VIDEO of Sustainable Farm For Sale Kentucky

VIDEO of 14+ acres, barn, pond, creek, Sustainable Farm For Sale in Kentucky on Wards Branch with 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home.

Follow your Small Farm Dreams – Country setting and a fully stocked pond make this well cared for Sustainable Farm very appealing. 14+ acres gives you plenty of space for gardening, raising livestock and growing your own food.  First floor master, fireplace in the family room, LARGE unattached 30×40 garage/workshop – talk about amenities!  This Sustainable Farm for sale has it all.

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In simplest terms, Sustainable Farming is the production of food, fiber and other plants and animals – using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.  This form of Sustainable Farming enables us to produce healthful food without compromising future generations’ ability to do the same. Raise your own food the Sustainable Agriculture way.

Benefits of Buying a Sustainable Farm in Kentucky

Lately, you might have heard talk of “sustainable farms.They are in the news, featured in magazines, and lots of sustainable farms are popping up for sale.  So, what is asustainable farm? A sustainable farm uses production methods that create top quality crops and other products, generally avoiding pesticides, chemicalfertilizers, and etc., to have little to no negative environmental impact, or even benefit the environment. Sustainable farms are meant to grow food in amanner that is ethically and ecologically responsible. Sustainable farming reduces pollution, saves energy, and does not take a toll on the environment. But, in addition to benefiting the environment, these sustainable farms are also beneficial to the people who own them. So buying a sustainable farm makes sense! Read more…

First, when you own a sustainable farm, you benefit financially. When you grow yourfood sustainably, without the use of commercial chemical fertilizers, pesticide use, and other harmful practices, you’ll be able to minimize the costs ofproducing your crops, therefore maximizing your profit. Sustainable practices such as low volume irrigation, rainwater use, and planting drought-resistantcrops also help you conserve water, reducing your bills for that as well.

Additionally, when you own a sustainable farm, you not only helping yourself, but you’re also contributing to the community that you live in, making it better. If you sell what you grow, due to the fact that you saved so much money by using sustainable practices, you will be able to sell what you grow for more profit, providing your neighbors with high quality, cost effective, environmentally friendly food.  Your farm will also have reduced erosion, leaching, and runoff, which is helpful for both your farm andfor your neighbors who might be in close proximity.

Lastly, if you’re still on the fence about purchasing a sustainable farm, think of what’sgoing on nowadays! Conservation programs and legislation, such as the “Farm Bill,” provide incentives and rewards to farmers who use sustainable practiceson their farms. Conservation programs pay farmers to implement other sustainable practices that contribute to the conservation cause, such ascontour grass strips, wildlife habitat buffers, and wetland restoration.  With all of these incentives, in addition to the previously mentioned benefits, there are really no downsides to becomingthe owner of a sustainable farm in Kentucky!

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14+ acres, barn, pond, creek, 4br home, Sustainable Farm for sale in Kentucky

I’ve got a goodie for you today – a sustainable farm for sale right here in Kentucky. This is U.S 68 which is the Route 66 of Kentucky, it goes diagonal across the whole state and it’s also a KY Scenic Byway. Here’s the property so, the property actually starts here on the corner and it’s about 1200 feet of frontage down along Route 68 and I’m going to show it to you. So really at this point, you’re within like 10 to12 miles of three Wall Mart super centers. So this way right into Perryville and then Harrodsburg or Danville and then this way in Lebanon, lots of jobs places like that. But, I just want to show you the neighbors, here are the neighbors, it’s soy bean fields. I know quite a bit about this area because I live here about 3-4 miles down the road. Anyway this is the neighbors, isn’t it beautiful here, lots and lots of green. Those are what we affectionately call the Knobs and they are not like mountains but, they are mountains for us, as we call them knobs and then there’s a farmer there and there’s another farmer over there and then there’s a farmer over there.

So, you don’t have a lot of neighbors you just have plenty distant away right so, 1200 feet of frontage. By the way if you want to look at properties click right there and subscribe to our channel, that’s YouTube channel. You have new properties coming all the time so that’s really cool – like this Sustainable Farm for sale right here in Perryville, Kentucky.

Okay, I got such feedback people wanted to see the drive-ups so I’m going to do the drive up here. It’s real quiet here you are in the country, look how pretty this is. You got a brand new bridge here. The state just put in that bridge and this entrance into the property. I’m just go on right into the drive way.

So that will give you an idea when it comes to coming up the driveway. Hey, if you like to see properties like these before they hit the MLS. Click on this box right here and get signed up for our newsletters just put in your first name and email and we don’t share your information with anyone. Heck! Why would we share out lists with our competitors? No way Jose! So your information is safe with us and you just click one button to bag out. Hit the end subscribe button. But we will send you properties before they hit the market, like this one. My people are going to know about this before it ever hits the MLS.

I called it Twin Oak Farm. It’s got two of the prettiest little oak trees maybe 12 inches or more at the base. They’re just absolutely beautiful you got beautiful maples here that turn gorgeous colors. This is the back yard. Let me show the front too, before I show you the front of the house, want to show you the driveway. It’s got great ditches on either sides so the driveway is not going to wash out. You got a beautiful pond down there and ready for fishing I can tell you that. Look at all the activity in that pond! Don’t know if you see that or not, but the fish are going crazy. There’s bugs and stuff jumping out of it so on and so forth. But, that’s a pond down there, can you imagine, down here going fishing with the kids or the grand kids in the evening. That’s when the fish are biting at my house about in the evening. But, how pretty to zoom out there with no traffic. You get a car drive by once in a while, there’s one!  We saw another one earlier, but no big traffic.

We have very low expenses, low, cost of living, high quality of life, gentle culture. I don’t know where you’re living right now but, people are getting more and more aggressive. I hear about it and they say oh it’s just chaotic around here. The traffic and the people mean so and so forth, we don’t have any of that stuff hear. Maybe it’s because we have wide open spaces and people aren’t all trapped in a, you know, like in a cage, that’s why they’re mean. Maybe our expenses are low so people are thinking well, I got extra money for stuff you know I can get a new car that’s not going to kill me. We can go places, we can go golfing. This looks like a dead tree, this is actually a Holly that’s coming back so, it lost leaves this spring but it’s all coming back. How cool is that?

So anyway, I just didn’t want you to think it’s a dead tree and it’s cute. This is a really old house been totally re-modeled. When you take a look here you can see the stone work. Look at this foundation, you think that’s going anywhere heck no!

Anyway, I want to show you inside so, if you’re tired of the culture where you’re at and tired of crazy expenses, come over to Kentucky with us. We did, we started by here about 25 years ago or more and we just loved it. Oh, before i forget what was I even thinking, I don’t even think I told you how big this place is. It’s fourteen acres so, a sustainable farm for sale right here in Perryville, Kentucky – right? fourteen acres and the house is really big for an older house. Four bedrooms and two and a half baths. So I know what you want, you want to look inside well come on let’s do it.

Alright, we got this really great foyer so you got this side lights both side with the front door which is really nice and it gives a lot of light in here. But look at this old fashioned staircase, so you got a double twist in here and I said to the seller, “Is this an old house?”, “Oh yeah! Absolutely”. So it got all this character and charm but it’s solid as a rock and then completely redone. It’s got real neutral it’s not white and it’s really, really neutral wall so you can do anything you want to it. Natural wood work. Look at the size of this. This use to be, this is way back now a hundred years ago this was two rooms you can see why, cause it’s really big. It’s got great fire place with the wood stove. You going to really appreciate that in the winter especially if it the power ever blips out you kind of freak out a little bit and you say, oh my gosh we going to freeze. We’re not, not with the wood stove remember that song Country boy can survive that’s what this place is about and you got enough land here to a, grow your own food cutting your own wood that sort of thing. Here’s the master bedroom this is great it’s got this built ins and it’s really nice and big walk in closet water heater access to the little cross plates up top and your vanity outside and a sink a hopper and a shower inside and there’s all the closet you’ll ever need. The lining closet but that’s cool, It’s got two sinks so you guys cause two of you get ready at the same time. So what do they say the key to a successful marriage is a separate bathrooms well that’s as close you can get right there in the master suite.

It has been sunny all day and now the rascal, the sun went away. So here’s that old farmer house kind of feel, i personally love it. So you come in here and then what we called a mud room he’s got like a file cabinet thing you can use this as a pantry. If you wanted to and then you got this whole room in here which is really big. I don’t know you can do something else with that and they are absolutely i don’t know what they use that for open this up and make this thing a whole new pantry maybe; and another little closet here and then all that window as you can sit here and look outside and then you kind of in and out as well you know you got some entertaining going on outside this is a laundry room here. So you got a washer and a dryer here right off of the kitchen and a laundry chute coming right out of the upstairs bathroom as well so, how neat is that Let me show what we have here got. A really tiny closet there and half bathe. So there’s your half bathe real convenient you know if you entertain a lot let’s go upstairs.

Okay this landing up here is really interesting because it’s got this curve it’s all open right here. It got these extra isn’t that great! That’s that old stuff you can’t get that anymore you just they don’t build houses like that anymore and then you’ve got the dormers that are poking out so you got some nice architectural lines up there as well. Because it’s a big bedroom everything is wired cable and all that stuff. Okay so, you got plenty of landing space up here the rooms are big too so that’s kind of cool. Here’s your second bathe so a hopper sink a shower big lining big i mean big and there’s that laundry chute that runs right downstairs. Pretty convenient. Okay so here’s the fourth bedroom again good size here’s a view from out there.

Got nice windows here and here’s the third or fourth bedroom here’s where their using as a home office. Well can’t say anything bad about this, tell you what, wish i had a home office and this is big. Alright then, we going to go outside out back you going to love that part promise. Okay.

Alright so, out we go and again there’s the oak you got a white birch, the oak and two gorgeous maples and there’s like the sunset or flame Maples or whatever they call them. I don’t know any of that stuff but they get this gorgeous, gorgeous colors and they put in a beautiful. I consider a four bed garage cause it’s deep enough for two cars I don’t know. It is huge. In fact let me show it to you. Okay so everything is like new in here, so it operates like new beautiful Core concrete floor, nice windows. Just starting to rain a little bit so, like a regular garage will only be like this deep. I’m going to find out how big it is and put it right there so you got another home lots of work space that’s what you got this is not a two bed garage. You might have two cars in it but you could fit a lot more stuff in here if you have horses you could convert it over you put those pads in here and the door out the back, rock and roll. It’s coming up to raining on me so as you can see there’s a little rain cloud here so I’m just going to finish up here in the back but you’ve got plenty of privacy in the back. Obviously there’s a house on the other side of that hump and then this is your back yard, it’s level, it’s smooth you don’t get level grounding in Kentucky too often and then you got this gray entertaining deck which i just love. It’s got the pergola roof and a slide it roof whatever you want to call it and I’m going to come in here as it’s starting to rain and you got the garden there and everything. So anyway, 14 acres, a sustainable farm for sale in Kentucky, 4 bedrooms, two and a half bath house at the right price. Oh by the way, 30 by 40 garage barn. This house is in great shape come look at it and let’s take it off the market and again if you want access to these properties before it hits the market like this one and you don’t mind me standing out here in the rain, talking to you, sign up right here.

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You’ll be 1st to know about properties – It’s like a sneak peek – before they hit the market – sent right to your inbox.

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