VIDEO – Small house – Big Land 24 acre Farm. Pond+Barns, 2 houses, Metal Shop Home + Land for Sale Kentucky

Jump on our new farm list – – we’ll send you new properties before they hit the market. call Ken 859-494-5521 or office 859-379-LAND (5263) Home + Land for Sale Kentucky 24 acre Farm with fishing ponds, 2 houses, RV sites real estate. Our forefathers came in Hopes of having some land. Small house – Big Land 24 acre Farm. Pond+Barns, 2 houses, Metal Shop Home + Land for Sale Kentucky. #SmallHouseBigLand #HomeAndLandForSale #BestRealEstateAgentCentralKentucky Historian Edmund S. Morgan noted: “Ownership of property gave not only economic independence but also political independence to the average American”. The Library of Congress observed: “Between 1747 and 1799 George Washington surveyed over two hundred tracts of land and held title to more than 65,000 acres in 37 different locations.” Land was the future. “Land is the most permanent estate and the most likely to increase in value,” wrote a youthful George Washington.

Small house – Big Land 24-acre Farm. Pond+Barns, houses, Metal Shop Home + Land for Sale Kentucky

[00:00:00] I don’t know much about anything, but I do know that our four fathers came here in hopes of having some land of their own. I also know that we get a lot of calls from people out of state who are just up to their eyeballs in expenses and regulation. Now, we got regulation here too, where this is not the Wild West. We’ve got planning and zoning and things like that, but they’re not ridiculous. Neither are the taxes. This is the property, by the way. There’s about 30 acres here. 25 ash over here and about forest over next door, which would make an excellent mother daughter situation. Father son situation, family, extended family. Maybe mom and dad, Cindy’s dad. He’s by himself. He needs to be down here and he can live in that house and we can live in the main house, for instance. OK, so back to what I’m saying. If you’re in the city and you’re poor, you are really, really, really poor, because there’s no you don’t have any opportunities. You have any options. Big Land 24-acre Farm. Pond+Barns, houses, Metal Shop Home.

[00:00:58] When I was in Mexico, I thought, oh, my gosh, now there’s a lot of wealthy people there. There’s a lot of poor people there. But I thought about it and I said, my God, there’s no water here. So you can’t grow food. You can’t raise animals. You can’t do. Now it’s beautiful. And you’ve got that beautiful sand color and all the rocks and all that. But you can’t grow food here in Kentucky. We’ve got plenty water. We average about an inch a week. This area is about 48 to 50 inches of rain a year. So you’re averaging about an inch a week. So you can raise food, you can raise animals. Heck, you can buy a calf for about 100 bucks. Hundred 50 bucks. You could trade for a couple loads of firewood or maybe some fishing or whatever.

[00:01:39] Maybe have the farmer do your hay fields here and just trade for a calf for that. In 12 months, you’ll have enough beef for a year or two for your family. There’s so much to talk about with this property. I’m going to have a very long video, but I want to share all this stuff with you. Circle Drive. It’s got four ponds that are stocked. It’s got 1, 2, 3 big barns. This little shed here, a little she shed type thing, little outdoor barbecue grill and a great house. About sixteen hundred square foot house with a sixteen hundred square foot full basement. And it’s not really walk out but there’s a little walk down stairs there where the drain at the bottom.

[00:02:28] And lots to talk about here. I’ll show you everything and I’ll show you. Go up in the air and we’re gonna see everything. I’ll show you that. And that’s what we’re talking about down there. You got stairs down there. OK. So I want to show you, you can come into backway, which is really like a faux pas. Right. But I’m gonna do it anyway. Come in the backway, because that’s way you’re gonna come in. What the heck? You got a beautiful front door, but the backyard is so nice for you. This dog was fabulous. So here’s outdoor barbecue. Right up my alley. How about you? Did you like this? So you’re overlooking your feels that all is part of it here, that whole field over there, it’s about 12 acres Hey field. And then you got some picnic areas here, poured concrete. Got a barn down there. There’s a pond down there. There’s actually. I’m going to make sure that I’m right. Three RV sites. So if you have a big family and they like to come in RV and all that stuff go down there, they’ve got their own septic tank and everything got water power.

[00:03:27] I mean, like, it’s serious. Now, could you run an RV park out here, man? Probably not. Not with 3. Wouldn’t make any money. Let’s see what we got here. I got a cheap here for stock ponds, for RV sites with water, electric and septic throughout the property. So even that barn down there has a full bathroom and we’re gonna see it and then take you inside. No. And it’s got a full bathroom. It’s got its own septic. So crazy. And then there’s another home on site. So, again, it might be a mother daughter might be a father son. It might be whatever, in-laws, whatever. Let me start here. All open, which is nice living room here. This goes out to the front. And he’s got his gas grill out there, which is nice. Good sized kitchen. I hid the garbage can and do a good job doing. Didn’t want the garbage cans shown solid.

[00:04:26] What we call a solid surface sink. The views are fantastic and of course, it’s just your property. Now, the property line is that far a row of pines where we’re driving up that’s the driveway is right there. And then here you go out looking out over the big pond. And there’s four ponds and one’s big one’s good size and then the other two are really tiny. But here’s a hint. There’s the fish are in the tiniest ponds. You got a little closet here. And my favorite. I would give you that closet. I don’t mean store my jacket. I can hang my jacket on something. And you got yourself a pantry here. So me being a cook, I’d have a double pantry here. What would you do with it? Before I get too far? Definitely subscribe and notification. Ring the bell and get the notification. So if you’re on YouTube, subscribe. Ring the bell because you’re gonna want to see properties like this. Right. And we get them from time to time. Small house – Big Land 24-acre Farm + Land for Sale in Kentucky.

[00:05:30] This is a doozy. We can call this one the ridiculous place because it’s ridiculously clean and it’s ridiculously tidy. It’s a beautiful place. One car, 16 years furphy. Now, here’s the deal. It’s only 2 bedrooms upstairs and 2 baths. But then it’s got another two bedrooms and they’re really bedrooms because there’s no window or any of that jazz like to be legal and all that stuff. Ken tells me all that stuff. I’m like, yeah, whatever can I would use it as a bedroom and, you know, you would, too. And there’s another full bath down there. It’s really nice. To me, it’s one of the nicest decorated bathrooms down there. So this is it, her closet. This is obviously hers. How come the hers is always bigger than his, right? Well, you married guys, you like. Yeah, that’s right. You telling the truth? Speak the truth, sir.

[00:06:29] Then this is his closet, which was nice. And he goes around when you beg plenty big. That feels like real marble, it’s cold and everything. This is great size. So this is the site Bill House. There’s another manufactured house which is significantly bigger over on the other conjoining 4 acres. Washer dryer up here on main floor, master on main, washer dryer on main. Got a little. Now, we could do. She could do one of the stack deals, the front loaders stack it, and then you’d have tons right over there. If you got a bunch of grandkids, you might need to stackers.

[00:07:40] Mirrors long side of the bed. Little kinky. Oh, hey, check it out. Turn that on. And you got to hold your hand. Does it take your pack right off? And what that’s doing is it’s something that added to a whole house that. Oh, Michelle downstairs. So there’s that door going out and up to my car right with the steps. Check it out. This house really is built like a brick house. But as I say, danger. So got a symbol here for woodstove and plenty of room to dry wood stack woods. You don’t have to go out if it’s called or inclement. And then this goes right into the return so that you turn that on, you turn the whole House fan on, not the one the attic fan, but the whole house furnace fan.

[00:08:40] And there you go. You’re in good shape. It pulls that heat from down here. Prices leave the door open, too, and it blows it everywhere. This is really nice space dry. Smells good, clean, ridiculously clean. I mean, I’m looking around and it’s like my grandmother’s house. My grandma said you could eat off the floor. Who wants to eat off the floor? Gram. I love you, but more closets. Lot of closets. Home Office. And then a full kitchenette here, footbath. Dining room. And this is a storm cellar setup. Got a steel door, poured concrete on all sides and concrete ceiling. This is where the porches remember where the outdoor barbecue is.

[00:09:40] And that porch with the two rockers, we came in the back door. That’s what’s above here. So you got a nice safe place. A lot of PEX, that stuff you can’t break. And then look how nice it. In Met nice gray large corner shower, those quarter showers are tough. You know, I’m a big guy. You bend over and all of a sudden you’re hitting your head or whatever. That one’s not a problem. That pretty nice floor having sharp. Everybody wants to know how much is it, how much is it? Well, this is gonna be in the mid to high 200s. So you got to call Ken. Phone numbers right down there and you can ask him what the current prices. What’s the sense of me telling you it’s 300, 400, 500 if it’s gonna come down to 250 or whatever? Right. What? What sense does that make?

[00:10:39] So gonna be in the mid to high 200s, and that’s for this house. 24 acres. More or less now. Not sure. Might be 25 0r 26. Not really sure. So you see a TV antenna. They’re not silly. They’re not paying for TV. I mean, nothing on good anyway. So they put an antenna up and they’ve got an antenna in the attic or on the eaves over there or whatever. Each one gets a couple different stations, but pretty much they all get the same 62 free channels. And I guarantee you still can’t find anything anyway free. You don’t have to spend a hundred fifty dollars a month. Add that up over 10 years. That’s a camera. Yeah. Grandkids go camping with the grandkids worrying about TV. I call electronic income reducer. This is sixteen hundred square feet. Oh, mummy. So it’s nice in here.

[00:11:45] Keeps it about 72 and it is 93 outside 72 inside that say I’m not 50.4% humidity outside this nice weather. If you come from the upper Midwest, you will not beat the weather. You’ll fall in love with this I promise you if you’re coming from Florida, Nuff said even Georgia. Lot of people come from Florida and Georgia. We don’t have the bugs. Let you all have. We don’t have the humidity. You all have. We just have pretty nice weather. Now, in January, our high I’ll be on average, you go to, type in zip code for here is for zero, for eight for you type then averages and records and the average is going to be about 40 degrees in January. That’s going to be our call this month.

[00:12:38] And 28 at night, 40 during the day. 28 at night. I can live at that now. Has it been zero. Yeah, it’s been zero once or twice since I’ve been here for 20 or 30 years. And have we gotten a foot of snow? Yeah, we’ve gotten a foot of snow, but typically we’ll get two to three inches of snow two to three times a year and it’ll be gone in two or three days. That’s an honest answer and that’s accurate. So if you like the weather, come on down. Check it out. Now, I had a lot to show you, something to keep going and I’m going to stop jibber jabber. Oh, I wanted to tell you about the electric bill. So I said to him, I said, Mannus is really cool in here. Oh, yeah. Says it’s a tight house, very comfortable. And he’s got this heat pump and it’s one $168 a month to run the house. And I think one of the sheds or two sheds or whatever.

[00:13:42] $168 a month. Well, you really can’t beat that. And that’s all year round because that heat pump does the heat and air places like a park. Ridiculously clean, ridiculously neat. There’s not a blade of grass out of place. Lot of pine trees, pine, these white pines are native to Kentucky. Fantastic. There’s maples, flame maples. There’s oaks out here. There’s some gum. This house won’t last long on the market. I guarantee you this is what everybody wants. They call it they you 5 to 20 acres with a house. If it’s got a barn, it’s a plus. He’s got a pond. It’s a plus. Well, how many barns do you have here? How many ponds? A lot of ponds here.

[00:14:44] All right. We’re going to go down to the one pond. I think you’re going to find that of interest. This is the property line here, this tree row. Soybeans are on the farmer. So this little row between those trees out in the clubhouse. So these play cards down there and whatnot. So these people, the son in law got transferred to Wisconsin, of all places. And I’m thinking immediately that someone from Michigan, Wisconsin, up, up the upper Midwest is going to buy this property.

[00:15:43] He got transferred up there. So the whole family’s going. They lived here with the parents. So the parents lived in the main house and he lived in the in the in the manufactured home, which is really nice. Here’s water. There’s a hydrant here. And you can see there was a little bit of a drip. And this guy, you can tell by the property, this guy was like, oh, heck no, I’m not going to sell this house with a leak in thing. So he rented a situation, put all new lines in and goes to this hydrant. And then there’s power here for a campsite. Oh, yeah. Power for campsite. That’s. So there’s a campsite here. You back your RV right in here overlooking the pond and then a sweetie. And then there’s another campsite down here. But there’s four altogether. I don’t know where the others are. This is a flush toilet and a sink. So if you like camping, it’s going to save you 50 bucks a night or maybe savior relatives, 50 bucks a night.

[00:16:40] Well, that looks like a real deal. They have to drain it, right? If the drain in the winter. That goes without, say, a little fire pit there and everything. I love this place. It makes me do is just makes me start thinking of what I do for the grandkids. My kids are 16 and 19. I think I’m pushing it a little bit. Probably. So this this is the horseshoe pit. I’m like, what is this? Is this a campsite? No, it’s a horseshoe pit. Why have all that other stuff? I have no idea. And then I got a sign here says, beware of alligators. No swimming or fishing. That’s obviously for the for the tourists. Are no alligators in Kentucky? Silly Willy. Back here, there’s a creek, I’m going to show it to you. Here’s another hydrant. Pond+Barns, Metal Shop Home + Land for Sale.

[00:17:41] Know lily pads. I just jumped in, the ponds are pretty deep. I didn’t ask how deep each one was, but he said they’re pretty deep. So that’s why they have good fish. Creek here. It’s been extremely dry here. That’s why the creek is low. And then you got this walk across bridge. It looks to me like it’s got pipes four feet for us. The span here, it’s got pipes. So it’s not like wood that’s going to go back. It goes back about 100 feet. He said 150 feet. I don’t think it’s under 50 feet. Just me and you talking. But there’s a fence post. Right back in there, if you can see the fence post there and there’s a fence. So this kind of goes at a diagonal and it comes a little closer and it crosses over so that the neighbor can have half of the creek and you can have half of the creek. Does that make sense? You’ve got the prettier part. I can tell you that this. Pretty nice. We’re gonna go into the barn up there and we’re gonna go into there’s a bath full bathroom in there. And they got all kinds of stuff. You can see the creeks right here. And then he’s got a.

[00:19:00] Nice little path mode around post hoplites. There is that other. So there is. That’s the third on. I think much of the pond, but it’s a whole lot of fun, right? Build it and they will come. That’s true. With a pond. You could certainly make it a whole lot bigger, too, because if you’ve got twelve acres here. Back of the house. Right. So there’s the clubhouse, the gray building. And then that little firewood shed there go around the whole property. So the neighbor right there was a White House with new chemo’s thing Imo’s the head. I think I was drinking.

[00:20:05] Fabulous piece of ground. I can’t wait to have cancer or up to show it to you. Now, where are you? Well, you’re close to Lake Cumberland. You’re close to grow, close to Stanford. That’s the next real town. It’s got a regional medical center. It’s got a big Wal-Mart Supercenter. It’s got a lake, eight hundred acre lake to go fishing.And then you’re not too far from Lexington. So Stanford is where you would shop, most likely. And there’s dollar General a couple miles down the road here, too. And then Cumberland’s about half an hour. Lake Cumberland, 64000-acre lake. Heard me talk about that before. Beautiful piece property here.

[00:20:54] And then Lexington’s not far. If you need like a big job, like a fancy job, like a city job. So there’s the manufactured home, which you see inside. It’s only two years old and it is sharp. There’s a belief he said it’s a 40 by 50 shop. I don’t buy any of this stuff. You got to verify it with Ken and the sellers and all that stuff. But a 40 by 50 shop, it’s got a lift in it. And then you got this barn here. Now this is on the separate four acres. So this is on one separate piece of land. And you can combine them and you could buy both or you can buy just one or buy whatever you want.

[00:21:30] It’s your world. While we’re here in months, we’ll go check it out. I’m driving on along like a redneck. That little shop is great. Now it’s just like a barn, like a tobacco barn. But it’s wonderful. There’s a gate, an entry gate back there. And where we came in, that’s an electric entry gate as well. You’ve got the little clicker thing. There’s the fourth pond right there. And you guys or you gals who like to do crafts and fix stuff and make stuff you can make, you know, whatever you like to make. You’re gonna love this place. Now, the concrete underneath this lift, that’s a ten-thousand-pound lift. The concrete under there is 5 feet thick.

[00:22:13] So you got plenty, plenty. It’s super insulated. All LED lights. See, these little pencil lights are cool. And then the whole place up. There’s two floor drains and those are big ones. Those are probably 8 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch floor drains. And the whole place is heated with that woodstove there. It’s plumbed up for conceivable plumbing pipes sticking up, plumbed up for a full bathroom. And it also has its own septic system. I was into septic systems here, I guess. Plenty of power. This is where his daughter and son in law lived before, before they got transferred. These are unless they regular house doors, but their regular house tours like St. Built Houses.

[00:23:09] This is a Fleetwood home. And it smells like new. I can’t imagine they lived in it very long before he got transferred. The air stays on here, too. They leave everything on, which is smart. That way it’s nice and clean and dry and all that jazz. Take the power is on here. So it’s like all the farm barn wood styles are upgraded appliances, they’re what they call an active touch. So, no, it’s. I don’t want the stainless steel or whatever it is, but it’s no fingerprints. God, I wish I had known about that before we bought ours.

[00:23:51] Active finish, active touch. Some like that. French doors on icemaker in the door. That nice man at the door, that’s the through the door. And then, you know, there’s no ice down. Farmhouse sink, nice dishwasher, g.E. All stainless suite. I mean, this is not your daddy’s trailer. Let me tell you, this is a beautiful, manufactured home built and in a clean, dry, climate controlled environment by like, you know, union guys, like it’s like the real stuff. Not if you buy. If you build a site built house, you might get a couple of 16 year olds with a beer in one hand and a nail gun in the other. Wet material and all that stuff. These manufacture homes are really done right. The master bedroom is ridiculously large. Place for TV. Lots and lots of closets. And your own stuff you can store there. You run out of closet space in your bedroom. Store stuff there. This is all tiled. This was an upgrade that the owner did, real tile. Oh, yeah. I’m thinking of a glass of wine and candles. They’re nice, needs a disco ball. Huge walk in his hers.

[00:26:09] Whatever floats you’d go in Kentucky, we say whatever floats you’d go because, you know, we don’t have any like. Beach area. we got plenty.  Good job. Don’t get any better. So, you know. Huh, see, it’s on 76 in here. Lots of niches. Place for your home office. Another boudoir. And that’s what we call a Jack and Jill bathroom. So access from this bedroom to the bathroom and that bedroom to the bathroom as well. Jack and Jill, Hollywood. I don’t know what you call it. It’s full bath and two sinks.

[00:27:05] So that’s definitely a difference. And I don’t know whether that’s Jack and Jill with, you know, the difference. Put it down here. What’s the difference? See the Jack and Jill on the Hollywood? And is it two sinks or what do you call a bathroom with two sinks conjoin with the bedrooms. OK. We shut this off. I really hope you like this place so far. Wait till we go up. We’re gonna go up in the copter here and I’ll just a little bit. Then you’re gonna be able to see the whole dealio. Don’t forget to subscribe like and subscribe and then ring the bell. So that little bell.

[00:27:36] You hit that every time we have a new video. Then it’ll send you an email saying, Hey, Brad just uploaded a new video. I want to show you this. You’re overlooking the big pond here. It’s actually a better view than the cyclical house. See, there’s a septic deal. And I can show you where the lines are and everything. Ken knows where all that stuff is. He shared it with me and so did the owner.

[00:28:01] In that barn is great, too. So here’s how the manufactured home is laid out. You’ve got the road here and that’s an old well. They’ve got a steel plate on. It looks cute. It really does. And then you got the entry, solar powered entry. He said it works perfect if you have a bunch cloudy days in the winter. Still works perfect. There’s the 40 by 50 shop. There’s the manufactured home. Two thousand seventeen. Some like that. There is the great shop barn. Make an amazing antique shop and make a good wedding venue. There’s plenty parking here. All kinds of stuff you could do out there, really. I mean, maybe if you made candles or some, you could make a whole business out of that. Now start Florida. Throw concrete down if you want to. But that’s a that’s a real nice barn. And then you see this pad here. This is there was a mobile home here. So you could have yet another RV pad or you put a mobile home here for a couple hundred dollars a month, rental income.

[00:28:58] So the property line on this 4 ash acre is this tree line. And I don’t know how it goes in the back. I can show you an aerial and Ken can show it to you. And all that stuff before acres is pretty big drink of water. And there’s the road. And then just beautiful farm fields. You’re only about two miles off of the highway. So it’s not really that big a deal. Maybe you’re three miles off highway. I wasn’t paying attention. I was actually looking how pretty the scenery was. There you go.

[00:29:28] 4 Acre’s and this perfect for a daughter, first for him, for a father in law, that sort of thing. Keep your kids close, keep your grandkids closer. You know, I’m talking about. Will be just a real big old redneck dry bread on the grass. That’s all right. I’ve been called worse to call worse today. I am afraid. You scared me. There’s that little bond. And I want to show you this. I want to show this barn. I’m gonna go around back. In fact, he just put a new water line in it as well.

This guy I think he rented a ditch which was I think it was going to get two months Guys, One of those. Fussy guys you know like your grandpa’s or maybe you got an uncle like that. He’s just one of them fussy guys. So. Everything’s gonna be done right. Can’t blame them for that. These doors swing I guess he said he was telling me all about it. There’s another there’s not that hydrant. I mean he just put it in like I don’t know. This week maybe I don’t know. It looks pretty fresh. It’s all pecs. And then here’s his barn

[00:30:52] Suite. It’s got skylights in it. He’s got a workshop area. He’s got a vent right there that you can put up in the roof to get some heat out of here. It’s warm because it’s summer. But it would also make it nice ventilation in the wintertime too. What would you do with this. I would certainly do more with it than storm machinery although you need a place to store your machinery. He’s got a woodworking shop over here and everything Like my grandmother used to say when you buy it. You can do whatever you want with it.

[00:31:30] I was a friend for that. People go well you know what you should do. Like well you want to buy it. You can tell me what to do. You can do it yourself right. I’m just giving your ideas. That’s all I do. They’re really sharp. What about $35 a month here. You got municipal water so that’s cool. One dig a well knock yourself out but you got municipal water. Here’s the thing with a well. You’ve got to have two 20 to run that pump. What happens when the water goes out? Now you can’t flush the toilet. We’ve got municipal water here. It’s just a plastic line run into the house. Power goes out. You’ve got water. You can flush the toilets. Take a shower because a lot of people have gas water heaters here. And you know a little 500 all generator run gas water heater all your refrigerators your freezers and Internet and some lamps. That’s what you really want. Right. Who cares about the other stuff. Lots and lots of people here have a wood stove so you get plenty heat. A lot of these trees here are walnuts. So you got pines walnuts some Hickory Oak just typical Kentucky trees.

[00:32:58] I show you the shed here. There’s a shed that carnival. You see this walnut tree on this side. Push three or four more on this side. Three on this side one on that side. Perfect for firewood. Let’s go up look at the clubhouse. So let’s say you’re up on the hill there where the barbecue is. You just ride your Wheeler down. Or maybe the golf cart down right here and you’re at the clubhouse. Can you see the greenhouse right there? That’s the manufactured house right there. The in-law suite shall we say power down here a plumbing full bath and then remember I told you he had that water line leak.

[00:34:07] So he put in all new packs so it’s pecks down to the house you can shut it off at the house. And it comes here and shut it off down there too. Lots of shutoffs. Hey while you’re digging you might as well do it. Like linoleum down. Yeah linoleum the whole shop is linoleum. I told you it’s clean. Yeah he’s got stuff. We all got stuff right. But all this here in the middle it’s all storage and then it’s all set up for Penthouse. When your old lady kicked you out. You got a place to sleep. I Feel lonely. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep in my giant pillow. There’s a sink right there. I’m going to walk all the way and you believe I’m doing all this exercise burn my feet up. Stay right their water heater. turn look in the shower. Nice pad big concrete pad all this stuff costs money you’ve got to put it in and it’s like you know an extra 2000 here another 2000 another 2000 I build that shed a guarantee it’s $2000 so it’s like all this stuff if you add it up this place is a foregone bargain. Mid 2s mid 2s to hot MIT mid to top mid to high to hundreds. Can say. Coming up from 18th can see what I’m saying. I can’t wait to see your comments below like and subscribe because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market you’re going to want to see.

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