VIDEO of Shabby Chic Harrodsburg Kentucky Homes For Sale

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VIDEO of Shabby Chic Harrodsburg Kentucky Homes For Sale

Finished basement with storage, possible fourth bedroom, fenced yard, great multi-tier deck to pool…all in a neighborhood with very low turnover? You better look at this one quick!  Call Ken 859-494-5521  VIDEO of Shabby Chic Harrodsburg Kentucky Homes For Sale

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It’s in the right neighborhood and it’s got a full basement so that’s all exciting stuff.  Shabby Chic Harrodsburg Kentucky homes for sale. So let me tell just you about the neighborhood. First of all, when I look around neighborhoods, I want to see what’s going on. If they’re parking the cars on the front lawn, it’s probably not a neighborhood I’m going to recommend to you. But these houses, they’ve got pools in the backyard. There are kids’ toys out front and some of these little kids running around. This is all good neighborhoods’ stuff so it tells us that it is a neighborhood of families. This is only a few miles and I’ll put it in right here from Downtown Harrodsburg and Harrodsburg has got tons of jobs. It’s got Wausau Paper. It’s got Hitachi. Hitachi’s got, what did they just tell me? 1300 and something employees. You’ve got Corning, Corning Glass. They’re huge. If you’ve got an iPhone you’ve touched Corning’s glass. They’ve got that thing called gorilla glass and they make it right here. So how cool is that? All the lawns are manicured just wonderfully. I met the neighbors’ next door. House is as neat as a pin, I mean neat as a pin, and it’s decorated so wonderfully. You’re going to love it, I promise. Come on let’s go on in. I go to so many houses and they are so over done, and I think to myself, can these people really afford these houses? I mean can you maintain this type of lifestyle and for how long? I know it’s nice if you’re making a ton load of money, you might as well spend the money. But gee whiz right? This is affordable. You’re talking about payments about six or $700 a month with nothing down. You want to see the houses. You don’t want to hear me talk. Come on let’s go on in and check it out. How cute is this? With the full basement, you’re going to love that. Because you have access to everything, there’s a lot of extra room downstairs. Hardwood floors here, oak floors in a solid location, that’s the cool thing. I left the door open, let’s go. Real pretty door. Look. More decorated stuff. A little coat closet behind there. I’m going to save the kitchen for last and come around this way. More hardwood. This goes down to the basement and wait till you see, I mean it’s a really usable space. It’s not just a hole in the ground. That’s beautiful. It’s a walk-out basement on the end. How cute is this? This is one of the cutest little girl’s rooms I have seen in a long time. Compact, but how much do you need, how much space you really need? Big closet here. Here’s a bathe and you got a full shower here and then little boy’s room or big boy’s room, I don’t know. It’s got an office area. Nice closet, windows and these are all new replacements windows, tilt in, vinyl, no maintenance. Here’s the master bedroom. It’s decorated so nice. Half bath. Alright, let’s go downstairs. Want to show you downstairs too. So we see a lot of basements and you see basements that are finished really nice and you see basements that are just plain. This is just fantastic. Look at this. You’ve got a whole ‘nother’ if that’s a word, living space down here. So if you need like a granny flat, you sure got it. You just need space, man cave, whatever, just extra space you got it. Tilt windows here. This goes right on out to the driveway. I’ll show you the outside later because the outside in the back is really, really nice. This is what my grandmother would call a spare room. So you could do a bedroom here or craft room or whatever you want. They’ve got a little rug hanging up here but it’s got a window right to the outside. Big closet. It’s clean. It smells nice. It’s dry. You’ve got no dampness problems down here. This looks like a fairly new furnace. Ken can tell you all the stuff about it. Gas water heater. Why do you want a gas water heater? Well, water heater is great but if the power goes out you need a generator the size of a Ford explorer to run it. Not with a gas water heater. You can run it with one of those little inverters that you can get at those little Honda things whatever. Laundry down here and it’s faster recovery time too. Now this door right here, this goes to the outside. Open these shutters. You’ve got a couple steps up and the, you got this little side patio. Somebody is a University of Kentucky fan and let me tell you, if you are from out of town and you’re moving here you’ve got to bleed blue and that’s just the way it is. Don’t come here and think you’re not going to get wrapped up into this University Kentucky sports stuff because you will. I promise you. I was never interested in sports and you see me standing up screaming at the TV. This is a lovely home well taken care of and I’ll tell you when you see houses well taken care off, you know there’s a lot of love and you don’t mind coming into this house and knowing that these are nice people with a nice clean house. Makes you feel good. You want to move into a place like this –Shabby Chic Harrodsburg Kentucky home for sale. Alright now, I didn’t forget. I’m going to show you the kitchen. To me this is like right out of a pottery barn and I just love that style. It’s like casual country, French country. Look at this. It’s airy. Again, this is a house you can live in. A house you can grow a family. A house you can afford. A house you can retire to. You’re close to the jobs. You’re close to the medical. You’re close to shopping. You’re real close to the state capital, Frankfort. You’ve got everything in Harrodsburg and then look right out here. That is party central. Wait till you see out there. You are going to like that. I promise. Alright, was I kidding or did you fall in love? I know I did as soon as I walked in. From the curb though, I was like oh ok it’s a nice house, but then I walked in and said, yea, this is it. Here’s something I wanted to point out. I guess, I mean it’s nothing new but I’ve always wanted one of these. Look you can close the blinds from inside. Look at that. It’s between the glass so they never get dirty. Love that and I wanted to share that with you. I know big whoop, but, it’s a cool thing. It’s a cool feature. Man, I love these things. Alright here we go, outside if you don’t love this backyard and this deck and this pool then there’s nothing I can do for you. What’s that saying if you don’t like bacon your wrong? Well, if you don’t like this backyard you’re wrong. So nice deck up here for eating and a glass of wine and that that sort of thing. Kids jumping on the trampoline. The whole backyard is all fenced in, like cyclone fence so that’s all fence in the back. It’s got a little shed there but the pool, check it out and a lot of privacy here you know with the fence like this. A little outdoor area here for grilling or what not. There’s another pool, there’s another pool, there’s another pool. It’s just shows prosperity and some stability. People don’t just put in a pool and then move out in 6 months. This is a stable neighborhood and those are the clues. Success leaves clues right, and these are the clues. Nice little garden here. You’ve got the little kid thing and then plenty of yard over here. This is kind of messy over here don’t pay attention to any of that stuff. That’s not going to stay but here you can get right in here or your mower guy can get right in here. You can drive in the back and unload some stuff if you need that sort of a thing. Anyway, here you go enough jibber jabber. This is the place. This is 937 Sunset in Harrodsburg – a Shabby Chic Harrodsburg Kentucky home for sale. I’ll put a clip of the map right there so you can see exactly how far you are to everything. These houses rarely come on the market in this neighborhood. People stay here a long time. A perfect neighborhood. That sort of thing. This is like where my wife grew up. Her parents are still there. They’re 45, 48 years later. They’re still living in the same neighborhood. Why? Because they know all the neighbors it’s nice, it’s affordable. You got brick and you got all new replacement windows. What more do you need? Give us a call. Thanks for watching. Phone number is right there. Give Ken a call and come on out and see this. If you come out when it’s nice weather you can go far a dip. If you come out where there’s nice weather you can sit here and have a glass of iced-tea with Ken and talk about this. Let’s take this Harrodsburg Kentucky home off the market. Well here we are today at 927Sunset. Man what a good neighborhood. Do what? This is the wrong house. Are you kidding me? I knew it was a matter of time before I messed this up. Break my neck going down these stairs one of these days looking in the back of this camera. That’s an awful lot of duct tape. I’m not asking any questions. It’s quiet. Not quiet. Let me back up. Not quiet. Of course it’s quiet. Nobody is here. You’ve got like cyclone fence. Not like cyclone fence. You’ve got cyclone fence. Come on out here and have a glass of, oh geeze. You can come on out and talk to Ken. Have a glass of iced-tea. There we go. Sorry. Probably didn’t see it.

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