 a month, maybe like $650 a month-ish. We’ve got great mortgage brokers we work with.

This qualifies for a nothing down, rural housing loan. So if you qualify, this area qualifies for it, and this house is only like 10 or 12 years old anyways, I’ll put it down right here, and you get a house like this for way less than you could pay in rent. Four bedroom, two and a half bath, tons of square footage for $650 a month.

Stop, it’s a great deal. Anyway, Ken’s number is right here, there you go. That’s his cell number, that means if you call him it’s going to ring in his pocket so give him a call. He’s available anytime, 23 and a half hours a day. Think about it. Think about it. And then up here is our exclusive buyer’s list, sign up, you can bag out anytime.

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So anyway, get on a buyer’s list, you’re going to love it, I promise. I’m going to send you a bunch of information about the area which is, that’s more important than the properties. Everybody can find a four bedroom house, but can you find a four bedroom house with good schools in a gentle culture where the quality of life is very high and the cost of living is very low? No, that’s what you are going to want to know and I’m going to send you all that stuff in our newsletter.

Okay. Thanks so much for watching the video of this Perryville Kentucky house. Ciao. Beautiful fall afternoon, I will see you shortly here in Kentucky.

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