VIDEO of Sustainable Farm in Kentucky

VIDEO of Sustainable Farm and Country House for sale in Crab Orchard Kentucky

Want to invest in a Sustainable Farm in Kentucky – your own place in the Country for only $140,000 ?  Here’s your chance! Country Living at it’s best – Crab Orchard, the town is quaint and tiny, but has a grocery, Dollar General, restaurant, barber shop, coffee shop — this is like Mayberry, USA.  🙂  VIDEO of Sustainable Farm and Country House for sale in Crab Orchard Kentucky.

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Here are the details:

1. it has over 5 acres – all fenced — and with a Pond
2. it has a two-bay garage/barn – with two stories
3. black board horse fence
4. it is only 20 min to Danville or Berea (both college towns) — or I-75
5. 40 minutes to Lexington, KY
6. 2 hrs to Knoxville – or Cincinnati
7. Best part is your own land — and you can walk to a coffee shop
8. asking only 140k

Want to buy a Farm in Kentucky for only $140,000?   I couldn’t believe how nice this country property is until I went out there!  And at this price, I don’t think it’ll last too long.
Someone may invest in it because of its great location between Danville and I-75, or that it is close to Cedar Creek Lake or to rent it out as an investment, or simply, to buy it and call it home.
If you’re interested, let me know as we would love to find the perfect buyer for this property as well.
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Country House and Sustainable Farm For Sale in Kentucky VIDEO Transcript:
I’m very excited to be offering you this property today from Jeremy. This property is a Country House and Sustainable Farm For Sale in Kentucky – it’s just a half a mile to town, in fact you can see this little city limit sign there. You can ride your bicycle to get a cup of coffee. How cool is that? But you’re out in the country. You are 25 minutes from Danville, which is– actually this town, Crab Orchard, is part of the Danville micropolitan which, I don’t know, is some statistical thing. It’s about 25 minutes that-away and then 20-25 minutes this way is the Interstate I75 and I75 goes all the way from the Upper Peninsula Michigan all the way down to Miami, and lots of stuff in-between, Lexington, Knoxville. I75 is right there. Danville is right there. Lexington is right there. What’s even closer is this cute little town of Crab Orchard, Kentucky which they had springs and hot springs or something like that and also you are really close to Cedar Creek Lake which is real bass fishing lake. Eight hundred acres, it is right that way about maybe six miles or something, I’ll put a little lifestyle map here – for this Country House and Sustainable Farm For Sale in Kentucky.   Anyway, so tons of room, you’ve got a pond, you’ve got three little creeks that converge and one heck of a garage. Now of course it looks like my garage inside so I’m not going to show you but when these people move and that place is empty and now it’s yours, it’s going to be a clean slate, a blank canvas for all your goodies however you want to lay it out. You can use it as a garage, you can use it as a workshop. Heck, it’s even got space up on the top and you can use that for I don’t know, you can use that for– throw your mother-in-law up there. I don’t like my– only kidding, only kidding. I love my mother-in-law, she’s awesome. She treats me better than—no, never mind, better not say that either. But anyway, you could put the teenage kid up there, or you could have a guest room up there, you could do anything. When you are in the country and you’ve got land, you’ve got options, and this place is full of options. Look how fun. They’ve got a little chicken coop thing going on there, and then there is a little shed here. Sheds are always great, you’ve got to have a place to put your weed eater and all that stuff. And the road’s close here. You’re close to stuff so you don’t have to go far. Takes me 20 minutes to get a jug of milk, but you’ve got a Dollar General just down here a mile, and the porch and all the living stuff is in here in the back. So, this is where you are going to spend most of your time.   By the way, the land for this Country House and Sustainable Farm For Sale in Kentucky doesn’t go to this fence, it goes to that far fence. From here to over there has got to be, I don’t know, I’m guessing has to be three hundred feet. I’ll put the plot here and you can see. Look at this big paved driveway, it’s what everybody wants. Everybody wants a Country House and Sustainable Farm, but then they have like a gravel driveway, like me, and they’re like, “What am I going to do with a gravel driveway?” Well this is not that situation. This is paved, you’ve got a concrete walk, you’ve got a beautiful place for a garden. It’s all fenced, you can have animals. In fact, they’ve got a cow back there, a Black Angus, and she’s preggers, so she’s ready to do her thing and have a baby. And then they even have a couple of ponies. What do you want to have? Just let us know. Put it down in the comments below or pick up the phone and give us a call.   So anyway, let’s go inside this Country House and Sustainable Farm For Sale in Kentucky. Enough jibber jabbering. Again, you’re in the country, you’ve got options. Nice old country kind of farmhouse kind of feel to it, isn’t this great? Now, here’s what’s really cool. You’ve got a wood stove for backup, now it’s got regular heat. The heat never has to come on if you want to burn firewood. Change that stove out. But she—the lady, I was just talking to her, she said it will run you out of here. I like to here that because it’s nice to be warm, who wants to be cold right?   Take you over here, you’ve got plenty of cabinets, you’ve got all the stuff– all the stuff, look at this nice eat-in area. Show you the living room. So it’s all open, it’s got this big opening here that has got to be about five feet wide, and then it’s got that nice arch on the top. Here, I’ll go this way. So the front door is right there and then there’s a bedroom there. So you’ve got like a master on main. And here you have a full bathroom, shower and tub, and then laundry’s in here. And then here’s the master bedroom with closet oh by the way and in with the water heater you’ve got the furnace in there. So everything’s here on the first floor, which is really nice. There’s the living room from this angle. Let’s go upstairs. You’ve got the two bedrooms up here and the bath. Okay. So here you’ve got one bedroom up here and its got– and here you’ve got full bath, toilet, sink and stall shower. Not going to show you inside there. And then you’ve got another bedroom over here with closet. How nice is this? This is a good sized bedroom now.   This is an affordable house and a great Country House and Sustainable Farm For Sale, you’ve got wood stove for backup heat, you’ve got a creek, you’ve got a pond. People are coming up with all these things to worry about today. You get a property like this you don’t have to worry, you’ve got your stuff. You’ve got everything you need here. Remember when I was mentioning to you about living out in the country? So I thought there were just little flower beds here, they’ve got vegetables growing out here, there’s tomatoes and I guess zucchini or pumpkins or something like that. But then all this back here is part of this property and there’s that pond. So that’s “spring-fed never goes dry,” she says. Then the big garage, very affordable, people who just want to get away from all the craziness of the city. Why have all that craziness when you can ride a bicycle down to the coffee shop right down here and then be that close to an interstate and that close to the bass fishing lake and have your own paddocks for your animals and everything? And give Jeremy a call, the number’s right there. Of course, sign up anytime, the box is right there. We have properties all the time that are out in the country on a few acres – just like this Country House and Sustainable Farm. Thanks so much for watching. From Sault St Marie, Canada all the way down to I don’t know, someplace. It’s got the bath. It’s compact, but it works. And here you’ve got full bath, toilet, sink and stall shower. Not going to show you inside.

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